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Title: Dragon U. Part 4
Part 3 -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 949

“Finally, just you and me.”

Damien looked up at his now official mate. “Not just you and me, is it?” He patted his so far flat belly.


“Horton Mace Drakekin, do not lie to me. You planned this. You knew what would probably happen.”

“Still sorry. My… um acquisitive instincts kicked in. It wasn’t fair, I know, but when you find a treasure, one the dragon spirits throw in your way, you grab and make sure they are bonded to you. Instincts don’t always play nice or think first.”

“I’m a treasure?”

“My treasure,” Horry purred nuzzling behind Damien’s ear.

“Ooooooh,” Damien shivered, then paused to say more sharply, “Stop that! I’m still upset and that makes me want to curl into your arms and snuggle.”

“Are you sorry to be my mate?” If anything would make Damien’s heart clench it was the uncertain regret in Horry’s voice.

‘Being mated to you, NO! Being pregnant so soon when we’ve not had hardly any time to get to know each other…” more quietly, “yes.”

“Sorry. My sweet love, my sweet demon, my very own.” Kisses punctuated each endearment.

“I love you too, you know, you acquisitive dragon.”

“Shhh, I love you and we’ll work things out. First, try some of this.”

“What is it?” Damien looked at the potted plant in Horry’s hand suspiciously.

“Well, the name is Huernia schneideriana but the common name is Red Dragon Flower. It’s a gift from my mother who swears it will ease the effects of pregnancy providing it’s a dragon bun in your oven.”

Damien’s eyebrow went up, “’Dragon bun’ in my oven?”

Horry grinned. “Well it could be a demonic bun but chances are, since I’m the father, that it’ll be a dragon.”Read more... )

red dragon flower
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Title: Dragon U. part 3
Part 2 -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 703

Kyle groaned snaking an arm out from under the bedding and reaching to pick up his cell phone from the table beside the bed then struggled to focus his eyes to read the screen.

“What?” came sleepily from behind him.

“More your brother, my brother news,” Kyle mumbled back. “Families all still here. Going 2 be a wedding.”

“Who taught your Mom about texting?”

“Ass.” a well placed jab of an elbow added some emphasis, though not much since Kyle was still partly asleep.

“Your ass,” was laughed and Elethiel’s cock still lodged inside was not asleep, prodding upwards to press into a spot that made Kyle groan and tighten down to hold Elethiel right there.

Much, much later when hunger drove them to think about rising, Elethiel laughed.


“Either one of my kind relatives put a seeking spell on us as a wedding gift and sent us food which is currently hovering next to my side of the bed or hmm, nope that’s all I got.”

“Could be one of my relatives.”

“They know how to hover foods in midair?”

“Okay, no. Your side of the family.”Read more... )

Part 4 - - Damien's Blooming
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Title: Dragon U. part 2
Part 1 -

Author: charisstoma
Word count: 958

Meep commented:
I'm sure Elethiel misinterpreting that would have to get very claimy with his Kyle.
Kyle might let him, he seems good at Demon-management already ;)

A hand stroked down over his ass and only the fact that he could see Elethiel on the other side of the room told him that someone had mistaken him for someone other than the other groom. Elethiel’s face was grim, his eyes fiery. Their wedding was about to be one talked of in the family for years to come and not in a good way. ‘Don’t get involved with a demon; remember what happened when ...’

Turning Kyle smiled up into the eyes of his assailant and showed his teeth.

“I believe you have made a mistake. I’m one of the two who are celebrating their wedding at this event. Now if you want to continue to live for a long time free of the torture that is about to ensue, you will; abstain from putting your hand anywhere upon my person, smile and raise those same hands into the air with a shocked expression of ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake’, and apologize prettily.”

The demon did all of those things. “Sorry. So sorry. I arrived late. Didn’t know. Wouldn’t have otherwise. Been up 48 hours straight. Do you have a single relative who would like to meet a demon and take them to bed but won’t be insulted if I fall asleep after or even during fucking them?”

