Jun. 30th, 2017

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Title: Dragon U. part 2
Part 1 - http://charisstoma.dreamwidth.org/1295691.html

Author: charisstoma
Word count: 958

Meep commented:
I'm sure Elethiel misinterpreting that would have to get very claimy with his Kyle.
Kyle might let him, he seems good at Demon-management already ;)

A hand stroked down over his ass and only the fact that he could see Elethiel on the other side of the room told him that someone had mistaken him for someone other than the other groom. Elethiel’s face was grim, his eyes fiery. Their wedding was about to be one talked of in the family for years to come and not in a good way. ‘Don’t get involved with a demon; remember what happened when ...’

Turning Kyle smiled up into the eyes of his assailant and showed his teeth.

“I believe you have made a mistake. I’m one of the two who are celebrating their wedding at this event. Now if you want to continue to live for a long time free of the torture that is about to ensue, you will; abstain from putting your hand anywhere upon my person, smile and raise those same hands into the air with a shocked expression of ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake’, and apologize prettily.”

The demon did all of those things. “Sorry. So sorry. I arrived late. Didn’t know. Wouldn’t have otherwise. Been up 48 hours straight. Do you have a single relative who would like to meet a demon and take them to bed but won’t be insulted if I fall asleep after or even during fucking them?”

Kyle couldn’t help it, he broke out laughing.

“Problem, my love,” Elethiel purred with a hint of menace directed at the other demon.Read more... )

Part 3 - http://charisstoma.dreamwidth.org/1297382.html
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2 Step Quilt
74" x 83" 7 blocks x 8 blocks

1 3/4 yds -- 5" squares background fabric (56 squares) and inner border (2 1/2")
2 1/2" strips (jelly roll)
1 3/4 yds -- outer border (6")
5 1/4yds -- backing fabric

Sew 2 strips together in pairs. You should get 41 total strips as a result.
Cut into 5" strips and 9" strips

A - Sew 5" strip to one side of 5" square.

Sew 9" strip (which should be the length of longest side of strip combination A)
This is your basic block. 8 1/2" or whatever as long as it is a square.


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