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TEAL Center Fact Sheet No. 4: Metacognitive Processes

Metacognition is one’s ability to use prior knowledge to plan a strategy for approaching a learning task, take necessary steps to problem solve, reflect on and evaluate results, and modify one’s approach as needed. It helps learners choose the right cognitive tool for the task and plays a critical role in successful learning.

What Is Metacognition?
Metacognition refers to awareness of one’s own knowledge—what one does and doesn’t know—and one’s ability to understand, control, and manipulate one’s cognitive processes (Meichenbaum, 1985). It includes knowing when and where to use particular strategies for learning and problem solving as well as how and why to use specific strategies. Metacognition is the ability to use prior knowledge to plan a strategy for approaching a learning task, take necessary steps to problem solve, reflect on and evaluate results, and modify one’s approach as needed. Flavell (1976), who first used the term, offers the following example: I am engaging in Metacognition if I notice that I am having more trouble learning A than B; if it strikes me that I should double check C before accepting it as fact (p. 232).

Cognitive strategies are the basic mental abilities we use to think, study, and learn (e.g., recalling information from memory, analyzing sounds and images, making associations between or comparing/contrasting different pieces of information, and making inferences or interpreting text). They help an individual achieve a particular goal, such as comprehending text or solving a math problem, and they can be individually identified and measured. In contrast, metacognitive strategies are used to ensure that an overarching learning goal is being or has been reached. Examples of metacognitive activities include planning how to approach a learning task, using appropriate skills and strategies to solve a problem, monitoring one’s own comprehension of text, self-assessing and self-correcting in response to the self-assessment, evaluating progress toward the completion of a task, and becoming aware of distracting stimuli.
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She inspires a love of learning. She has posted on Youtube interesting historical tours using her vacation locations. She's just fun to be around. She has a twitter account.

So.. there was a Town Hall [meeting that the public is invited to to listen and ask questions] last night. One of the other teachers posted:

town hall

Best moment of Town Hall meeting at Daggett Montessori. [Teacher] stands up to say really awesome things and ask Dr. Scribner [School District Superintendent] about equity of a new Applied Learning / Montessori high school ....
Scribner: Gives her really weird look, lights up with an aha moment checks his phone and says “Wow are you plainy???? I love you. You’re awesome. You’re like a Twitter celebrity. Everyone here should follow you on Twitter. My wife even follows you. Wow this is great... “ goes on to say he had to check phone because her twitter pic only showed a weird eye angle.

My heart swells with that feeling of proud parent pride.

This is also the teacher who would show Dr. Who episodes to those of her students who wanted to watch them, during lunch. She was freaked out by 'Blink' with the weeping angels in it. Her students knew this.
So one morning she has hallway duty and comes into her classroom where her students are waiting. All her students are seated quietly, their hands up over their faces in the 'weeping angel' pose. As she put it, it was bam. She turned around and left the classroom to have a 'quiet moment' to herself in the hallway.
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My Librarian was off to a state library convention this week, 3 days on my own. Me and the students. *W*

So of course the circulation program started acting 'odd'. Some books wouldn't check in, some wouldn't check out, some did both, but they were all in the library's catalog.

Okay, I worked around it. But first, I called the District's IT dept and the tech thought it was a program problem but just in case he ran a malware scan and clean up on my computer.

Turns out it wasn't only my library. Sooooo in the middle of the day, right after our Fire Drill, an email went out to log off of the circulation program so the program's company could work on it.
That's okay, there's a off-line version that can be used..... except the malware removal took off the off-line version.
So during one of the busiest days for my library's book circulation, I'm trying to find where the off-line program for circulation is stashed on the Library's District site, download it, activate it and use it.
All the while I'm using an Excel spreadsheet to retain the data as to who has checked out which of our books.
Also I'm hoping I downloaded things correctly so that when the fixed circulation program comes back it'll download to it.

