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Title: When a Child has been Sick
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 249

“He’s looking better,” Manc commented watching their son outside on the lawn in the growing darkness of dusk. “Good thing none of them are of the fae .”

“Amazing what a good season with rain will do to the insect population, isn’t it?” Allen responded. There was a gasp, “Are Lightning Bugs poisonous?” “Didn’t know he jump that high,” was said with awe.

“Well he is my son.”

“I’m going to get a glass jar. It’ll be interesting for him to see a Lightning Bug up close.”
Manc looked at Allen, “Like eating one isn’t up close….”

“Hush you.”

2 Lightning Bugs were captured. An event ignored by their son who was more intent on his own fun.

“You should really let them go soon. They’re out there to mate and produce the next generation.
You’re impeding next year’s Lightning Bug population.”

“Uhmmm. Too late.” Allen said looking into the jar.

“What?” Manc eyed his husband anxiously doubting his sanity.

“They’re.. um.. already attached.”

“You mean of all the Lightning Bugs in the backyard, you caught two compatible bugs who decided to mate with each other?”



From inside the jar, “Oh baby, yes just like that,” had Manc and Allen look shocked at the jar and then each other.

“Wait a bit but put them outside before our kitten comes back in. I don’t think I’m ready to explain the facts of procreation yet.”

Allen glanced at Manc’s tummy and grinned. “We’re going to have to soon.”

Lightning bugs
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Buster Archibald Felix
Sheila - Secretary to Buster
Boo Archibald Felix
Alexis Archibald Felix III
Hsin (Hazy)

Intern -Apprentice Sequel
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Granddaughter has learned practically overnight how to crawl and pull herself to stand to get things. Among their toys were smallish, but not choking hazard size, balls. She was batting one of the balls around on the floor like a kitten.

So I have a small kitten familiar for a grandchild. Seems appropriate.
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You beat him up.
No you beat him up.
No you.
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Meri: "Papa I don't wanna take piano lessons anymore!"

Me: *sighs* "Just walk back and forth a bit more, kitten. You know, like you normally do."
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Meri mentioned that this is where meowlets come from.

This probably more how it happens. They grow up together and find they've fallen in love.
Vid is here

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Terry stared at his human in disappointed disgust. That spider was dead, there was no need for loud shrieking. It didn’t bite the human, it couldn’t it was dead for fur ball sake’s.

The mouse, it was not as fresh as it would have been if it were presented alive but it wasn’t that long dead. He knew what would have happened if he’d brought it in still scampering around. Hadn’t he tried that last week, after all.

‘Course it would have been better maybe if he hadn’t left it in the middle of the bathroom mat where his silly ungainly human had stepped on it in the dark. The jumping around was uncalled for. It was supposed to be a morning surprise of what Terry did for his human during the night. Instead his human did a very excited dance around the bathroom making a terrible yowling that had him, Terry, scurrying away to hide under the bed.

Humans. Terry regarded his human then shook his head and washed a paw before turning to settle down and stare out the window. Maybe if he brought in a live bird…

Word count: 190
Author: charisstoma
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Yes, Meri has gifted us with another Ninja Fic.

So look look look and go read

Dust plunny - literally. by Meridae.


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