Jan. 19th, 2017

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Meep wrote this delightfully wonderful response to this prompt.

It ended too soon or maybe the plunny had extra teeth….

Title: Poly Doesn’t Always mean More than one lover at a time.
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1211

George shifted the smallish yet heavy plastic bag to his other hand, marveling again at how the bags could cut into fingers.


“Sorry Officer. Did I hear anything the other day, you asked? Well something woke me and my toes are still discussing it with me, the walking in the dark to look out the window thing. And ... I not sure.”

“Of what aren’t you sure, sir? Did you see the vehicle that collided with the car parking area awning?”

“No. No vehicle. I didn’t see any car near the post at all. The area under the awning was perfectly barren by the time I made it to my window. To be honest, I work at night and I’ve got blackout drapes over the windows. Not even sure if what woke me was a car or truck hitting the post. I was asleep, you see.”
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