Kyle couldn’t help it, he broke out laughing.

“Problem, my love,” Elethiel purred with a hint of menace directed at the other demon.Read more... )

Part 3 -
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Title: Dragon U.
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1764

Where was the blasted man. Kyle fumed, it was always like this lately. Ever since the new reference librarian had applied for the position and Kyle could imagine which position the IT guy would have in mind, there had been a few extra fuck-ups taking place in ‘customer service’ at the Academy’s library.Read more... )

Part 2 -

demon tiefling rogue B.J. Oliver dnd
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Meep wrote this delightfully wonderful response to this prompt.

It ended too soon or maybe the plunny had extra teeth….

Title: Poly Doesn’t Always mean More than one lover at a time.
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1211

George shifted the smallish yet heavy plastic bag to his other hand, marveling again at how the bags could cut into fingers.


“Sorry Officer. Did I hear anything the other day, you asked? Well something woke me and my toes are still discussing it with me, the walking in the dark to look out the window thing. And ... I not sure.”

“Of what aren’t you sure, sir? Did you see the vehicle that collided with the car parking area awning?”

“No. No vehicle. I didn’t see any car near the post at all. The area under the awning was perfectly barren by the time I made it to my window. To be honest, I work at night and I’ve got blackout drapes over the windows. Not even sure if what woke me was a car or truck hitting the post. I was asleep, you see.”
read more )
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Meep is up to posting 2a of a *laughing* Two part story and working on 2b. *griiiiiiiiiins*
THIS makes me very happy.

Book-cave Treasure

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Title: One Meets all Kinds at Institutions of Higher Learning
Andy & Simon tales
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 436

“They need to get an exterminator in and maybe the firemen.”

Simon looked up from his book, blinked and tilted his head knowing that more had to be coming.

“There’s something all flamey in the library, sitting on one of the books.”

“Flamey? Is a book on fire? I’m surprised the sprinkler system hasn’t gone off.”

Andy raised and lowered his arms erratically, “I don’t understand it. The thing is sitting on an open book and there are flames but the book isn’t burning… I don’t think.”

“Ah, probably a fire resistant tome then,” Simon nodded his head. “They have those here. Have to, what with classes in pyromancy and all.” He patted Andy’s hand, “There, there, you weren’t to know.”

Andy bared his teeth, “You are coming with me, all knowing serpent, and take a look at the thing for yourself.”

Giving a great sigh, Simon stood, “Alright. Let’s go look at this flaming thing.” His sangfroid lasted only as long as it took to open the door to stare into the room and quickly pull his head back, quietly closing the door. “Fire dragon,” he whispered, “or more probably a fire lizard or salamander. Someone’s got himself one hell of a dangerous familiar.”

There was a polite cough from behind them, “Actually, I’m the familiar, or whatever … I think. He’s my lover and co-worker. We came by to look up a recipe or, “he shuffled his feet, “something. It’s a bit strange being human and all, and then there’s this magical stuff that I thought was just him but turns out there’s a whole other world that’s been hiding in plain sight.” He sighed. “It’s a bit of a startle, you know.”

“I am well aware,” Andy nodded and then nodded to indicate Simon. “He’s a snake on his ‘off’ days.”


The door opened. “Everything alright,” asked an edible, if Andy weren’t already in love with Simon, man, with hair that ran the gamut from titian to palest blond, of Andy and Simon’s companion.

“Just fine, love. Bonding with another human person who also has the misfortune to love?” he glanced at Andy who nodded confirmation, one of you magical critters.”

“Uh huh,” his lover rolled his eyes and shared a look with Simon, “Please excuse him, this is his first time around other,” he made quote marks with his fingers, “magical persons”.” He grinned, “Doesn’t seem to matter that he loves riding a hot dragon as often as he can.”


Both Simon and Brilleg broke into laughter as their “human lovers” sputtered turning, in their eyes, endearing shades of pink.

