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Meep said: no no no bad enough the cat trying to drink coffee all the time

Title: It was a Dark and Rainy Night
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 677

The glinting drops of rain falling caught the lights of a pub and the only inviting doorway in the dark. If there was alcohol surely there’d be coffee to take the chill out of his body while his fur dried. It had seemed the best option to be in his feline form, smaller and faster, to avoid the wetness. More fool him.

Morris flitted through the door as a leaving patron came out. Warmth, darkness lit with spots of light especially at the bar, and a congenial ambiance enveloped him and he didn’t even try to stop his purr. The lit bar drew him to leap up onto a stool, the words, “Coffee please,” spilling from his mouth.

“You sure you’re in the right place?” came from the dog on the seat next to him.

The barman had already moved down the bar to a hotplate picking up a mug on the way.

“I’d say so,” Morris purred as the barman automatically reached for the creamer. The man was not stupid.

“This is a canine bar. Pussies aren’t wanted here,”

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Title: One Side Cutting U Convex Pouch Comfortable Boxer Brief
for the view but this grew from Not a Lot of Help
prior Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count:655

Andy popped his head in through the doorway,“Newt’s asleep. I’m going to dish up some ice cream. You want any?”

“Hmmm,” Simon responded, “yeah, sure.”

Coming further into the room, “What are you looking at….” Andy stopped. “Holy… Why, ever..?”

“You don’t think it would be fun to wear? I think you’d look very, very good in this.”

“Even the model can’t quite pull it off.”

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The Stray

Jul. 5th, 2016 06:30 pm
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Meri has a feline infestation, over and above her actual residents.
A photo was posted and I plunnied her. It's gotten very hot around here. Which could be due to Meri's curses taking effect or it's just a normal Texas summer coming on. Anyway this happened and I don't know where it's going, if anywhere.

Title: The Stray
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 152

The familiar’s look was offended, that anyone dared to trespass.

He drew back slowly, after all he was the one out of place. It was the size though that gave him pause. The grass was high and it only came up to what would be the cat’s elbow. In his human form the cat must be equally huge.

Raising his hands up to signify his compliance, he backed up step by step, feeling the intense scrutiny but being careful not to offer any challenge by staring into the glaring eyes. It was with a relieved sigh that he got to the point where bushes intervened, and he no longer felt the heated touch on his body. More disquieting was that at some point he’d sensed offense turn to interest and wasn’t sure how he felt about it. He ran, he had no wish to be anyone’s human familiar even if he was homeless.
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Another Meridae challenge prompt photo

Title: The Monster Purrs
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 272

He squinted, his gaze narrowed into the phone’s camera lens. The red thing on the stick was good, burningly cold on his tongue, and sweet. Addicting. When it was gone he’d destroy the phone, hurt the human for the humiliation of posting of his shame and then hurt them again until they gave him another one of these frozen things.
Between licks he decided that he needed to figure out a way to cut out the middle person. Right after he finished his red frozen sweet thing, he’d go analyze the box that kept things cold. His humans opened the cold treasure holder easily enough.

“Pete! The freezer has been open all day.”

“I closed it. I swear. Last night, after…” Sam and Peter both noticed the shredded popsicle wrappers on the floor at the same time.

“You created the monster,” Sam poked a finger into Pete’s chest. He growled, “now you go to the hardware store and get a latch to keep Tink out of our freezer. I’ll see what can be salvaged from this mess.” He waved a hand at the defrosted food still inside the freezer part of the refrigerator.

A dark shape slunk into the kitchen and sat staring up at Sam shortly after.


A paw was washed before the stare recommenced.

“They’re all gone.”

Tink stared at him and then towards the garage door.

“NO! I am not opening the door!” Quickly pulling out his phone, “Pete, get 2 safety latches and something for the door. Tink knows about the other freezer in the garage.”

There was an angry hiss from the region of the floor.
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Terry stared at his human in disappointed disgust. That spider was dead, there was no need for loud shrieking. It didn’t bite the human, it couldn’t it was dead for fur ball sake’s.

The mouse, it was not as fresh as it would have been if it were presented alive but it wasn’t that long dead. He knew what would have happened if he’d brought it in still scampering around. Hadn’t he tried that last week, after all.

