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dark passageThe Dark Passage, care of The Canterbury Historical and Archaeological Society

Fae Boots

Feb. 27th, 2019 05:52 pm
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After a fortnight's vacation getting home is a sweet welcoming. Dusk is falling and the grass needs cutting but the long driveway protects your property which adjoins a patch of wilderness. Sighing, a few days reprieve before you need to cut it would not hurt and the wildflowers peaking up through the grass hold a charm.

Inside your house the air is fresh, it's late and maybe the small kitchen window got left ajar. A problem for tomorrow. Dropping your bags on the laundry room floor, for washing in the morning, you separate out your smaller bag with the items for the bathroom and stumble through your bedroom to the ensuite leaving it beside the sink. Pulling off your clothes and stepping into the shower, the hot water sluices away the dust of the long trip. Sleep and the bed is a potent lure. Looking into the dimness of the bedroom, light from behind you falls across the floor. A pleased hum comes from the darkness.
Seen by the bed ...

fae boots
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wild boar crossing
Wildlife crossing at Parco Naturale Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli, Toscana, Italy
Photo: Carlo Cafferini /
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"Holding Due North"

"Holding Due North" captures a weathered juniper tree in Montana's northern Rocky Mountains, surrounded by star trails. At the very center is Polaris, the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Minor.
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A Friend has been doing the vacation tour, part of which included the UK, and posting her photos; so Ireland, Scotland, Britain.
This is great because I am not food adventurous, and I like my being able to plop down in creature comforts. Touring these places vicariously works for me.
She posted this absolutely (one of many) beautiful piece of architecture that she labeled as..

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

The Map of Hogwarts and Surrounding Areas: Hogwarts Castle

Little ornamental turrets, some with candle-snuffer roofs, seem to have enjoyed a minor vogue in early seventeenth century Scotland, of which Craigievar Castle is an especially fine - or possibly demented - example, but they are most usually typical of the Queen Anne (early eighteenth century) and Queen Anne revival (late nineteenth century) periods.

We see them especially on "Scottish Baronial" buildings of the late Victorian Gothic revival, such as Torosay castle in Mull, or Balmoral; or on original castles which were rebuilt or substantially remodelled in the Victorian era, such as Castle Coch in Wales; but they are very uncommon as an original feature of Mediaeval British castles. Orford was the only example I could find.

Balmoral castle Balmoral Castle from

Torosay Castle Torosay Castle, from Judy Lazarus, "Our Vacation Highlights"
grand Victorian house with conical-roofed towers

Castle Coch, from The Castles of Wales
Castle Coch, from The Castles of Wales
small squat rebuilt castle with conical-roofed towers

Kylemore Abbey in Ireland has a great history. The only problem is...
Kylemore Abby.

... it doesn't look like the photo she posted. I can't find the candle snuffer topped turrets on Victorian Gothic like the one she posted. Haven't been able to discover what the name of the place the photo she posted is of.


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