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The Senoi people from the highlands of Malaysia were said to have power over their dreams

The Senoi are a tribe that lives deep in the highlands of Malaysia and can be reached only by a helicopter or a boat. Along with the Negrito and Orang Malayu Asli, the Senoi are one of the three main Orang Asli groups, which are the oldest people of the region, the indigenous of Malaysia. Almost any written source about the tribe discusses the Senoi with dreams, so quite often they are mentioned as “the dream people.”

Every morning, a Senoi family would gather for breakfast and the children would start telling their dreams to the elders, and together they would analyze them. They didn’t have an established system of symbols according to which they would interpret the dream, but rather, they would analyze the plot and the story of the dream.

Their “dreaming rules” were very simple. First of all, children were taught to confront and conquer danger because in the dream it would most likely have a positive outcome. For example, if they dreamed of a dangerous animal, they were taught not to fear it but to confront it to see what would happen. If they needed help, the children should look for their dream friends rather than wake up.

If a child dreamed of falling down, the elders encouraged him to fall rather than escape from the dream. They taught the children to fall, knowing they wouldn’t be hurt, and to climb, to travel, or fly to unknown places, to unknown cultures, to learn new things. If they woke up instead, they would be advised not to escape from such dreams the next time they occurred.

During their teen years, the Senoi already had the practice of confronting any discomfort in their dreams, so dreaming for them was a process of learning. They were told they should always bring something back from their dreams to share with the group that listens to their dreams. If they fly, they should fly as far as possible and bring a song, a poem, or music from that place.

They were taught and encouraged to advance toward pleasure and so if they dreamed of making love with some dream lover, then they should go through an orgasm and ask for a “souvenir” from their lover, such as a sentence or a poem. Later, the whole experience would be discussed and analyzed in the group. Aside from individually, the Senoi grew collectively through their dreams and dreaming practice.

Also, if a dreamer dreamed that he had been mistreated by a friend in his dream, that friend should be notified so that they could repair their behavior next time. The whole group was concerned with individual dreams and they tried to improve their experiences and lives based on their dreaming. They exercised lucid dreaming as well as collective dreaming, and there is an account saying that they even built their houses in accordance to their dreams.

However, the claims about the controlled dreaming among the Senoi people were disputed after some academics who traveled to Malaysia to study them faced the disappointment of discovering that, although familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming, the Senoi didn’t remember any dreaming education within their group. Additionally, professors such as George William Domhoff claimed that the Senoi didn’t have such a culture of controlling their dreams.

Stewart wasn’t the only one who lived among the Senoi; there were many anthropologists after him. Whether they exaggerated the group’s concept of dreams and techniques of lucid dreaming or if the Senoi really were, in fact, as the Westerners described them, at least there is a story that keeps our faith in magic. Whether it is true or not, these dream practices do exist and they are said to have great health benefits for any individual or group who practice them.
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Title: 'Y ddraig goch a ddyry gychwyn' = ‘The red dragon will lead the way’
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 697
There was this dream and I really hope it isn’t an omen… then again if there really are Fae who… um nevermind. Got this off the ‘Net so I apologize if I’ve googled the translations wrong. *snickers* Meep will hit me.

Charis was trolling the web as per usual when things got dull at work and chanced upon a story about a written conflict with the Queen, symbol of British sovereignty, over use of the Welsh language. Scanning the article, it said that the Welshman being stubborn, had somehow stated that they’d might as well not use the written word at all since their freedom was so hobbled. The article went on about how this was affecting schools and business and well, every aspect of life as written words were now banned.

Grinning for this had to be one of those internet spoofs, Charis clicked onto a link showing the map of Wales and its informational caption printed off to the side. Slowly the words disappeared from the picture leaving blank space in their place.
Astonishing, can’t be real, what were the people over there going to do if all words in print were doing this, Charis thought. The British government didn’t own the internet; they couldn’t affect the whole world with this virus or whatever it was that was eating words off screens. Horror seeped in, this wasn’t happening to signs and billboards surely. Not to everyday things like pages of pricing instructions and grocery items. Mayhem would break out. Meep would be in the middle of that chaos. Read more... )


Mar. 9th, 2014 02:13 pm
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This is perhaps not what you want to see first thing in the morning. Unless you're Warne.
Be afraid

Another thing. Dreams where you run water into a pitcher from the faucet, should not have dead slimy mice in them. Had to slosh it around a bit to determine that that was what it was and then in disbelief. Closed system water from the city does not have mice. Consideration of showering and brushing teeth using tap water and ..... Denial. So I dreamed that it was a glass the next time that the mouse showed up in.


The Dream

Nov. 6th, 2010 11:39 am
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This is different.

Title: The Dream
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 715
Warning: abuse within a relationship
Summary: This came from a dream, which seems to be negatively going around here on lj. Not that others are having my dream but.. yeah. As such it is only a dream. Read more... )


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