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So I was re-reading an old arc because I was trying to find the links for The Herb Shop and got distracted. Why did this author not write more chapters after this.... oh, it's me. As Poof would say, "Poopies".

btw onecrazycanuck your chapter is waiting at
Herb Shop part 5--
And yes Meri there's more but Poof and Arath still haven't met back up yet after that tomhussy was poaching on Poof's territory, Arath.

Need to find the rest of this and maybe write more.
Taking Steps: Date by Appointment

You know, my ideal job is in a bookstore or library but writing....
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Excerpt from "A Wizard's Dozen: Stories of the Fantastic" edited by Michael Stearns,204,203,200_.jpg

wizard's dozen
1. any magical number from eleven to fifteen
2. the charmed numeral that gives a wizard's spell its power
3. the number of teachers at a wizards' school

What is a wizard?

A wizard is a mage, a wonder maker, a person who injects a jolt of the marvelous into the everyday. There are wizards everywhere, though these days they've traded in their magic shops and their spellbooks for libraries and storybooks. Today's wizards wield paintbrushes or pens or typewriters or computers instead of wands.

...Mage --- image --- imagination.
That is enough for any wizard.

..... Or is it?
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Title: You are what?
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 233

“Oh, to be or not to be.”

“That’s being kind of morbid,” Hugh said.

“Look, just look.” Jeff gestured at the sign.

Hugh grinned, “Good thing we didn’t drive. It probably isn’t noticed if you’ve no magic. Try squinting.” He followed through with action, “Ha, a fuzzy ‘Exiting’”

“Or you need to get your glasses’ prescription checked,” Jeff nodded. “Wonder what would happen if a person didn’t pay?”

“I know that if we go into the stairwell without an aura print on the door that all we’ll get is a chance to see the city from the upper levels of the parking garage; probably pretty at night, romantic even.”

Moving the plastic sack from one hand to the other, Jeff leaned against the door, “Well, I know something that’ll be even more romantic; you naked on these silk sheets.” The door clicked.

“Ha.” Hugh urged Jeff through the door, “My imagined view is you the one spread naked on the sheets waiting for me,” he whispered as they stepped out into the Academy’s transit kiosk. He grinned, “Oh, to be had or not to be had tonight. That is the question.”

“That’s a good question.”

“I bought the sheets.”

“Hmmm, true. But I bought the special extended use lube.”

“Then while you fuck me, I get the control of the remote variable speed vibrator up your ass.”

Jeff moaned and walked faster.
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Title: Debrief part 2
Follows from Meep wrote a sequel Never Annoy a Cat Parts 1 & 2 (look in the comments) & started with Magic this fits before Meep's Never Annoy a Cat Part 3
These are in Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 484

“About that street entertainer doing real magic at the Farmers’ Market in the town park,” Hoon stood at ease in front of the WIC ‘s (wizard in charge) desk. “We’ve monitored the situation and it’s been a while.”

“What’s the name of the feline familiar?”


“Pepper, hmm. He’s enjoying having his own wizard on the wall a little too much, is he?”

“There’s no evidence that he’s showing any inclination to release the wizard en frame, sir. The monitoring of the situation is going better now that we’re sending out paired agents.” Hoon reddened. “Takes the pressure off.”

“You and Press are the only paired agents we have; hmmm. Alright send Shadow in to get closer to the subjects and discretely intervene if necessary. By the way congratulations.”

Hoon seemed to sag slightly with relief.

“What do we know about this wizard turned street entertainer?”

“Marcus, sir. His name is Marcus, no known surname yet. We’ve tracked him back to several prior, um, engagements. How he didn’t get caught before this, we can’t figure out.”

“Maybe because he was unwise enough to choose a feline familiar for his trick this time instead of a cat with no magic. That speaks of inexperience with familiars. Probably uneducated. Must be fairly talented to get this far without him winding up to someone’s notice before this.”

“Sir, Shadow is a very talented familiar but he is a familiar. He’s going to want to play with the wizard a bit.”

“Good. Shadow hasn’t paired off with anyone. It’s a distraction to the other agents. Maybe we can take care of more than one problem. Let him have his fun.”

“And the wizard, sir? What about him?”

The WIC smiled, “I’ve seen the recording of the incident in the Park, not a bad looking sort, imagine he cleans up good without clothing. It’ll do the young man good to learn he’s not necessarily the top of the food chain and maybe push him into being trained in his talents. Shadow would make sure that happened if he decided to bond with this one.”

“So,” Hoon blew out a breath, “a win-win situation, if Shadow and this Marcus...” Hoon moved his hand suggestively of a certain activity.