Should be easy to just cut and past from the spreadsheet to the off-line program, I thought. Nope. Had to hand type in the patron numbers and book barcodes.

The students were so great. There was the odd 'but but but' from them, but the shelves were astonishingly in order. Okay a number of the students were gone on field trips to the schools that they will be attending next school year. And it helps when you can pivot the monitor to show them the 'this program is not available' notice on the circulation page and tell them, "see this is what is wrong. This is what I'm doing, ie spreadsheet. I can't help it, work with me here."

188 students from one school population and 22 from the other school population came through my tender hands. Most checked out 2 books each. Did I mention the Fire Drill? And the architects who are came through because they're planning improvements probably over the summer... I hope. Please please not during the next school year. That would be really terrible. One of the areas a hallway that is one of the a fire exits from the 2nd floor which just happens to be the access to the floor in between the 1st and 2nd floors and is home to the boiler room that sits atop where our library office and workroom are. At the moment that hallway is used by the theater class for their props. sssssshhhhhhhh it's a fire dept violation. The stage's side rooms have been used for storage of the other school and an office for the head custodian.
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There is a teacher, who is the most wonderful teacher ever. She has exposed them to Shakespeare,
Louisa May Alcott, and other classics; also learning to read Mayan Hieroglyphs. She is creating a environment that will expand them that will last into adulthood.

So today she posts:
Me: *have a rough little minute, reaches for inhaler
Kid, whispering: May the ghost of Shakespeare watch over her


Feb. 24th, 2017 09:13 am
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Middle School is fun. They are between 11 and 14 years old usually.

Overheard conversation of students discussing character in a book:

"He's a Mer-mee."
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Buc-ee's Fort Worth
click the link above and scroll through the photos for the full experience or as much as is available without being there.
or there's

Chain of convenience stores for snacks & drinks, plus eclectic, Texas-themed T-shirts & knickknacks. Oh and they sell gas (petrol)

One of our teachers was on the field trip(a three day environmental/science/team-building camp) with the students and FB posted:

Well, I'm at Buc-ees with 82 8th graders(13 - 14 year olds, mixed genders). Not sure how to describe this experience.

In and out in 25 minutes. Hysterical. They all thought they needed a cart. Students buying gallon jugs of tea, Beaver Nuggets, t-shirts, doo-dads, and I think one student put a bag of deer corn under the bus.

Parent: A clear sign of the Apocalypse? ??
Teacher: I spoke those exact words to a parent as we stood back and tried to take it all in.
Parent: What's next? Skydiving? Bungee jumping? Over Niagara Falls in a barrel?
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A student asked me for help on a work sheet, this was interesting.

True or False -- A birthday is an example of something temporary.

The word transient came into the discussion. And he and I went to look up the meaning in Roget's.
We decided on False because we still celebrate George Washington's, Abraham Lincoln's, and Martin Luther King's birthdays. All of them are no longer among the living. So birthdays aren't temporary but they are celebrated for a short time on the anniversary of their birth each year. Then again we only celebrate with a holiday for one day, usually.... so temporary could have some basis.

The glass has water within it, is it half empty or half full or is it upside down drying in the rack? Or is the water pitcher hovering above it about to pour more water into it or held at the lip about to be drunk from? .... Transitory ?

This reminds me of a past year's lesson with the kids. It was a science lesson and they were choosing various animals to put into a computer program to create one creature that would then be described for its appearance and abilities. The word of the year learned was 'abominations'. They loved it.

That was the same year that we had to carefully explain to one young student that among the endangered animals they could chose to study, the unicorn was not real and didn't qualify.

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How to Keep a Zibaldone, the 13th Century's Answer to Tumblr

After their invention by Venetian merchants, forms of these books were kept by everyone from H.P. Lovecraft to Thomas Jefferson.

