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dark passageThe Dark Passage, care of The Canterbury Historical and Archaeological Society
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"The Decorative Airport Fern Is Not What It Pretends to Be", Jennifer L Knox

and it takes me a triple-take to realize it’s scanning
me, or something near my ear—that must be it. No plant’s
ever complimented my perfume—wait—there it goes
again. Did you see that? [Time passes, drinks] “Sure, I
remember when I thought you were a fern but you were!
Who could blame me?” I tell the what’s now a magnificent
purple tetrahedron, eggplant-sized cilia straining at its corners, just
a hint of ferniness remains in its fingertips—enough to blush.
We hug goodbye. The scent of flowers lingers around me
the next day. Flying home, a decorative airport fern that really
is a decorative airport fern says, “You smell nice.” I don’t
believe it, but it’s still a happy
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Cat would love the sand pit that would be needed under and around this.
Neighbors... maybe not.

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We had a new student enroll. His name amuses me.

Henry Lobo
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from Meep  at Brombil Reservoir

Someday ..... I'll look at all these prompts and write something again.
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Five Fantastical Contraceptives (and Why We Need More)

Fantasy has evolved from the days of Tolkien and and Lewis. We’re largely passed the era of true good versus true evil, wading into the perilous landscape of moral ambiguity. We still have elves and goblins, but sometimes the former are the bad ones and the latter are the good ones. And, in a shift that Tolkien with his refined Catholic sensibilities would doubtless disapprove of, it has become increasingly acceptable to have sex scenes in fantasy novels.

In the decades since Lord of the Rings, as people began to actually talk about—and write about—sexuality more and more frankly, fantasy authors have had to face an interesting challenge. Writers often insert a modern view of sexuality into their novels, and today we live in a world in which many people have relatively easy access to contraception—while still far from universal, access is greater than at any other time—which radically changes the ways we think about and engage in sex. But most fantasy worlds don’t have condoms or birth control pills, so authors have to come up with creative solutions. Some of these have real historical precedents, and some are unabashedly fantastical.Read more... )

Sean Connolly is a constant reader and a sometimes writer who is particularly interested in examining themes of social justice in science fiction and fantasy. He occasionally tweets at @connollysean66
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Adds: Lose the thread of the story and that perfect plot twist because of all those excursions to find information that is just TOO important to have just right or it won't spawn the next parts of the story.

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People Are Adding ‘And Then the Murders Began’ To Famous Book Openings, and It’s HILARIOUS

Marc Laidlaw @marc_laidlaw
The first line of almost any story can be improved by making sure the second line is, "And then the murders began."
11:37 PM - 2 Mar 2017

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

One sunny Sunday, the caterpillar was hatched out of a tiny egg. He was very hungry. And then the murders began.


Feb. 24th, 2017 09:13 am
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Middle School is fun. They are between 11 and 14 years old usually.

Overheard conversation of students discussing character in a book:

"He's a Mer-mee."
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While doing so, I felt uneasily procrustean : Here and there limbs of the manuscript needed to be stretched, and elsewhere a protruding foot might be lopped off, if all the episodes were to be edited into a single, coherent, continuous work.

John Callahan, "Afterword: A Note to Scholars," Juneteenth, by Ralph Ellison, 1999


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