“Exactly. Now go find Shadow, show him the ‘Incident’ footage and set him on his prey.” He waved Hoon away. “Oh, if you happen to see Crisp around out there; send him in please.”

“Yes, sir,” Hoon turned away towards the door and grinned. Crisp had been outside when Hoon had entered, holding a disk in his hand that had Press’ neat handwritten label on it. Probably was from their first joint monitoring of the events in Pepper’s bedroom. The WIC had had his own eyes on Pepper for a while; the wily, manipulative, son of a wizard; who just happened to teach a class or two as a professor on occasion.


Nov. 25th, 2016 03:14 pm
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Title: Debriefing
Follows from Meep wrote a sequel Never Annoy a Cat & started with Magic
These are in Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 607

“So what was the resolution to the Farmers’ Market incident?”

Hoon had been the one delegated to make the report and he settled himself into proper stance in front of the wizard currently in charge, they took turns no one wanted the responsibility stuck inside an office all day.

“The humans were properly amazed. We only had to do a bit of mind fogging on one or two, everyone had a great time at the pub in the process and they put it down to the drink. Could have been worse if the familiar hadn’t waited until they were slightly hidden by a stall’s side supports. Cat transformed and changed the street artist into a painting, used the entertainer’s own frame from the magic trick. From follow up the familiar seems to have things well in hand and is keeping his victim entertained, as well as framed on the wall in a mostly static state.”

“Do we know who the entertainer was? Any record of him in the magical registry?”

“Not yet. But if the familiar decides to ‘keep’ him, I’m sure we’ll find out soon. The cat will want to show him off one way or another. A letter will be sent to the cat asking him that when he decides on his wall art’s future, we’d appreciate him letting us know. I don’t suppose that we’ll take any actions against the entertainer, will we sir?”

“If the familiar is entertaining his art work in the manner you’re implying,” the wizard in charge smirked, “I don’t think any further actions by us need to be taken. Let’s keep an eye on the situation though.”

“We done, sir?”

“Almost. You make a practice of entering my office when I’ve got duty and tell me titillating tales …. Go lock the door, will you.”

Hoon found himself face first against the very sturdy door, Prescott hard and fast against his back, undoing Hoon’s pants.

“You lubed already?”

“I always am when I have to report to you in here. I know how you get behind that big desk and reports to play with all day. Goes to your head.”

“Oh, I’ve got my head for you alright.”

That was one thing that always amazed Hoon, how Press could get his pants down so quickly and quietly before he attacked. Stealthy, his Press was.

“I’m assuming that it’s not me that’s getting a blow job,” Hoon said laughing over his shoulder.

“Later when we get home. For now you’ll just have to be satisfied with my hand and the two of us firmly performing a merger.”

Hoon moaned as hardness pressed into him, gasping when he pushed back too fast but had Press right where he wanted him. He grinned feeling the buzz of the cock ring where it nestled against his entrance. It looked like it was going to be a lengthy and pleasurably in depth interrogation.

“Love you.”

“Love you too, but if you don’t move …”

“Patience love. Go with the vibe.”

“I’ll show you going with the vibe,” Hoon tightened down and moaned, damn cock ring. Suspicious because Press was one to take advantage of opportunities.

“Marry me.”

“Knew it!”

“Yep. So what’s your answer?”

“Manipulative ass fucking jerkoff.”

“Ye-es. I’m working on that.”

“Yes! Okay. Just move Press,” was begged. “Hand and cock, get to it!”

Passing by outside the office door, “Looks like Prescott finally popped the question.”

“About time. You’ve got next office duty, don’t you?”

There was a groan, “don’t remind me. Hope he remembers to clean up the room when they’re done. He’s been a bit distracted after Hoon’s visits.”

Debrief Part 2
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The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague
The history of occult science is turned into a creepshow at this sensational Prague attraction

Prague is a city steeped in history both known and otherwise, and the darker side of the Czech capital's past is brought to light in evocative displays at The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague, which looks at some of the famous dabblers in the dark arts that have called the city home.

Read more... )

Hot Water

Oct. 18th, 2016 11:03 am
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Title: Hot Water
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 425

What does it mean if Holy Water sizzles when it hits your skin (Asking on behalf of a friend)

Doran let his face fall into his hands, peering between his fingers; should he laugh or should he despair that it was his turn to be delegated to handle the non-official inquiries that came into the academy. Laughter won. It had to be one of the students, a prank. Everyone who’d taken Demonology 201 knew that, demons and Holy Water, was not an issue. A demon could bathe in the stuff and have to magically heat it to get a warm bath if it hadn’t been hot to begin with.

“Why is it always you that gets the amusing inquires?”

“Because I’ve got a handsome sexy demon for a boyfriend?” Doran suggested.

