Feb. 6th, 2017

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Alter Ego Quilt lap size

1 layer cake pack
5/8 yd black for inner border
2 yd outer border

4 Patch Block
4x5" blocks = (1 layer cake).
To make 4 Patch block: use 4 patterns (2 darks & 2 light colors)

Hour Glass Block
2 layer cakes (dark & light ) sew along either side of a diagonal line from one corner to the other corner, 1/4 inch from that line. Cut along the diagonal line corner to corner.

Repeat with another 2 layer cakes (dark & light)

Iron open and place one each of those 2 layer cake 1/2 square blocks, matching dark to light, atop each other and repeat sewing diagonally on either line. Cut apart on the diagonal line.
Iron open.
Even up blocks to uniformly equal size.

Lay out blocks, alternating: Hour Glass, 4 Patch, Hour Glass ...
Repeat each row of blocks so horizontally and vertically blocks alternate.


Super Easy Hour Glass
Uses TWO 4 Patch Blocks that are put one atop the other (right sides together and matching dark squares of the 4 Patchesto light squares) sew around the four outer edges then cut from corner to corner diagonally for both diagonals.


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