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Presidents' Day is past but this is too funny.

presidents day
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Lots of water, lots and lots of water lately. Flash flood reports. Think it's been a week of rain. We're good in my neighborhood. When house was bought my Mom and Dad made sure that if the dam breached the house would be safe. I do have a small creek going downhill on the driveway though.

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The internet is going nuts after President Trump mistakes "cocoa" for "coca"

President Trump isn’t the first commander in chief to flub a line, but he’s probably the only one to be accused of trying to ban chocolate. As the pro-weed blog Marijuana Moment noted, Trump mistakenly referred to coca, the plant used to make cocaine, as “cocoa” — the hot, steamy beverage or the bean that creates chocolate — during remarks Monday at a U.N. event addressing drug policies.

“Trump has announced that he wants to eradicate “cocoa” production in Columbia.
What does he have against chocolate?
Don’t declare war against Swiss Miss. Everybody knows that the Swiss are neutral!”
cocoa vs coca
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Blame the weather that resulted in a where's the rain map and on that map was a small town named Wizard Wells.
In Wizard Wells is a place called Whispering Waters Retreat Center.

So from their site:

Greetings and Welcome to Whispering Waters of Wizard Wells.
Whispering Waters is a Holistic Retreat Center.

Amusedly the retreat is operated by the Leeches, Kevin and Gail.
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So those who haven't seen this elsewhere.

"Hello! Do you have a minute to talk about Dracula?
"No- wait, Dracula?"
“You’re vampires?”
“Yes. We have pamphlets.”
“Vampires have missionaries?”
“Where else would new vampires come from?”
“I assumed you bit people.”
“There are many hurtful stereotypes. May we come in?”


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