“No, that can’t be it, you don’t have a boyfriend, demon or otherwise,” Calvin slipped around the door and into the room to settle into the chair on the opposite side of the table.

“Ah you of inferior knowledge, I’ll have you know that I’ve been getting...” Doran stopped as if a sudden thought had occurred to him. “Nevermind,” he started to gather up his things.

Calvin stared after Doran, who slipped out the same door Calvin had just done the same in reverse. A grin pulled up his lips. “I knew it.”

“Knew what,” a voice came from the other side of the room where a mirror hung on the wall.

It took Calvin barely a second, apparating to outside the building and barely missed landing on one of the familiars, who hissed and took a swipe at him. The fangs seemed huge. “Sorry, sorry,” he offered leaping out of range, “there was a demon… in the mirror ...”

“Yeah, right. Asshat. Show a little inventiveness in your lies if you’re incompetent with your spell work.” The familiar walked off, his tail held high, the tip twitching in irritated disdain.

A water puddle from the recent rain shower spoke from the side of the walkway, “Well that was harsh.”

Calvin performed his second panicked apparation for the day, landing naked in the midst of a certain kind of party. There was a banned herb augmented dessert amongst the nibbles but this time Calvin hurriedly left in a non-magical manner. It was just bad luck that campus authorities were there to put an end to the festivities as he beat a hasty escape through the door.

The familiars were still clothed and Calvin was the one sent down for trying to corrupt familiar underclassmen.
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Title: Just Like Chicken
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 462

Blame this on Meep

Mike looked at the computer laptop, at least that’s what he thought it was, that had just appeared on his desk. Carefully he looked around the room to see if anything else was different or added.

Might have been nice if his bed were made and the sheets fresh clean but no such luck, the sheets were still crumpled up with that limp appearance that sheets obtained after a week … or … two… okay five.

Nope. Only thing different was the laptop, shiny and a blue so translucent it looked like you could reach into its liquid depths.

Carefully lifting the laptop's screen, he spent a while opening its various icons and explored before taking it for a spin, pulling up sites and leaving them open. He had sites up on food, how to grow marijuana, porn and a surprisingly real looking lizard that was thought might be the precursor of modern looking snakes. If anyone had asked him, he’d have shrugged, replying that his interests were diverse, and a defensive, ‘there is nothing wrong with that’.

The food made his mouth water, goulash. He could almost smell it and he stroked a finger over the screen’s image. It came away with the rich brownish red of the goulash and an experimental swipe of his tongue gave him the succulent taste of the food. Read more... )
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I'm sure there are more. In fact I know there are.
The video in question went viral in the Wizards' World 'Verse and watching it can prime the watchers into an unexpected pregnancy. Originally it was made by Balthazaar, Brian, and Duke as a home movie exclusively for their own enjoyment.


Papa Brian vs. the Sex Education Speech

Sex Education Speech Cleanup

Incriminating Evidence



"That disk" makes a trip to Elementary School

‘That’ Video Again
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Title: Developments - Part 2
Part 1 - Introductions
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 859

“Wouldn’t know, if he’s good in bed or not,” Mark replied to Aldore’s inquiry about Felic.

“Hey..” Felic repeated to the questioning of his sexual abilities.

“He’s a good roommate,” he frowned at his professor’s question, “when he’s not jumping on me that is, which this is a first for him in human form. And Felic is his own independent self.” Mark nodded to Felic.

“Who is this ass that you’ve brought home with you,” Felic demanded. “Your reception is because I found the birthday present you were hiding from me. Can’t a familiar say thank you and celebrate that he’s still alive?”

“Oh witch & wizardry, is there anything left of the poor thing?” Mark set off hurriedly towards his room. “That was my controlled substance herbology project you’ve probably decimated. There was a reason it was in my room behind a locked door.” Read more... )
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Title: To Wand or Not to Wand? (Part 1 surely)
Author: meridae

Buttercup didn't understand what the big deal was. So they were going wand shopping. Finally. Her bestest friend had had her wand for a year now. Buttercup and her brothers were all most eleven (10 and 6 months and 1 day was closer to eleven than ten after all) and it was long past time, in her opinion, that they got their first wand.Read more... )
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It occurred to me that some might have missed this as it's unfolding. It's set after 'the' party with catnip laced brownies. Something that is not recommended for familiars as unintended pregnancy is prone to come about. Links as you can see are on frogs_of_war's site, so if you desire to comment please do so at those links.

In Trouble by frogs_of_war.
Series: Wizard’s Familiars

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


Mother's Day
Vido's Kittens
Before its Time
Sapulvado's Very Bad Day (backstory)


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