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So I was re-reading an old arc because I was trying to find the links for The Herb Shop and got distracted. Why did this author not write more chapters after this.... oh, it's me. As Poof would say, "Poopies".

btw onecrazycanuck your chapter is waiting at
Herb Shop part 5--
And yes Meri there's more but Poof and Arath still haven't met back up yet after that tomhussy was poaching on Poof's territory, Arath.

Need to find the rest of this and maybe write more.
Taking Steps: Date by Appointment

You know, my ideal job is in a bookstore or library but writing....
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Title: Spells of Magic
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 193

Books surrounded her in neat piles, inside the ebook reader on the table beside her, and on the internet itself accessed through her laptop. All these stories, each begging to have their words read, to resonate inside her mind and each was more captivating than the last before being interrupted as another captured her attention in its turn. Yet still below the surface the unfinished stories tugged irritatingly for her to finish absorbing them.

“Tomorrow,” she told them, “tomorrow I’ll finish reading you. Really. I will.”

The television’s seductive song drew her attention. So many stories there too but more immediate, more important, for the feeling was if you missed even a moment it would be gone, its story unable to be recaptured.

A feeling welled inside, ‘I too have a story’ and her fingers moved over the keyboard; the letters appearing one by one, word by word upon the grey backed whiteness of the page. And for a while, all the other stories were pushed away as she created her own world and characters; her own story. It wasn’t real. But it was beautiful and it went where she guided it… usually.
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Authors Be Warned: The Ongoing Impact of the All Romance Ebooks Debacle

Posted on January 2, 2017
I’m sitting here shaking with anger and disbelief.

The other day, I decided to make a few tweaks to my long-standing free story, A Summer Fling, with a view to making it exclusive to Amazon. No big deal, right? The only other place it was offered was Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks–also for free.

Last night, I received an alarming email from Amazon asking me to prove copyright or face permanent ban from publishing there again. Shocked, I consulted friends, who assured me this wasn’t that unusual and that it was probably in view of recent incidents of several people in my genre being impersonated online. I sent the required information back to Amazon and went to bed thinking it was over.

Imagine my surprise when I get a response from Amazon KDP that states due to an undisclosed third party claiming copyright, and their policy not to get involved in third party disputes, they have chosen not to publish my story. A story that had been on their site for three years. A story that is MINE.

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Meep is up to posting 2a of a *laughing* Two part story and working on 2b. *griiiiiiiiiins*
THIS makes me very happy.

Book-cave Treasure


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