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Cat would love the sand pit that would be needed under and around this.
Neighbors... maybe not.

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Title: The Station
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 700
Follows from The Crime Too blame this on Meridae because she gave the initial prompt.

“Listen Pussy, if you’d been called in you’d have left in the middle of things too,” Fen growled. “Don’t go pulling the Captain into what happens between you and me.”

In his comfy office chair Horace rolled his eyes reaching up to remove Maurice from his shoulder. The cat could do his spitting from the desk top just as easily as from atop his commanding officer’s back. More in fact and he’d be spared claws sinking into his skin when Maurice really got going. Humans didn’t heal as fast as familiars and werefolk and who knew where Maurice had had those claws recently… other than in Fen. A paw whapped his extended hand away from its mission of cat removal.Read more... )
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Need to finish Amelia Hutchins' 3rd book,Escaping Destiny, and then recover. They're intense and I have to take breaks periodically. Yeah there are glitches but the story plot and the 'verse she created... luckily book 4 isn't out yet.

With each of the first 2 books I've HAD to read the end because it became too much. Didn't hurt the picking up the story where I left off to continue reading any. So far I haven't done this with the 3rd book but I'm only a third of the way through at chapter 13.

It's het with no m/m at all and I'm not sure about how I feel about the male dominance issue in Fae world view. Then again the female main character is able to kick butt and the Human world is people are equal and some are more depending on their abilities.
There bigotry involved, the Fae thinking they're superior. There's magic (duh), the main character is a witch with a coven that protect the human world from Fae who abuse humans. Vampires/were/etc are part of the Fae world that have spilled over into this one.

I want to slap the characters sometimes and tell them to get on with it. Think they'd get affronted and I'd have to be a goddess or something to get away with it... cause Fae and Witches and Warlocks.


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