By Cara Giaimo AUGUST 29, 2016

One day in Venice, sometime near the end of the 14th century, a busy merchant found himself with a few spare moments. Maybe it was a slow day at the docks, or he arrived home too early for dinner. Whatever the reason, he did what people of his era tended to do when they had some time—he took out his notebook and his set of pens, and he put together a page-sized patchwork of his afternoon.

A page from the Zibaldone da Venice, a 14th-century hodgepodge. (Image: Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library)

Over 600 years later, you can still open that notebook and see that day. Written in spidery loops are daydreamy calculations regarding how large a particular tree is, and how long it might take to get to Rome. There's a sketch of a pair of colorful ships, and another of two tradesmen in green hats, examining a meal of bread and fish. Keep flipping through, and a whole life emerges. Scribbles and sketches fill each page. Personal anecdotes and hard-won lessons nestle alongside gathered material, including prayers, copied quotations and lists of spices.

Welcome to the world of the zibaldone. A strange melange of diary, ledger, doodle pad, and scrapbook, these volumes—along with similar "hodgepodges" and "commonplace books"—served as a pattern for interior life from the 14th century onward, bringing comfort and inspiration to everyone from Thomas Jefferson to Lewis Carroll.Read more... )
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Interesting fruit on these trees

READ the Comments- there is story by Meep, there in the links
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Teacher: So, now we have these great paragraphs and we're satisfied that all the sentences are complete and they make sense. Let's take a look at the progression between paragraphs. How 'bout those nice transition words we've been talking about?
(hands in the air)
Kids: Therefore! For example! But!
Teacher: Great! Except, I think we can think of a better replacement for one of these. What's a fancier word for but?
Kids: BOOTY!!!
Student teacher: takes notes.
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One of the former teachers at my school posted this yesterday:
I need a little luck in the morning. Tonight the gas pedal on my car decided to get stuck in the down position. Yes, I was driving. Yes it scared me to death. It is parked in a random parking lot tonight thanks to the off duty FW firefighter that helped me (hope it is okay until morning). Now, I have to figure out how to get it to a place that can hopefully fix it quickly.

Today she posted this:
Stuck Gas Pedal Saga:
Finally got the call from the service center...they have found the problem.
For the low, low cost of $217.00, they will remove the acorn that got stuck behind the cable that releases the gas pedal. They even agreed to remove any other acorns that they find under the hood.
Lesson of the day: Tree nuts are dangerous!!!

I asked her, did the service center explain 'how' the acorn got there?:
Her answer --- Ninja Squirrels.

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Proud parent of a 3rd grader?
Product of homeschooling?

It's hot here. Heat has addled the seller's brain.
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My Mom had mentioned about Black Irish but it was in relation to survivors from the wrecks of the Spanish Armada washing ashore and being welcomed into the Irish population.
Don't know if that's true.
That's not what this is.
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Last Friday was the last day to check out books.
Today was the day that ALL books were to be returned.
Add that I put in order 9 shelves of books that are grouped normally by a color designation indicating the 2 lowest reading levels, that I shelved almost all of the books that came in today, there's still one shelf on the book cart to do, and that I finally took time to choke down a lunch I was too tired to eat at 2:30.... Yeah I'm tired.

Started off the day with an Advil because I knew it was going to be bad and it's best to have one in your system before you do something that will possibly cause inflammation of muscles. Took two more before I ate lunch. Still am not hungry. Have drunk a ton of water er... 50 oz since I got home. Texas is not the only thing that's going to float away.

Who knows how many books will be returning tomorrow. Will have to run the reports first thing tomorrow, *coughs* after checking in my own book *coughs*, and send them out to the powers that be so we can collect outstanding Library books or their cost.

Will need to put in order 9 more shelves of color coded books, shelve the books or put in order the early chapter books, put in order the early/easy fiction books AND then go hunt up books that students say they HAVE RETURNED.... Some students just slip the book back on the shelf bypassing checking it in. Of course they also bypass checking books out too. I am but one person.