‘Course it would have been better maybe if he hadn’t left it in the middle of the bathroom mat where his silly ungainly human had stepped on it in the dark. The jumping around was uncalled for. It was supposed to be a morning surprise of what Terry did for his human during the night. Instead his human did a very excited dance around the bathroom making a terrible yowling that had him, Terry, scurrying away to hide under the bed.

Humans. Terry regarded his human then shook his head and washed a paw before turning to settle down and stare out the window. Maybe if he brought in a live bird…

Word count: 190
Author: charisstoma
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2. Why leaves change color?

Title: A Tale not Told
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 302

Long ago, it is said, trees used to walk the earth. No one knew why, just that they did. Sometimes they still do.

Acer could have told them but he was held to the oath all trees take as saplings; never to reveal that they can walk, or talk for that matter at least not in human speech. Still he remembers what it was like to dance in the moonlight; to do more than dance, to fuck in the moonlight. That knowledge comes down through the generations, born into each and every tree.

So he remembers the time when a human caught two maples cavorting drunkenly from having imbibed the other’s sweet sap, of how the human joined in and sipped from the hollow knotholes that the drunken ones had used and used those same knotholes for his own rutting.

He remembered, as did those trees and the human did too, making up some tale of spirits beings in the trees. A tale changed through the years of a god pursuing a nymph until she turned herself into a tree to escape him.

Acer could tell that to this day all maple trees remember and their leaves blush crimson, knowing that the humans have a way to record images now and admire the effects of their shame until the trees in desperation drop those same leaves to stand naked and stark but less noticeable in the landscape.

All the trees do this to some degree, for the shame is there for all … except the conifers who have no shame to speak of.

Acer could tell but he doesn’t but he and his kin speak, just not in human word, when the wind rushes through their limbs and sometimes when there are none to notice they still dance in that same wind.
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Peles Castle, Romania, built between 1873 and 1914

Scroll down in the comments for another Meep/charis 'back and forth' story creation.
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 22
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 666
Meridae and Meep = instigators.
Continues from Part 21

“You are a bad, bad, bad man. I’ll go get you some orange juice and we wasted a perfectly good opportunity for a semen emission collection,” Sonya lamented as she levered herself up from the bed. Everett grinned tiredly up at her and she sighed, “and yes, this did count as being with a female diner.”

His hypothesis was correct, vampires had reflexes like sharks you just had to chum the waters, so to speak; get a little fresh tasty blood in their mouth and they couldn’t help themselves. Guess that was why there was the probation against anything penetrative when a vampire was trying to coax someone to let them have them. All he’d had to do was impale his ass on one of Sonya’s fangs, seemingly totally not by accident. The blood in her mouth had done the rest.Read more... )

Continues with Part 23
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 18
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1104
Continues from Part 17

“Are you sure we can’t just sleep in here? It’s right there, so close.”

“Nooooo,” Stephen groaned, “don’t tempt me. We’ve already changed the sheets.”

Dropping his head onto the cabinet beside the armoire, Everett considered if he could fall asleep kneeling. A hand tugging on his arm trying to lift him was distracting. “Leave me ‘lone.”

“Come on, it’s not that far,” Everett heard but when they got to the hallway his bedroom seemed like longer than his legs wanted to move. How they got to the bathroom, he didn’t remember more than one leaden foot landing in front of the other.

“Shower but first swallow this.”

“What’s it?”

“Anti-inflammatory. We each should have taken one before we started. Suppose to decrease the after effects from overworked muscles. Your problem is you don’t know how to pace yourself. I estimated the bedroom would take us two days.”

Looking up through his lashes with a crooked smile of fatigue, “Where’s the fun n’that?”

“Uh, huh. Tell me that tomorrow. Shower. I’m not going to bed with a sweaty body that isn’t the result of orgasms.”

The hiss of the water sounded nice. Hands pulled up his t-shirt to the command of “put your arms up”. Walls are good things to lean butts on and it was easier to bend forward so his arms didn’t have to rise as far. Not so good to have to stand back upright when after the tugging on his waist, his pants were slid down and he had to lift one leg balancing on the other and Stephen, and then the second leg. “Stay there,” and he yelped as the cold tile wall and his back met.

