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We have refugee students from other countries. There was a problem with one student's ID and I looked up the student's schedule to see what teachers were listed.

There was the Reading teacher and then there an ESL class teacher.
However the class abbreviation for the ESL .... let's just say I asked my co-worker, "What does ENG1 SOL stand for?"

My co-worker started laughing.

So Okay "SOL" does not stand for Shit out of Luck.
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Me today -- these of course are Pallas or Manul cats.

Pallas cat

More of them and as the day wore on-- please note no dead bodies resulted

Pallas cat 2
Pallas cat 3
Pallas cat4
Pallas cat 5
Pallas cat 6
Pallas cat 7
Pallas 8
Pallas cat 8
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All I had to do was attend a Beginning of the Year Meeting. Easy 8 hours or should have been.

What was hard and sapped me of pretty much all my energy to the point of feeling nausea was the being lost and late. Took me an hour to find the building where the meeting was being held. Luckily I left 30 minutes early for a 15 min trip. Thank goodness for cell phones so I could call my boss and have her guide me in... well except it's illegal to drive and talk on the phone; which I did not do. Non-Absorbtion of information while in a panic is a failing of mine.

There was a university campus cop in his golf cart. I stopped in time at a stop sign and so didn't hit him. Don't know if he had right of way of not but I was panicking. Last time I got lost in that general area of the city, took me hours of wandering. No my cell phone doesn't have GPS. Yes I did write down the directions but that area, the street goes along then it changes its name and you have to turn sharply left onto another street before the T-intersection you reach becomes the original street's name if you turn to the right. Streets mysteriously disappear and reappear one block over after splitting in two into 2 separate streets and then the one you want goes around a curve.

Think I'll go to bed now. I'm going in early to make up the 30 min I was late. I can set up things and find the coffee maker and microwave from wherever I put it before summer break. Too they've been having meetings in the room this week and will tomorrow too. If I'm going to be crawling around on the floor, it would be nice not to do it while there are people in the room.
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My Librarian was off to a state library convention this week, 3 days on my own. Me and the students. *W*

So of course the circulation program started acting 'odd'. Some books wouldn't check in, some wouldn't check out, some did both, but they were all in the library's catalog.

Okay, I worked around it. But first, I called the District's IT dept and the tech thought it was a program problem but just in case he ran a malware scan and clean up on my computer.

Turns out it wasn't only my library. Sooooo in the middle of the day, right after our Fire Drill, an email went out to log off of the circulation program so the program's company could work on it.
That's okay, there's a off-line version that can be used..... except the malware removal took off the off-line version.
So during one of the busiest days for my library's book circulation, I'm trying to find where the off-line program for circulation is stashed on the Library's District site, download it, activate it and use it.
All the while I'm using an Excel spreadsheet to retain the data as to who has checked out which of our books.
Also I'm hoping I downloaded things correctly so that when the fixed circulation program comes back it'll download to it.

Should be easy to just cut and past from the spreadsheet to the off-line program, I thought. Nope. Had to hand type in the patron numbers and book barcodes.

The students were so great. There was the odd 'but but but' from them, but the shelves were astonishingly in order. Okay a number of the students were gone on field trips to the schools that they will be attending next school year. And it helps when you can pivot the monitor to show them the 'this program is not available' notice on the circulation page and tell them, "see this is what is wrong. This is what I'm doing, ie spreadsheet. I can't help it, work with me here."

188 students from one school population and 22 from the other school population came through my tender hands. Most checked out 2 books each. Did I mention the Fire Drill? And the architects who are came through because they're planning improvements probably over the summer... I hope. Please please not during the next school year. That would be really terrible. One of the areas a hallway that is one of the a fire exits from the 2nd floor which just happens to be the access to the floor in between the 1st and 2nd floors and is home to the boiler room that sits atop where our library office and workroom are. At the moment that hallway is used by the theater class for their props. sssssshhhhhhhh it's a fire dept violation. The stage's side rooms have been used for storage of the other school and an office for the head custodian.
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Title – Office Politics
Prompt - 222 - diatribe_ersatz_closure
Words - 100

All it needed was one sip and Josh was off, “What foul misbegotten idiot without any honest excuse for taste filled the coffee pot with decaf?!”

“Um that would be those of us who care about your health… and ours,” Nicholas answered from the back of the room of office cubicles.

“What does health have to do with taste?!”

“Says the person who eats mayo on his french fries. Poor health and taste,” another voice answered him.

“Hey! It’s good and, a personal choice, unlike this crap for coffee.”

“Josh, shut up and pour your coffee from the other pot.”
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3 weeks off and a day of checking in, out, stretching to reach id cards and book barcodes to, and shelving...
moooooooans. 456 books so far checked out... so far.

books for shelving
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And then

I love the people I work with.
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There is a civil liability if a person of authority knows of or should know of sexual harassment in the work place and or the creation of a hostile or offensive work environment. This liability can apply to individuals and businesses.

It is unlawful to harass a person (an applicant or employee) because of that person’s sex. Harassment can include “sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.

Harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature, however, and can include offensive remarks about a person’s sex. For example, it is illegal to harass a woman by making offensive comments about women in general.

