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Title: Dragon U.
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1764

Where was the blasted man. Kyle fumed, it was always like this lately. Ever since the new reference librarian had applied for the position and Kyle could imagine which position the IT guy would have in mind, there had been a few extra fuck-ups taking place in ‘customer service’ at the Academy’s library.

A self depreciating laugh burst out of Kyle’s mouth before he could smother it. Even in his own mind he was edging into the pornographic double entendre. He needed to get fucked to even out his temper. Not that he’d ask George to fill that position, George was undoubtedly busy working with the new librarian and the IT guy’s name alone would be unnerving in a sexual partner. Something that the administration had probably considered as important criteria when filling the IT job needs. Kyle huffed again, he was a real joker, he was.

It’s not that he understood why he was feeling like this. Perhaps it was some pheromones in the air. It was coming on Fall, a time that in the wild, dragons would retreat to their caves; in this day and age rooms, and make wild impassioned fucking, loving to the special person in their life; not coming out until early in the Spring.

“That’s what it is, I just need to get fucked.”

A movement, almost a scurrying sound came from behind several banks of shelves. Kyle sighed. Pheromones. Where was that George?! The library computer screen flickered again. Damn it.

The summons popped up on his email and he carefully considered the meaning of the words.
Present yourself in the chambers of the Master Librarian after evening meal.

He’d never met the Master Librarian; a being reputed to be of such power that it dwarfed any dragon’s, even in their dragon form. He didn’t even know what nature of being the Master Librarian was. There were no photos, anywhere.

Exactly 3 hours after the summons; fed, bathed, with extra time spent in polishing even his dragon form’s scales, hair and teeth brushed, neatly clad in clothing that accentuated his dark hair and deep blue eyes yet made him look the epitome of serious scholar; and if only he didn’t feel nervously on the edge of a sexual cliff. “Hardly proper for a meeting with the Master Librarian.”

Kyle knocked on the heavy wooden door, the substantial heavy wooden door that popped ajar almost immediately with a whisper of magic behind it.


Taking a deep breath through his mouth, Kyle pushed the door further open and stopped.

“Further and close the door after you.”

Turning to the side, Kyle was stopped.

“No, turn towards the door while you do it. I want to see the full package.”

Just barely Kyle held in the whimper at the words, ‘full package’, as he turned to present his back while following the instruction. The Master Librarian was an impressive demon, currently sitting behind his substantial desk, and large as a dragon in human form.

Turning back around Kyle clasp his hands together strategically in front of his full package. A pose that the Master Librarian considered with an amused smile.

“You’re finally coming into rut and about time. I was beginning to think my summoning was going to be premature.”

Quickly reviewing what he’d learned in his basic Demonology classes, before he’d gotten side tracked by the evolution of poetry from its earliest beginnings, Kyle pressed his discretely linked hands against his aching cock.

“Ah ah. That’s mine to savor. Come here, Love. I’ve waited most anxiously for you.”

There was a delicious scent in the air. Kyle moved towards the desk and when the Master Librarian tsked and patted his lap, scooted around the desk’s corners. Which left him with, should he climb onto the Master Librarian’s lap with his legs to either side of the demon; would that be too forward of him?

The Master Librarian took the decision out of his control picking Kyle up and settling his ass with both his legs together to hang off to one side. He arranged Kyle over the hard center in his lap and put his hand on Kyle’s own hardness.

“First we talk for a bit. Nothing is going to happen if this is unwanted. Well… except for a bit of heavy petting perhaps. We’re both a might excited, shall we say?”

“Yes sir. Excited.” He lifted himself up into the pressure of the teasing light stroking and wiggled the aching seam of his cheeks when the stroking pressed him back down onto an answering hardness.

“Perhaps that bit of heavy petting isn’t going to be enough for either of us to have a sensible conversation about our future together. Let’s try this position.”

Kyle found himself seated on the edge of the desk with his pants unzipped freeing his gone commando cock. “Please,” he breathed out.

“Patience, my love. You aren’t the only one holding onto their rampant libido with both hands.”

An embarrassed hungry flame of heat tickled up Kyle’s face. His demon had his own cock out and had given it a tight fisted stroke up and down. There was no way he could contain the whine from escaping.

“Almost. Let me get this out first,” one of the demon’s hands was rooting around in a desk drawer while the other continued its pleasuring.

“You’re being selfish. Your hand could be stroking me while you play with whatever is in your desk,” Kyle frowned peevishly.

“Patience,” was laughed, “you’ll see soon enough and we’ll come together.”

“That had better mean both meanings.”