“Baby,” Stephen chided him. “You’ll feel better once you’re showered and put to bed.” He did too. The smooth sheets that caressed his skin as he slid between and Stephen’s equally smooth skin as he slid in next to him. A part of him tried to become interested but Stephen laughed. “Neither of us is up for that. Maybe in the morning.”

“It’s odd going to bed to sleep so early,” he murmured to Stephen or himself or the room. He didn’t care, giving up consciousness as the lamp snicking off gave rise to darkness.Read more... )

Continues with Part 19
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 17
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1012
Next couple of entries I'm going to blame on meridae and dyoklako. And internet is reacting to the rain. *growls*
Continues from Part 16

Everett called in sick for the next couple days and he could tell that Christie was relieved and trying not to show it. She told him to take as many days as he needed and call when he ‘felt’ better. She’d find the hours for him.

“You have any bills that need paying?” Stephen asked quickly adding, “we can do them on-line. You heard Connell tell me to take care of things while he was gone. Having you feel secure that there’s a place for you to go back to if this doesn’t work out seems like one of those things that comes under that heading. Takes the pressure off…”

“…while plying me with all the perks of being a kept man,” Everett continued the sentence. “Do you know how much money I’m saving from not buying food?” he added sarcastically.

With a totally saccharine smile Stephen smirked, “all you have to do is lay back or on all fours or any position that a certain person thinks up and open your legs and let a giant mosquito suck on you while he brings you to orgasm after a length of time he determines. Don’t discount the quality of the eyes rolling up in your head sex that all you have to do for is beg.”

“Yeah, that last one.”

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Continues with Part 18
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cat - demon

Original Prompt Story done by Meep
She writes sweet stories.

'Devil Cat'

The angry slurs lost no momentum, Nigel shuddered as he watched a streak of black round the corner at full speed. They almost collided. The sooty blur revealed itself to be a cat, the object of all the hatred spewing out. Thick charcoal fur with white tufts that curved up from his ears giving him a rakish wicked look. Nigel could see where the demon calls came from.

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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 9
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 572
Continues from here Part 8

The rhythmic thumping of his clothes in the drier tried to act as a lullaby or at least that’s what he told himself it was. It was his clothes and if Stephen just happened to be keeping time with his grunts and Ahs and other more distinguishable words, he was going to ignore it. And who knew that cocks had ears; minds of their own was an accepted fact, ask any guy; but ears? He petted his cock, “They’ll be done soon and then we can fall asleep,” he consoled it. There was a laugh from down the hall. He froze and then did an experiment, “Can you hear me?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! There, right there!” Stephen responded enthusiastically.

“Show off,” Everett whispered and there was another bark of laughter then Stephen giggling. “Oh that is so not on.” He didn’t even think about it, just picked up a spare pillow to pummel people with or throw at them or something. “I am not a violent person. I am not a violent person.”

The door was open, a glow of dim golden light guiding him to his attack and he stopped just outside the room looking in. The polished wood in the hallway could have been freezing on his bare feet, wafting drafts up under his only covering an extra long t-shirt. It could have been. He wouldn’t have noticed.

Red silk ties lashed Stephen’s wrists to the black metal spindle inserts of the headboard, where his fingers had wound themselves holding on as if for dear life. So much bare flesh gleaming in the low lighting down over his chest and abs. Stephen’s thighs hiding where they were spread, cradled up over Connell’s where he knelt between them.

‘He isn’t close enough to be actually fucking him, is he?’

“No pet, but close enough for other things.”

“I didn’t say that out loud,” Everett accused.

“Stupid Vampire Tricks,” Stephen called from his helpless position. “AH,” his body arched up and tried to force itself further into Connell’s lap, undulating needily a few times before subsiding. “Mean.”