Meep's prompt
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This was in a promo for Obsidian ( The Dragon Kings #1)by Kimberly Loth.

That does not look like a naked female crab walking away from the dragon. And doesn't he have a nice tail.
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aActually this is a close up detail of a Laguna agate. Hopefully you can see the details of galaxies swirling in the center of the eye.

Can you imagine waking up to this looking at you?

OOOOoooooooooh Meep wrote dragon fics. Have listed her links HERE


Jan. 6th, 2016 06:08 pm
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btw this is not me.

Dragon fic

Oct. 17th, 2015 12:13 am
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Meep wrote a wondrous Hidden Dragon fic, which needs more added to the prompt that spawned this (shown at the bottom). *grins* It is
It is a hard act to follow.

Title: Sunset’s Seducing Magic
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 515

“Look,” Kyle said, “isn’t that amazing?”

The shadows of the leaf against the pavement distinctly looked dragon like. Sharp angles of wings, body, head, and curled tail were defined in the shadow image the pale tan leaf created. It was amazing and even though he couldn’t figure out which of all the leaf parts went with which of the dragon’s image, it was decidedly wondrous.

Still gazing down at the small dragon, Brandon could only nod his head. It was magic to find such a sight. So tragic that it was so ephemeral, for the sunset would fade to nothing and the wind or some passing foot would change the leaf’s position or even its shape.

“Is it too much to hope that the sun stays at this angle so it doesn’t go away?” Brandon asked regressing to an age that believed in magic and miracles. Then he sighed, “How awful it is that we’re both grownups and know that this can’t stay like it is and that this is the only time we’ll probably ever see a dragon.”

There was a smirk in Kyle’s voice, “Come with me. Let me show you something else,” and lead Brandon away to a more isolated area where if a dragon swooped down and grabbed a person up, probably no one would notice.

“What is it?” Brandon asked walking past Kyle his eyes scanning the deserted parking lot and the brushy vista of the mountainous state park. Arms came around Brandon from behind holding him against Kyle’s solid warm body.

“Shhh. Just watch.”

Across the cracked tar patched pavement Brandon saw the larger dark shape the sunset made of their close entangled bodies and then the slow unfurling of two large points arching up, widening out into great wings to either side of their shadow. A dragon’s shape seemed to swallow up where before there was just two persons standing together.

In awe Brandon stared, his hands coming up to lock over Kyle’s arms so he couldn’t move and break whatever spell this was. “Magic,” was all he could say reverently and then, “Thank you for showing me this.”

“Forever,” Kyle replied. “I can give you this forever. If you’ll have me.”

A smile stretch Brandon’s lips, “You have to ask? That leaf, I couldn’t figure out how it did that and then this. Best proposal ever made.” He stilled, “If I turn will you have wings or is it only in shadows that I’ll see them?”

“Oh they’re there. But I can do better than that. Want to go for a ride? My cave isn’t far from here and then I can have my wicked way with you far from interruptions. While I eat you, I think we both don’t want anyone to discover us,to tell us to 'get a room',” Kyle laughed. “Besides, there’s another kind of riding that’s best done with the luxury of bedsprings.”

Brandon found he quite liked hearing himself called ‘My Treasure,’ and well there were other things he found he loved much much more with being a dragon's mate.

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Be who you want to be - even if you want to be a dragon. Sasaki Time-FB

Meep answered this. The link is in the comments. It's magical too.

Mine is here. Plunny Tosser bite thyself.
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A REAL Welsh dragon New dinosaur discovered in Wales

A new dinosaur cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex has been found in Wales, the first meat-eating dinosaur ever found in the country.
The fossilised skeleton of a theropod dinosaur, including razor sharp teeth, and claws, was discovered on a beach near Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan. It was analysed by experts from The University of Manchester, University of Portsmouth and the National Museum Wales. This new dinosaur was a distant cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex and lived at the very earliest part of the Jurassic Period, 201 million years ago, possibly making it the oldest Jurassic dinosaur in the world.

