Jun. 4th, 2017

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The Easy DIY Way to Turn a Fan into an Air Conditioner


While this may not be the central air conditioning you might be used to, it really is an efficient and functional way to cool your space down without spending an arm and a leg!

The system works because of three separate parts: the copper coil, the ice water, and the basic box fan. The ice water is sucked into the copper coil which becomes freezing cold. The coil is attached to the box fan, which then blows out freezing air from the ice water in the coil.

If done correctly, you can create a mess-free cooling system for only a few dollars! All you have to do to keep up on your DIY air conditioning is replace the ice when it starts to melt away. Definitely worth saving all the money.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Box fan
2 copper coils
Zip ties
1/4″ compression unit
Plastic tubing
Step 1: Lay out your box fan and start to slowly unravel the first copper coil on top.
Step 2: Unravel the second copper coil. Zip tie both coils down.

Step 3: Use the compression unit to connect the two copper coils.
Step 4: Snip off the excess of the ties.
Step 5: Attach the plastic tubing to the end of the copper coil.
Step 6: Put the ice into a bucket and stick the end of the plastic tube into the ice water to get the cold air flowing.

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Coin Quilt with a Little Pizzazz

50" x 50" Twin size

1 Jelly Roll - 20 strips (2 1/2" wide)
2" wide solid, black or white.

Take 4 strips and sew them together,contrasting strips. (green and a bright, a yellow-y color),
put right sides together and sew them 1/4" on the side.
Sew 2 together in this manner.
Repeat with 2 more strips.
Press these open then sew these 2 sets of 2 to make a set of 4, nice and flat.

Now we’re going to take these two and sew them together. We’ll put them right sides together, like this, and we’re just going to sew these together and make a set of four.

To speed up cutting the strips, fold the set in half lengthwise, trim uneven edges on the ends to make them all the same length.

Make sure the strip set is lined up straight on the cutting mat line.

Cut to the same width as a charm pack, ~5". Cut the whole strip into blocks.

Sew two strips to either the side of the strip block, trans-wise across the 4 strips, to make a square block.
Strips 2" wide each or whatever width so that the block ends up square.

Do one side at a time, chain sewing one strip block after another onto the long side strip.
Cut the chain to form the blocks and repeat with the other side.


Lay out like a fence rail with the look of a basket weave.
Alternate the sets; sideways, up and down, sideways.
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Binding Tool Star

43" x 43"

1 yd background fabric
40 strips 2 1/2" Jelly roll

Work in quadrants

Background color
1 - 8 1/2 " square
4 - 2 1/2" squares
1 - 8 7/8" square cut on the diagonal into 2 triangles

precut 2 1/2" wide strips

4 - pairs of matching colors
leave the strip fabric folded over onto itself so when you cut it you get mirror images.
Cut one end at 45 degree angle using binding tool not, forgetting to cut off the fabric tip.
Sew a 2 1/2" square to the squared end of each of the of one strips of one orientation, chain piecing them. Iron open.

Sew other orientation strip to the 8 1/2" background square with the long part of point attached to square side. Press open.
Sew matching strip with the 2 1/2" background square on the end. Match 2 1/2" square seam to seam of prior strip and long side of point attached to 8 1/2" background square.

Repeat for other 3 precut strips sets.

Sew long sides of triangles on long sides of assembled herringbone strips/ 8 1/2" square. Press open.

All 4 finished quadrants should be the same size ~ 16" squares. Sew all quadrants together with the small squares coming together in the center.

Sew a 2 1/2" background fabric border around the finished star.
Using the ends of the ends cut off of the precut strips, cut 5" strips of them, sew them long sides together, like a coin quilt,


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