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Title: Pumpernickel
Part 9 – Enter Silas -
Author: charisstoma
Rating: R
Word count: 508

“Pumpernickel. In German, “pumpern” is “intestinal wind,” while “nickel” is a demon or sprite.” Fern looked up from the screen of her laptop where she was supposedly researching a recipe for a story.

Ezz sighed at the grin on Fern’s face and put down his computer tablet to slowly say, “yes?”

“Know anyone named Pumpernickel?”

“Be good.”

“Not the answer to my question.”

Another sigh. “Yes and he’s well aware of what his name means. He prefers to be called Nick.”

Giving a snort, Fern said, “I can believe it. Why would any parent name their child that… oh wait, demons.”

Defensively, “He was just an infant. Not all parents have names picked out for their babies at birth. Nick didn’t burp as easily as most infants and the air had to leave somehow. His crying was horrible and worrying until his parents discovered that putting him on his tummy over their knees and with a grasp of his little butt, rub, rotating it aided his ability to work the air out.”

A giggle escaped Fern, “So, his parents kneaded their Pumpernickel.”

“Don’t. He’s not a small demon.”

“So the kneading worked and their little dough demon was raised?” she said through her giggles.

“6 foot 5 inches.”

“Really well raised.”

“3 feet wide at the shoulders. 250 lbs dripping wet.”


“Just stop,” and Ezz picked up his tablet again.

A few weeks later Fern met ‘Nick’ and she grinned. Yep, he was big. And got a grin back.

“Ezz told me about you.”

“Only good things, I hope.” She batted her eyes at him playing mock coy.

“Yep. You’ve got a cousin, I’m told.”

She nodded.

“I’ve never met him but Ezz says good things about him. Think I might need to meet him.”

Her eyes widened.

Nick’s grin widened, “If he’s anything like you, I really think I should meet him.”

“He’s not.”

“Oh, I think I need to make that decision on my own. Nice to meet you. The pleasure was all mine.”

Fern turned to Ezz who had stayed quiet beside her. “You Told Him?”

“I did warn you and he is a demon.”

“Will he hurt him?” Fern looked after the retreating form.

“Oh, the first time is always a little painful but then Silas isn’t a virgin.. his mouth anyway.”

“I’m going home, Now. If he hurts him...”

“He’ll seduce him, maybe. After all he’s related to you. And you’re very tasty.”

“You can stay the night but you sleep in the guest bedroom.”

Ezz slowly smiled. Imaging the taste of her on his tongue as his fingers worked her. And while she was still in the sweet languor of the afterglow, for Fern believed in equivalence, he’d take her hand, wrap it around himself and bring himself to a similar sweet end. The white fluid would look erotically tempting as it trickled through the soft hair to the furrow of her lower lips and so would begin round two for the night as he nuzzled and lapped up and in.

Continues with Part 11 - Of course one meets at a club


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