The discovery was made by two brothers, Nick and Rob Hanigan while fossil hunting along the Lavernock beach in the Vale of Glamorgan after storms in spring 2014. After a cliff fall on the beach, they spotted several loose blocks containing part of the skeleton of a small dinosaur.

The fossilised bones were found spread across five slabs of rock and although some were preserved together in the correct position, others were scattered and separated by the actions of scavenging fish and sea-urchins. The specimen was preserved with the fossilised remains of these sea-urchins.

Dr John Nudds, senior lecturer in palaeontology at The University of Manchester said: "It is very rare to find this type of dinosaur at all and never before in Wales. In fact it is only the second dinosaur ever found in Wales. Theropods were vicious hunters who would prey on others. They were evolving rapidly at the start of the Jurassic period, but are only known from a few specimens worldwide. So this is a very exciting finding that could tell us a lot about how these species were evolving."

It is thought that the fossil was from a juvenile animal as some of its bones are not yet fully formed. Research is still underway, with a scientific paper in progress which will reveal the name of this new species. The fossil will be donated to the National Museum Wales.

Dr David Martill, reader in palaeobiology at University of Portsmouth said: "The new dinosaur was brought to my attention last year and I went up to Lancashire to see the specimen. There, laid out on the table, was the most beautiful little theropod dinosaur ever found in Europe. Although the bones were scattered on a few slabs of limestone, they were in excellent condition, and much of the skull appeared to be there. The teeth were small, but needle sharp, slightly curved and with the most wonderful steak-knife serrations on their edges.

"I then went to visit the discovery site, which showed that the dinosaur came from strata deposited exactly at the end of the Triassic and the start of the Jurassic. I now had the job to determine if this was a Triassic or Jurassic dinosaur. That took a lot of effort, but we are now convinced it is the first ever Jurassic dinosaur."

The hip and vertebrae of the Welsh theropod
The Welsh dinosaur was a small, slim, agile dinosaur, probably only about 50cm tall, which had a long tail to help it balance. It lived at the time when south Wales was a coastal region, offering a warm climate. It had lots of small, blade-like, sharp, serrated teeth suggesting that it would have eaten insects, small mammals and other reptiles.

The dinosaur also probably had a fuzzy coating of simple proto-feathers, as did many theropod dinosaurs, and this would have been used for insulation and possibly display purposes. It may also have had simple quill-like structures for defence.

The rocks that contain the dinosaur fossil date back to a time immediately after the start of the Jurassic period, 201.3 million years ago. At that time, the dinosaurs were just starting to diversify and the Welsh specimen is almost certainly the earliest Jurassic dinosaur in the world. It is related to Coelophysis that lived approximately 203 to 196 million years ago in what is now the southwestern part of the United States of America. It also could be said to be a distant cousin of the much later Tyrannosaurus rex.

Nick Hanigan said: "This is a once in a lifetime find - preparing the skull and to seeing the teeth of a theropod for the first time in 200 million years was absolutely fantastic – you just can't beat that sort of thing!"

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FB3X Drabble Cascade #96– “spectrum”

Drabble Cascade at FB3X - Every Tuesday

Title: Dragon Found part 6 (paranormal, m/m, PG)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100
Rest of this series is HERE.

Lukivic knew immediately someone, not clan, was in the restaurant. There was a rich range of aromas of coffee mixed with something delicious, a scent that teased him at night amongst his blankets.
So, his treasure had returned, Lucky thought and smiled.

“Deccan, you’ve got the grill. Amory, man the front while I’m gone.”

“Where you going?” Deccan called, then stopped. “Someone fell into a bag of coffee.” He grinned, “Anyone you know Luck?”

Grinning back, “Someone I’m going to know much better,” Lukivic answered, “deeply, passionately and thoroughly. In other words it’ll be difficult for him to walk tomorrow.”

Why yes there is a Part 7


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