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Title: Dragon U. part 3
Part 2 -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 703

Kyle groaned snaking an arm out from under the bedding and reaching to pick up his cell phone from the table beside the bed then struggled to focus his eyes to read the screen.

“What?” came sleepily from behind him.

“More your brother, my brother news,” Kyle mumbled back. “Families all still here. Going 2 be a wedding.”

“Who taught your Mom about texting?”

“Ass.” a well placed jab of an elbow added some emphasis, though not much since Kyle was still partly asleep.

“Your ass,” was laughed and Elethiel’s cock still lodged inside was not asleep, prodding upwards to press into a spot that made Kyle groan and tighten down to hold Elethiel right there.

Much, much later when hunger drove them to think about rising, Elethiel laughed.


“Either one of my kind relatives put a seeking spell on us as a wedding gift and sent us food which is currently hovering next to my side of the bed or hmm, nope that’s all I got.”

“Could be one of my relatives.”

“They know how to hover foods in midair?”

“Okay, no. Your side of the family.”

“Anyway, what else your Mom say about our siblings’ wedding?”

“That was all on that one but she’s sent another.”


“Sometime after I put the phone on silent. And it says,” Kyle read, “Best you get dressed now and eat. Elethiel’s parents sent you food, I’m told. Wear something nice and keep hands circumspect in public. You have 3 hours. Do Not be late.”

“Your Mom is um...”

“Pushy? Bossy? Controlling? You really think you’re telling me something I don’t know. She’s my Mom and there’s a lot of us.”

“And you love her.”

“Well of course.”

Elethiel grinned. “There’s a lot of you. Expect your Dad does a lot of loving her too.”

“Do not get any ideas. I’m not enamored with having a large number of children.”

“Want to eat first and then take a shower?” Kyle’s smile made Elethiel smile, “maybe we should do that in the other order or three hours isn’t going to be enough.”

“Well... alright. I guess we could do it that way,” Kyle mock grumbled then ran for the shower. “First one in the shower gets their cock sucked.”

Elethiel got there in time to keep the shower door from closing all the way as the water started. “Cheater!”

“Ah, all’s fair in love and war.”

The laughter wasn’t too bad as a grinning Kyle pushed the shower door further open, even if it was remind Elethiel that he’d lost the race and had to pay the forfeit. The sight of his wet naked mate made his mouth water. A good thing since he’d lost the race. There was that beautiful cock waiting just for him.

They barely made it in time for Damien and Horry’s ceremony. Elethiel gave his brother a chilled bottle of ginger ale, he’d magicked in. It was an experiment.

“Gee thanks, just what I always wanted, something to make me belch at the worst possible time,” Damien hissed.

“Well if Horry were a demon you could just suck...”

Damien cut him off, “I know what I could suck for my sickness if Horry were a demon but that’s what got me into this condition in the first place.”

“You sorry about it?” Elethiel asked.

“About Horry as my mate, no. About getting pregnant before I’m even officially mated to him, yes. I just wish we’d had more time together alone before this happened.”

“And being sick,” Elethiel added.

Damien nodded, “yeah, and being sick. There’s worse though. Our mutual in-laws were warning me that there’s probable heart burn in my future.”

“What? Why?”

“Dragon,” was stated grimly.

“Maybe you’ll get lucky,” Elethiel stopped at Damien’s grimace and the irony of what he said hit him. “Okay, maybe the baby will be more demon than dragon and you could always try the milk of the dragon that got you knocked up.”

One of Horry and Kyle’s siblings was walking by and laughed, “or you’ll have more than one bun in the oven. Multiple births are common for that reason,” was cast in passing over a shoulder.

“Give me the ginger ale.”

Part 4 - - Damien's Blooming


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