“Stephen likes to be kept just on the edge.” Connell smiled, “He likes his nipples nibbled on too. Come help? Don’t bite, just suck on him. It’ll drive him crazy because it won’t be as intense as when I nibble but it will bring the blood up nicely for when I do get there.” He paused, “If you like, I do have another set of fingers.” His smile grew, “he’ll love watching you on all fours rocking onto my fingers in time to my thrusting into him.” Connell had an evil grin, “Don’t worry I won’t let you come either until my lips are around your cock and you can feed me your essence,” he snickered, “No wet spots.”

“Try it. Try it Try it!” Stephen called, “Please,” his hips moving to the unseen music of Connell’s fingers held a certain urgency.

Moving towards the bed, Stephen stopped him, “Shirt off,” he panted. “Bottle’s beside my leg, bother, well that’s where it used to be.” He moaned. “You’ll have to pour it for him.” Another pant, “his other hand’s busy.”

Stripping off the shirt blocked his line of sight and just for a moment he paused.

“Rhett, get o-ver here,” Stephen’s voice rising. “Bottle. Get. The. Bottle.”

He found it and things moved smoothly and quickly into position. The bed was big enough for three.

Continues here Part 10
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Title:Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 8
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1457
Continues from here Part 7

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Continues here Part 9
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 6
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 880
Follows from Part 5

Everett woke to a not warm, but not cool, hand stroking his belly with danger of going lower. He nudged his hips up towards that hand on its downward path and heard a quiet laugh.

“Are you awake sweetling?”

Stretching his arms up from under the warmth of the blanket, he brought them down again and nestled back into the body behind him, “m’be.”

There was another quiet laugh and a kiss to behind his ear followed by a sigh, “Then we must inform Sonya to come do the last part for your medical assessment. Do not be alarmed if I growl, it’s a possessive thing amongst my kind.” The body behind him moved to get up.

“Don’t,” Everett inwardly cringed at how needy that sounded and swallowed, “I’m feeling a bit …” There was no other word for it but he changed it as a word did come, “dependent, right now and I’ve got this needle phobia thing going.”

“It’s probably not a good thing for me to be near another of my kind if they are drawing blood from you. It will make Sonya nervous,” was said hesitantly.

Everett blinked and sat up holding the blanket to his chest like a shy maiden, really looking at the other male. The eyes were intense, pupils blow wide. There was a faint blush to the cheeks and looking at the lips, you really couldn’t tell that this wasn’t an everyday person you could meet on the street.

“Do you burn if you’re out in the sun? You know, like the myths say.”

A smile pulled at the other’s lips, “I would be running around like a man being chased by bees looking for shade.” Those lips opened a bit wider, “The sun bites.”

A thought came to Everett, “What time is it?” he asked with worry casting his eyes around for a clock. “You’re not going to have to go out in the sun are you?”

“I’m in no danger, sweetling.”

There was a knock at the door and the woman, ‘Sonya’, he told himself, entered carrying a tray with more juice and a cloth napkin laid over small objects. ‘Discretion, yeah, mustn’t scare the needle phobe.’

“How do you feel?”

“I’m okay.” He tried for a smile, “I know what’s behind the napkin, Oh Great and Mighty Oz.”

Sonya full out grinned at him. “And here I thought I could mislead you with the juice.”

He played along, “Jooo-ce. Ummmm. Yes joooce.” There was a laugh from the other side of the room.

“Connell, you really should be leaving now. Stephen is waiting in the car,” Sonya said in reproof.

There was a growl, “I will stay until after the blood is drawn and he is dressed.”

“Everett. My name is Everett,” was said with a raised chin earning him a smile from one and a sighed shaking of the head from the other.

“My self control is flawless. I was safe with him last time. He’ll be quite safe with me this time and I’ve already drawn a blood specimen from him once.” She stopped, rising fast as Connell came across the room towards her.

“People? I’m right here. See me? I’m drinking my juice,” brought both heads around to look at him. “Ooooh, scary.” Everett pointed his finger at one of the two fanged faces, “You were right. And you’re being scary. I can do this. You should go.”

“Are you sure, pet?”

“Yes.” He flipped his hand in a shoo motion towards the door and after Connell looked at him for a few minutes more before heading towards the door, he gave a soft, “Thank you.”

Connell turned from the hall and smiled at him, “Next time?”


