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dark passageThe Dark Passage, care of The Canterbury Historical and Archaeological Society
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church door

Bound by two ancient yew trees, this door ... a portal to a fairy realm .... The arched wooden opening, capped with stained glass .... magical worlds .... on the other side.
St. Edward's Church

The structure was built in the Middle Ages ...fragments dating from the 1000s through the 1600s,...Its tree-framed north door was constructed during the 13th century.
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Cat would love the sand pit that would be needed under and around this.
Neighbors... maybe not.

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Nature defeats Technology

Wedge-tailed eagles have found a new but unlikely prey in the Western Australian goldfields: mining company surveying drones.

South African gold mining company Gold Fields, the world's seventh-biggest gold producer, has lost nine drones to the birds, costing the company more than $100,000.

Wedge-tailed eagles are one of the largest birds of prey in the world.

Their wingspan is more than twice that of the one metre-wide drones and they have razor-sharp talons that allow them to grab and destroy the drones in flight.

Fae Boots

Feb. 27th, 2019 05:52 pm
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After a fortnight's vacation getting home is a sweet welcoming. Dusk is falling and the grass needs cutting but the long driveway protects your property which adjoins a patch of wilderness. Sighing, a few days reprieve before you need to cut it would not hurt and the wildflowers peaking up through the grass hold a charm.

Inside your house the air is fresh, it's late and maybe the small kitchen window got left ajar. A problem for tomorrow. Dropping your bags on the laundry room floor, for washing in the morning, you separate out your smaller bag with the items for the bathroom and stumble through your bedroom to the ensuite leaving it beside the sink. Pulling off your clothes and stepping into the shower, the hot water sluices away the dust of the long trip. Sleep and the bed is a potent lure. Looking into the dimness of the bedroom, light from behind you falls across the floor. A pleased hum comes from the darkness.
Seen by the bed ...

fae boots


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