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Sep. 9th, 2018 11:00 am
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Cat and the EU

Could so see this in a story.
hmmm Wizards' 'verse but then there'd be a need to construct the politics more in depth.
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It bothers me that the cat is hunched at the end in a posture that usually means they're in pain.
My vet told me that cats eat grass, as in lawn, because their tummy is upset. There's Friskies canned cat food that provides vegetable matter for indoor cats. The plant here isn't happy either.

But .... I laughed so hard at the inept jump onto the bed and the wide blown eyes. I'm a bad person.
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photo of livingroom with washing cat

I was just tidying myself up. You couldn't have waited?!
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But when, where and how do you get that poop sample successfully to the vets office?

We’ve got you covered!

Here’s 5 tips on getting that all important stool sample to your vet!

1. The fresher the better. If your dog’s poop has sat out in the back yard for 3 days, leave it there. A 3 day poop sample is not very diagnostic. The same goes for cat poop. A cat poop that has been sitting in the litter box for 3 days and is severely dehydrated, you know, it cracks like a stick, is not a good sample. Fresh samples(within 24 hours) provide better and more accurate results so try your best to snag a sample as soon as your pet poops.

2. Storage is key. You want to preserve the sample as best as you can. If your pet has an appointment in the afternoon but only poops in the morning, that’s o.k. You can store it in the fridge, or in cooler weather, store it outside. Do not store it in the freezer or leave it baking in the hot sun, this will make for a bad sample.

3. Bigger is not better. Most vets and labs only need a small amount of poop to run a fecal sample. About the size of 2 sugar cubes. (double-check with your vet just to be sure) You do not need to bring the whole pile of poop.

4. Pick your container wisely. Most vet offices should have fecal containers for you to take home and collect a sample. Other containers that work well are old pill bottles, or plastic containers. Plastic bags can work well but they can leak so make sure that you’re double bagging the sample. Poop bags work awesome and are great for all involved!! Make sure you also label the sample with your pet’s name.

5. Make sure you’re bringing poop. It sounds crazy but a clump of kitty urine can often be confused for cat poop but a cat urine sample will be rejected when checking for fecal parasites.
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"When you're printing your final paper out and start running out of black ink."

running out of ink
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lightning seen through the doors

Title: A Flash of Lightning
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 398

It is an odd way of finding out your current love interest is really a cat, Tim thought. Not that he was biased against cats or humans that turned into cats or vice versa.

The clouds had glowered for most of the day and so it wasn’t all that surprising when the rain had started. Alex had been drawn to sit legs, gathered under him in front of the windows, looking out at the storm and periodically putting up a finger to the glass where a rivulet wandered down outside, as if to catch it.

Tim watched him watching the rain and smiled. He could grow used to the view. Someplace in his soul rose a wanting to do something, he wasn’t sure what but it demanded a physical appreciation of the man seated with his legs under him looking out the window. Perhaps it was a need to gather Alex up in his arms but there was something restful about his posture, something reverent, that Tim didn’t want to trespass.Read more... )
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Twinkle Tush: The Holiday Gift That Will Make Any Cat Lover Blush
twinkle tush

Cats have no shame, a fact made clear by felines’ frequent, proud displays of their rear ends.

Unlike humans, kitties are not required to cover up their naughty bits in a public space, leaving owners and guests with plenty of unwanted opportunities to stare at the bit of kitty that can be found right below the tail … until now.

Censorship has reached the cat world thanks to Twinkle Tush, which promises to keep your cat’s booty “veiled and safe.” The simple invention is just a bracelet that goes around your cat’s tail, allowing the Twinkle Tush’s pendant to hang down and cover any offensive anatomy.

Can’t get enough of cats, dogs and other furry friends? Click here to get the cutest pet news and photos delivered directly to your inbox.

It’s the perfect present for the feline fanatic in your life — as a gag gift. As Twinkle Tush makes clear on its website, it’s not looking to oppress cats or their bodies, just to have a little fun.

You can buy this sparkly prank for the cat person in your life for a low price that is sure to provide maximum laughs.

Or as another site put it:

The Twinkle Tush is essentially a little necklace that you can wrap around the base of your cats tail that has a little jewel that hangs off it to cover your cat's butt-hole. What's worse than having some people over only to have your cat walk out in the room flaunting it's uncovered butt-hole all over the house. As your guests see your cats anus, your Grandmother gasps in horror, your mother faints to the floor. If only there were a better way! Simply put the butt-hole necklace over your cat's tail and the shame your cat walks around with will be hidden from view. The only probably is, when they go to take a dump, you're going to end up with an ass bling full of shit.

In case you're wondering, the Twinkle Tush is a real product, and although it's probably just a gag-gift, I'm sure someone out there is going to use it for real. Whatever your reason for grabbing a Twinkle Tush is, just know that it not only covers your cats bung-hole, but it does it in style with some bling! Your cat will be walking around like they own the place.
cost: $5.99 But the Buy links don't work on this article.

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the spider expert

My sister's cat blew up in a furry way on seeing one spider. So not a experts are the same.


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