Everett turned to Sonya, “Okay,” he drew in a breath, “let’s do the bloodletting and then let’s dish.”

Sonya frowned, “Dish?”

“Stephen’s his consort? And he doesn’t mind that Connell,” Everett asked uncertainly at the presumption, “and I are doing the sex thing while he’s feeding?”

There was a smile, “The ‘sex thing while feeding’ is quite normal, it sweetens the blood of the donor. It’s also normal for a certain possessiveness to come into play if there’s another of us close to our recent meal.” She paused, “You did that very well, defusing the situation.”

“Do your kind,” he was pussyfooting around the vampire word, “ever share blood donors while feeding?” he asked hesitantly.

“Not usually. There is only so much blood available that can be taken safely from one person.” The needle was slipped in smoothly and Everett did not watch.

“There isn’t a website or anything where I could learn this? I feel very stupid.”

Sonya stood up, “Ah, but then what would one talk about after feeding?” she said smiling. “I’ll leave you to finish your juice and get dressed. You don’t need to rush. The results should be available at the medical clinic within a few days. You should call for a follow up. We will be informed of the results by them as well but call us if you have any questions and, if you still want, to set up your next meeting with your diner.” Moving towards the door, “Remember, you can request a different diner if you change your mind.”

Continues herePart 7
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment part 5
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 304
Continues from Part 4
Short I know. *sighs*

“He’s still sleeping. We’ve the room for another 6 hours. Leave us.”

“There is a need to take a blood specimen, for the time after feeding, to access his RBC.”

“Wouldn’t it make more sense to take that specimen when he’s awake and rested before he leaves? It is unethical to draw blood when a person is unconscious.”

There was a sigh, “I need to take his vital signs as well. The blood draw can wait a few hours but the mini-exam needs to be done now and your consort called to inquire after events.”

“I’ll call Stephen later when I know more.” In exasperation,“Alright! Do your exam and then leave.”

“It would be helpful if you were not hovering possessively over your most recent meal.”

There was the rustle of clothing, before the feel of a blood pressure cuff being placed around his arm happened and then a cold stethoscope.

“Couldn’t you have least warmed up the instrument before applying it to him,” was hissed.

“I’m no more human than you are and I haven’t had the opportunity to feed or cuddle with his warmth,” was hissed back. “He’s awake,” was said with some surprise at Everett’s flinch.

Eyes still closed Everett mumbled, “m’not.” His hand sought out the blanket and encountered another hand, not as warm as his but it was pulling the blanket further up and tucking it around him.

“I still need to take your temperature,” something was fitted into his ear briefly and then, “I’ll be back to take the specimen in 3 hours.”
“How not awake are you, sweetling?” was asked in amused concern as a solid body fitted itself behind him, drawing him into enclosing arms. Everett didn’t answer, falling back into sleep as a kiss was lightly pressed in back of his ear. It was nice.

Continues with Part 6
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If you haven't read Meri's take on this do that first here.
It's sweet slightly naughty fun.
This is mine and maybe Meep will get involved and/or really anyone is welcome.


Title: We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 456
Prompt: We secure our friends with silk ties.

It started as a drunken dare. Well, Chuck thought that was the way it started, he was drunk at the time. Dave, he wasn’t so sure of. In retrospect he probably wasn’t since Little Chuck was unhurt and it was probably one of the best nights he’d ever been had.

He tried to shift in the bed but there were arms wrapped around him and they tightened when he moved away from the cozy warmth in quest for the too bright light and cold tile of the bathroom.

“Dude, I gotta take a piss. I’ll be right back, I promise.” He groaned. “Aspirin.” He needed that too.

“Some next to the lamp. Left it out for you with a bottle of water,” was the muffled reply from the blankets as the arms reluctantly withdrew.

Yeah the tile was cold and the light way brighter than he wanted but the water tasted great, carving its way through the sludge of spit in his mouth. He squinted at the mirror.

What the hell had he done? Dave was his best friend and they both were coming out of bad breakups; jerks who didn’t deserve them, he and Dave had agreed. He groaned. Would this break up a friendship that was the safety base that he’d used more than once when things turned hairy? The sink was damned hard and equally cold and it hurt his head even more.

