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Title: Dragon U. Part 4
Part 3 -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 949

“Finally, just you and me.”

Damien looked up at his now official mate. “Not just you and me, is it?” He patted his so far flat belly.


“Horton Mace Drakekin, do not lie to me. You planned this. You knew what would probably happen.”

“Still sorry. My… um acquisitive instincts kicked in. It wasn’t fair, I know, but when you find a treasure, one the dragon spirits throw in your way, you grab and make sure they are bonded to you. Instincts don’t always play nice or think first.”

“I’m a treasure?”

“My treasure,” Horry purred nuzzling behind Damien’s ear.

“Ooooooh,” Damien shivered, then paused to say more sharply, “Stop that! I’m still upset and that makes me want to curl into your arms and snuggle.”

“Are you sorry to be my mate?” If anything would make Damien’s heart clench it was the uncertain regret in Horry’s voice.

‘Being mated to you, NO! Being pregnant so soon when we’ve not had hardly any time to get to know each other…” more quietly, “yes.”

“Sorry. My sweet love, my sweet demon, my very own.” Kisses punctuated each endearment.

“I love you too, you know, you acquisitive dragon.”

“Shhh, I love you and we’ll work things out. First, try some of this.”

“What is it?” Damien looked at the potted plant in Horry’s hand suspiciously.

“Well, the name is Huernia schneideriana but the common name is Red Dragon Flower. It’s a gift from my mother who swears it will ease the effects of pregnancy providing it’s a dragon bun in your oven.”

Damien’s eyebrow went up, “’Dragon bun’ in my oven?”

Horry grinned. “Well it could be a demonic bun but chances are, since I’m the father, that it’ll be a dragon.”

“What if it’s not a dragon or if little Whos-it is a combination of both our characteristics?”

“Don’t know.” Horry paused. “We could go to the clan diviner but you’ll have to be further into the pregnancy before she can be sure about… little Whos-it?”

Nodding in agreement, Damien asserted, “Yes, Whos-it. Okay. So we wait. That looks spiny and is it poisonous? Child proofing, something in our future.” He sighed.

“The spines are soft, see,” Horry stroked his hand up one of the plant’s stems, “and I doubt it’s poisonous because it’s a succulent and I think you drink the juice or eat the seeds.”

“Think I’ve eaten enough dragon seed.” Damien crossed his arms and tried to look demonically mulish.

“You’re cute when you’re grumpy,” was punctuated with a kiss to Damien’s nose.

“Am not.”


“Am not.”

“Are and you’ve nothing to worry about. You’re rested right now, so the probability of you popping any more buns into your oven if you eat some dragon seed is low,” was leered at him.

“Hmmm, I’d say convince me but you could. So how about you do that. Dragons get all this bad press about eating knights,” Horry put his hands up as if to ward off such a thing, “so let’s see how you eat a demon. Points for creativity and the number of times you can make me come.”

“You challenging me?”


“You feeling up to this?”

Damien set the first of a pack of Ginger Ale bottles on the table next to the bed. “Let’s try this and see.”

Ginger Ale and many orgasms later, “My turn. I’ll be gentle.”

Damien smiled as he was turned onto his tummy; he liked being mounted by Horry from behind with his big deep raspberry wings a canopy over and around him. He was safe.


“Ooooh yeah. I’d say I was very ready. Love your tongue especially when it’s been up my ass.”

An amused smoky huff blew by Damien’s ear, “What’s going up your ass is much bigger than my tongue.”

“Oh, I know that, very very well.” He wiggled his ass, “Need some action here.”

“Never would I want to disappoint you by withholding ‘some action’, my sweet demon. Neeeev-er,” he sighed as he slid home.

Months later, “Well you’ve got 2 demon dragon hybrids inside. What are you using for the morning sickness and heart burn?”

“Ginger Ale and crackers before rising in the morning.”

“That works?” both of the dragon clan’s diviner’s eyebrows rose.

“Seems to be. I sleep well,” Damien blushed, “so a few sips of ginger ale and crackers….”

“And a few morning kisses,” was added from the other side of the room where Horry stood watch.

Damien’s blush deepened and his body warmed thinking of that morning’s waking ritual.

“Ah, I see. Your body temperature just rose which seems to be taking care of things. It’s a mystical thing,” the diviner laughed and waved a hand as if shooing any questions away. “Keep doing what you’re doing and though I think they’ll be small at first when they are born, they’ll be healthy and grow quickly. You seem perfectly healthy and so are the little ones.”

Pulling up the waist of his pants from where it rested low atop his pubic bone and similarly his shirt concealingly down over his belly, Damien smiled still blushing. “Thank You.”

The diviner grinned, “You’re very welcome. Blame your Dragon mate though.” She laughed, “You might want to mention your um ‘method’ to your brother.” She looked over at Horry, “Your mother is going to be so pleased that there’ll be so many more grandchildren in the nest. Now I’m going to go buy stock in Ginger Ale. I’m recommending it to all my pregnant parents to be from now on.” She gave Damien’s shoulder a pat as she left, snickering as Horry growled at anyone touching his still slightly aroused mate.

red dragon flower


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