Another laugh answered, “exactly love. Ah, there it is.” The Master Librarian brought out a large clear crystal tube. “Here hang onto that while I lift you down into position.”

Kyle found himself seated with his legs splayed apart facing away from his hopefully soon lover, his pants pushed down his thighs. Hardness slid along his crack and nudged against his balls before pressing a rut between them and up the underside of Kyle’s cock.


Kyle nodded hurriedly, squirming.

“Now I fit this down over us both,” the tube fit perfectly though how much was magic or … Kyle couldn’t figure out what else, he was distracted by how good it felt as he was lifted slightly and brought down, up and down and then the tube started vibrating.


“I’m in charge.”

“Not for long if you don’t go faster.”

A kiss with a slight scratching of teeth was placed under his ear. “Remind me to spank you.”

When his mind came back online, Kyle resolved to hold his demon to that. But that wasn’t now.

“With a butt plug inside you… maybe even a vibrating one.”

“Promises. Promises. More.”

“Yes,” was hissed. “I knew you’d be perfect. Let’s hurry this up a little and then we can talk.”

“Talk.’ Kyle laughed. “Fuck now. Talk later.”

“Perfect,” was sighed but the rhythm increased and so was the pressure against Kyle’s balls. It wasn’t long before a cry of completion joined the sounds of two persons seeking pleasure of each other.

Kyle leaned his head back against his lover’s shoulder enjoying an interior humming of latent returning arousal as his demon continued his thrusting between Kyle’s balls and up the underside of his cock where the tube vibrated. It wouldn’t be long now if his own experience at self pleasuring was applicable.

Through gritted teeth, “My name is Elethiel. I claim you as mine or will if you agree.”


“Thank heaven,” was said and his demon finally came.

Much later, “No mess?”

“No, the tube feeds on our emissions.” A kiss was pressed against his neck. “Now that we’ve taken the edge off our hunger, let me ask again. Do you accept me as your mate?”

“Oooh yes. My Mom is going to be disappointed. She wanted grandkits from me.”

“Well, they may not be grand-’kits’ but we will have offspring. There’s nothing to prevent it happening unless we don’t make deep and passionate love.”


Elethiel smiled. “there may be some discomfort,” he shrugged, “what with morning sickness and then of course the egg laying if that’s how our child enters the outside world. After the first one, we’ll have a better knowledge of how the rest will be born, though demon magic and dragon magic might allow for some differences. We’ll have the best obstetricians, my family has social clout. I’m not going to risk your health. I want you around for the rest of our lives.”

“You do realize how long dragons live?”

“I know you passed your beginning Demonology classes.”

“Oh. Demons live a long time too.”

“And when mated both mates live as long as the other unless some exterior event intervenes.”

“You will not risk yourself,” Kyle frowned down at into Elethiel’s face.

“Nor will you. I fell in love with you when I first saw you in your Demonology 101 class.”

“I didn’t see you. What took you so long to claim me?”

“Wanted to let you find yourself first before I approached you and then I agreed to be Master Librarian to stay on this plane and watch over you. There are rules that go with that role though.”

“Does this mean we’re going to get in trouble?”

“No, you’re old enough, I’m not on your thesis panel, and your rutting cycle was starting to respond to me which explains why I approached you now.”

“So we’re married now?”

“Don’t you feel mated?”

Kyle tipped his head in consideration, “yes and no.”

“Ah, I think I understand. My rooms are connected to my office. Let’s go upstairs and explore in depth your lack of complete certainty.”

“hmmm. Maybe I should call my Mom.”

“It could get quite uncomfortable to have my cock deep inside you and your mother show up. I can’t just pull out. Mother dragons are very protective.”

“Kyle started laughing, “My sister and her husband...”

“Exactly. I can imagine. Maybe tomorrow.”

“She’s going to want a wedding.”

“So for that matter will my family or something like it. I don’t want to share us for a bit.”

“Suzzane was ready to kill people because of the family’s interference. Let’s go upstairs.”

With a hum of agreement, Elethiel lifted his Kyle and climbed the stairs behind the hidden doorway.

Much later, Kyle laughed, “you thanked heaven. You’re a demon.”

“Different theology. Not a conflict. You’re thinking. You interested in round five?”

“I think I could be persuaded.”

Elethiel laughed, “Then I’d better get on that and you on me.”

Dragons purr.

Part 2 -

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From: [personal profile] frogs_of_war
Elethiel is more patient than the other demons we've met. And, with this new distraction, Kyle might take a little longer than normal to complete his thesis, but he'll have time for both.


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