Just ran overdues which won't include those that were due today.
Reports dropped from 26 pages to 14 pages for one of the schools alone and I know most of the books that came in weren't overdue books.
Shelved a shit load of books that normally are too difficult for the ESL school as well.
Tomorrow we shall see.

My poor sick Librarian sat at the desk checking in books, going through them for underlining and translations and erasing them. The desk to her right was stacks on stacks of books and the desk to her right had at least 4 stacks plus the book drop full.
Brought a cart over and put the books she'd been able to check in on it and put those away. Then came over and she left to help frantic students trying to write their projects and I finished the checking in and shelved almost all of those books.

We had a busy day and my Librarian actually told me I should eat at one point.

Way to organize a shelf of non-fiction books:
Separate them by their call number into 100s, 200s, 300s etc. then break the 100s into 110s, 120s,130s and so on. From there it's the 110, 111,112.. Don't worry about the second line of the call number (that's usually the first three letters of the author's surname). That's close enough to locate a book to tell if it has indeed been returned.
With our ESL it's easier to color code reading levels and tell them to just get them back on the shelf where that color is if they don't want it. I'm lucky if they don't put them upside down, backwards, shoved inside another book or my favorite laid flat across the top of the other books. That's if they don't take the book and leave it some place else in the Library.

And that is why I haven't written my Drabble Cascade. My mind is dead. Also there's thunder happening... AGAIN. *whimpers*
Oh, and I had to organize my son's health insurance, which we left too long after his birthday. He aged out of his father's policy coverage. *SIGHS* At least the insurance person would let me make the decisions regarding his policy. Asperger's. And besides I'm going to be the one paying for it. Oh darn. I'm going to have to claim him as my dependent on my next year's tax form. We'll see how that goes.
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In "It's getting close to the end of the year" where I mentioned:
Last evening during the afterschool program that I did not attend there was an incident in the computer lab. Some people started feeling a burning sensation in their throats and airways. One student who has asthma went to the hospital and the school nurse after looking in peoples mouths said that there were white spots in the backs of throats of those complaining of burning. Has anyone heard anything to substantiate a parent's info that some new monitors give off a gas that causes these type problems?

The Computer lab is now closed until the school district can do an investigation. Which is not of high priority right now per what is being said. Of course this is the busy computer usage time when every students NEEEEEEDS to type up their year long project reports. Usually the district's computer servers go down about now too. It is going to get interesting.

The Computer Science Teacher sent out this......
Fellow colleagues:

The air quality in the computer lab tested great! We took the suggestions and advice from the air quality guy from the district which was to change the monitor out to a different monitor. I believe all is good.

The computer lab printer does work. Before printing, please come see me and I’ll show you what you have to do to make the printer work.

Please do not allow students to put paper in the tray. That is one of the parts of the printer that is on its last legs. It has been repaired twice.

Things do work… we just have to be patient and try to be smarter than the equipment…. which I’m not most of the time. I get lucky sometimes.

12 minutes later

…. Never mind…. Printer is dead…. Putting in a heat ticket now….

Sorry…. Have a nice day….


Found out today that there's a student who has an again 'interesting' quirk. He and his identical twin are in the same class period of a certain class. Maybe one of them is made of negative matter to the other's positive matter but they have to be seated away from each other. So one is seated by the classroom's computer color printer. Everyday; until the teacher taped closed the paper loading draw of the printer and put a note on it that specifically read, Do NOT open the drawer student's name; that student would open the paper loading draw and stick his hands inside. Even when the teacher caught the student before he'd done it one day and told him not to do it and then watched as he pushed the button to open the drawer while looking at the teacher to then stick his hands inside.

These Twins will be in the Library to complete a project next week. They've somehow lost their individual project for this 6 week grading period and have nothing to show for it. So the teacher is giving them a special project that she can then give them their grades on.

Our computer printer is behind the counter where I sit.


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