Warm arms came around him from behind pulling him away from the dangerous porcelain fixture. “Dude, you’re going to hurt yourself or the sink or both. Come back to bed and let the aspirin work its magic.”

“Will you still respect me in the morning?”

A kiss was pressed to the skin of his shoulder, “Yeah. Even more if you let me use those silk ties on you again.” There was a pause, “You do want us to be more than friends with benefits don’t you or … well if not we’re still best bros, right?”

“Ask me when my head doesn’t hurt and with benefits or not, you’re still my best bud.”

Dave helped him back to the bed, to his, “hmmm warm cozy bed and warm cozy arms.”

“Hush. Sleep it off and we’ll talk after. I really like your ass by the way. Always have.”

“You did more than like it last night.” There was a prod from behind him. “Little Dave is poking me,” he whined.

“Then stop teasing him and go back to sleep,” was said back.

He sure hoped that it wasn’t the hangover that made him hear the softly spoken, “Love you, Bro.” But just in case he mumbled, “Love you too, Dude,” before he fell asleep.
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Title:Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 4
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1468
Follows from Part 3

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More? Part 5
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 3
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1333
I've read of this condition, a long time ago, being discovered by a man setting off the metal detectors at the airport. He was lucky they did, it can be fatal.

This follows from Part 2
*snarls at Meep* No, I didn't get to the next date in this one.

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More Part 4
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Title:Taking Steps: Date by Appointment part 2
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 570
Follows from Part 1

“Drink, you need to replenish your fluids,” Everett heard as he came out of his daze. He could still feel the impression marks from the oxygen mask when his fingers holding his straw brushed his cheek. The experience had been extreme, ‘and that’s what having la petite mort feels like,’ he told himself.

“Payment will be waiting for you when you are ready. Your diner was most fulsome in his appreciation and is willing to set another date if you are amenable for future dining. We recommend a waiting period of 8 weeks before re-engaging in donation. Additionally we would discourage sharing contact information with your diner. This is a protected environment for both donor and diner. We provide safe interactions but if you do form an agreement with your donor, you are encouraged to get a contract and register it with us. If you have any problems, with health or diner harassment, or” she shrugged, “anything else that would impact your ability to donate, feel free to contact us. Now I’ll leave you to recover yourself. When you are feeling adequate to leaving, press the button to the left of the door. There is a room to freshen up right over there,” and she nodded to somewhere behind him. We hope to see you in future.”

Everett let his head fall back against the recliner and sipped more of the orange juice, digesting all the information he’d just been given. ‘Diner. The donation was feeding someone blood.’

He remembered the nipping kisses, ‘his diner’ had liked sucking on his bottom lip. Giving a snort, it was a good thing he’d never given into getting his nipples pierced, they had been the next thing suckled on. He ran a finger over one nubbin and started coughing as he inhaled some of the juice. Sensitive. Not painful but right on the edge like a mosquito bite and just as productive of a need to worry at the flesh more. He’d never realized how much he got off on nipple play before.

Shaking his head, ‘do I want to even know what my cock is like’. His ‘diner’ had been most comprehensive, he thought and wiggled a bit in the chair which thankfully was well padded. Instead of going for the gold, so to speak, he’d found himself kneeling bare bottom up, and woah could that man move fast as if Everett would change his mind. Playful little nips and kisses had been administered to his ass cheeks as those cool fingers had explored and teased.

Snickering, ‘a person hasn’t lived until they’ve actually had cold hard digits up their ass rubbing at places only read about in gay porn books.’ Levering himself out of the chair, ‘Alright, if my cock can pop an erection, it is time to get up and get out.’

The bathroom facilities spared no luxury. Easily he could see being a kept menu regular but then again …
He snorted, ‘they say that you fall in love with the person that pops your cherry. I’ve been popped and,’ pausing as the pit of his stomach curdled slightly, ‘it doesn’t feel right for it to be anyone else but him next time.’

Snorting was getting to be a habit, ‘Love at first bite,’ there was a cheesy Dracula movie named that. ‘I really hope I’m not losing my classiness,’ he snickered, ‘like I had it to begin with.’