Both victim and the harasser can be either a woman or a man, and the victim and harasser can be the same sex.

Although the law doesn’t prohibit simple teasing, offhand comments, or isolated incidents that are not very serious, harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the victim being fired or demoted).

The harasser can be the victim's supervisor, a supervisor in another area, a co-worker, or someone who is not an employee of the employer, such as a client or customer.
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This post brought to you by 2 mugs of coffee, 1 Benadryl, 1 Muscenix, 1 Dramamine, 1 Advil.
It was take your pharmaceuticals to work day.

Was actually 'got work done productive'. Drugs are our friends.

Also it seems that some of them are wearing off. Hate the 'turn your head wrong and the world goes watery swish by you' feeling.
And it's been raining lightly through the day.

78F/26C 30% humidity (????!! if it's raining now doesn't that mean it's 100%??????!!)
Felt like sauna when I stepped outside the a/c controlled environment and my glasses fogged up almost immediately. :P
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So true fact, my boss was telling me that she's catsitting an open catdoor cat. Kitty came in with a cut paw and acted like it wanted cuddling. But as she's telling this a student walked in. We are very friendly.

Conversation went something like this:
"So the cat walked in and looked at me to say... Oh hello, Anthony."

We giggled hysterically because it was that kind of day.

Work Humor

Feb. 24th, 2016 12:42 pm
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There is a little used hallway with a small vertical window in the door that from the Library we can see into. In that hallway the theater class has stored props, one of which is a tree. They are in process of rehearsing for a play and the tree keeps moving so sometimes we can see wall and sometimes the greenery of the tree.

I have now put a note on 'the tree'.

Birnam Wood.
It keeps moving-
perhaps looking for Dunsinane maybe?


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Last Friday was the last day to check out books.
Today was the day that ALL books were to be returned.
Add that I put in order 9 shelves of books that are grouped normally by a color designation indicating the 2 lowest reading levels, that I shelved almost all of the books that came in today, there's still one shelf on the book cart to do, and that I finally took time to choke down a lunch I was too tired to eat at 2:30.... Yeah I'm tired.

Started off the day with an Advil because I knew it was going to be bad and it's best to have one in your system before you do something that will possibly cause inflammation of muscles. Took two more before I ate lunch. Still am not hungry. Have drunk a ton of water er... 50 oz since I got home. Texas is not the only thing that's going to float away.

Who knows how many books will be returning tomorrow. Will have to run the reports first thing tomorrow, *coughs* after checking in my own book *coughs*, and send them out to the powers that be so we can collect outstanding Library books or their cost.

Will need to put in order 9 more shelves of color coded books, shelve the books or put in order the early chapter books, put in order the early/easy fiction books AND then go hunt up books that students say they HAVE RETURNED.... Some students just slip the book back on the shelf bypassing checking it in. Of course they also bypass checking books out too. I am but one person.

Just ran overdues which won't include those that were due today.
Reports dropped from 26 pages to 14 pages for one of the schools alone and I know most of the books that came in weren't overdue books.
Shelved a shit load of books that normally are too difficult for the ESL school as well.
Tomorrow we shall see.

My poor sick Librarian sat at the desk checking in books, going through them for underlining and translations and erasing them. The desk to her right was stacks on stacks of books and the desk to her right had at least 4 stacks plus the book drop full.
Brought a cart over and put the books she'd been able to check in on it and put those away. Then came over and she left to help frantic students trying to write their projects and I finished the checking in and shelved almost all of those books.

We had a busy day and my Librarian actually told me I should eat at one point.

Way to organize a shelf of non-fiction books:
Separate them by their call number into 100s, 200s, 300s etc. then break the 100s into 110s, 120s,130s and so on. From there it's the 110, 111,112.. Don't worry about the second line of the call number (that's usually the first three letters of the author's surname). That's close enough to locate a book to tell if it has indeed been returned.
With our ESL it's easier to color code reading levels and tell them to just get them back on the shelf where that color is if they don't want it. I'm lucky if they don't put them upside down, backwards, shoved inside another book or my favorite laid flat across the top of the other books. That's if they don't take the book and leave it some place else in the Library.

And that is why I haven't written my Drabble Cascade. My mind is dead. Also there's thunder happening... AGAIN. *whimpers*
Oh, and I had to organize my son's health insurance, which we left too long after his birthday. He aged out of his father's policy coverage. *SIGHS* At least the insurance person would let me make the decisions regarding his policy. Asperger's. And besides I'm going to be the one paying for it. Oh darn. I'm going to have to claim him as my dependent on my next year's tax form. We'll see how that goes.
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At the beginning of the year students are asked to bring certain supplies to school. Things like paper towels, facial tissue, notebook paper, pencils. It’s voluntary, the district doesn’t provide these things.

This is what I sent out to teachers to tap this resource:

Please send facial tissues to the Library. We are about 1 student short of an empty box.

What resulted was very similar to the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. 3 separate teachers sent me massive quantities all pretty much at the same time as I was juggling with other projects. To prevent further facial tissue influx I quick fired off a thank you and enough message. My Librarian pointed out the error of my ways.

We have facial tissues that will keep us in blowing service for a very long time.

*head desk*


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