I blame wonderful Meep. Next after this is Part 3
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 881

The flight of stairs was inviting, the dark texture of the stones so solidly uncompromising under the lush living greenery spilling over it at the sides. The blades of those plants seemed to stretch towards whoever mounted those steps.

Everett paused. The advertisement had said, ‘Cash for those who dare. Donate blood. We do all the Work.’ The house at the top of the stairs didn’t look like a Blood Bank. The time of day was late too, but he’d thought that the appointment had been arranged with the idea of being able to fit the donating around people’s day time jobs. That had worked for him, he’d spent all day going from interview to interview and had had time for quick stop to pick up a burger before showing up here.

Taking a breath, he started climbing hoping that this wouldn’t take too long. The appointment made on-line had seemed efficient and clinical, a little creepy and anonymous; user name: guest, password: blood. There’d been a few questions about his medical history once he’d filled in the normal; age, gender, weight, blood type. Sexual orientation wasn’t that odd an addition to the list anymore and he expected it when the little popup box questioned his last HIV test date and results. Evidently his answers were judged to be acceptable as he was told to check back the next day using his log-in information. And so, here he was climbing ‘interesting’ stairs towards an equally ‘interesting’ house, he blew out a breath to ease his tension.

The door was solid, no windows, and looked able to withstand any attack from a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps these were survivalists, who were prepping for all eventualities. The hill the house stood on could easily hide quite a large underground compound. He scanned the front of the house and spotted the cameras discretely concealed under the eaves and nodded to himself, ‘Yep, preppers. Best to get this over and done and back to trying to make a living in the present.’

The door opened silently before he even sought out the doorbell, revealing a mirrored antechamber that gave the illusion of openness in the small space of the common elevator. He’d been in such an elevator once at a hospital and had the same reaction. There was something unsettling about seeing multiples of yourself reflected from whatever direction you looked. The door behind him had closed just as soundlessly as it had opened and the wall in front of him slid to the side.

“Ah, you are punctual. That is a favorable attribute in a donor. Please follow me and we’ll get you hooked up.” The woman wore a closed smile and a costume somewhat like a nurse dressed as a governess with long skirts in dark muted colors.
‘Okay, so maybe a Steampunk club or variation there of.’ He shrugged internally. It was getting curiouser and curiouser but the room she led him to was nice. The lights were dimmed and there was a large comfortable recliner next to a small table with a quaint linen cloth draped down over the top. There was no sign of the implements of torture and he found himself smiling at the whimsical thought.

“If you could take off your jacket and shirt please? I will need to do a small verifying physical; nothing more than temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. Here let me place a cloth over the chair.” She fit the action to the words and carried out the mini-exam with the efficiency of the long practice. Again she gave that closed mouth smile, “You seem to be a bit excited. That happens more often than you’d think with such affairs, especially with first time donors. We are very avant-garde and have nitrous oxide available, just enough to take the edge off nerves.”

Before he knew it a mask was over his mouth and nose.

“Breathe deeply please. Afterwards you’ll be given a large glass of orange juice and some oxygen to counteract the effects.” The smile sweetened or the laughing gas was working. “I’ll send in your individual now, I think you are ready.” She patted him on the shoulder, “Any arrangement for other services are between the two of you and usually are reflected in the monetary amount paid to you.”

Everett didn’t even notice as she left. A man in evening attire entered and smiled at him.

“Oh, you are perfect.” He pulled up a chair beside the recliner and sat. “I need to prepare you,” and the smile widened, “so luscious.” Fingers played over Everett’s chest, cool fingers circling and then scraping lightly over his nipples before rolling them. “Absolutely perfect,” was said as lips mouthed over the plains of his abdomen and a hand worked the zipper of his pants. Cool air fanned over his rapidly stiffening cock and a kiss was placed over the small mouth at its head. “You set such a delectable table, I don’t know where to start,” was breathed near his ear. “I think with a kiss to the lips,” and Everett felt chilled lips on his own before the sucking nip as he was savored.

His cock grew under the expert manipulation of his diner’s grasp and waited for its turn, probably for dessert.

Continues with Part 2


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