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summoning circle

Title: It's Magic
Part 1 -
Word count: 659

She paused as she entered the office building; in front of the elevator bank someone had defined the circle of the campus name with a neat arrangement of yellow wet floor signs.

“Oh Lord he must be desperate.”

“Someone’s trying to summon a janitor,” was laughed by one of the group of students entering the foyer behind her.

With a roll of her eyes she turned, “How many of you have taken Demonology 101? Raise your hands.” She’d found if you acted with authority generally the students listened.

“Oh Pulleese.” The student stepped around one of the signs to enter the circle.

There was a hush as they all waited to see if there’d be any repercussions, the student inside the circle smirked. Just as it seemed as if nothing was going to happen the floor seemed to go translucent and the student gave a shout as he disappeared through the floor.

A disgruntled voice could be heard, “Drat it. Wrong sex and person.” Then more querulously, “Didn’t anyone teach you about summoning circles. Back you go.”

“Hank,” one of the girls cried as ‘Hank’s head and shoulders started to reappear through the floor.

“Wait a second. Ezz. That one’s mine. I can feel the connection. He’s my consort or he will be.”

Hank’s face went from frightened to a jerk downwards and then to a cross-eyed panting mewling of lust.

“See and he’s so responsive. Finger up his ass and a hand on his cock milking him and he’s all mine.”

“It doesn’t work like that and you know it. You have to go seduce him on his plane.”

“Like that worked for you. See what you’re reduced to, setting summoning traps.”

She felt her face warm. Luckily the small crowd of students were distracted, watching Hank’s face flush. His hands were on the edge floor outside of the summoning circle but not as if he was trying to lever himself up and out of the circle; he was rocking himself back and forth into what was taking place below the floor’s level.

“Oh Hank,” whined the young woman who’d called out. “You didn’t tell me you were Bi,” she accused.

Barely focusing his eyes, Hank looked at her. “I am now,” he panted out. “Nooooooo, don’t stop!”

From below the floor and if you’d paid attention during class in another plane, “Will you be mine?”


“Let’s go to my home and I’ll take care of your problem. I’ll ask you again then. I do not want to have you feel I took advantage of you.” There’d been a laugh after that.
“You fucker,” Hank had swore but he’d removed his hands from the edges of the summoning circle and dropped through the floor in what looked totally voluntary.

“That is the idea,” had come back through the circle.

Ezz’s head emerged through the circle. “You.” He pointed directly at her. “that was supposed to be you.”

“How are you … I sent you back to your plane to stay.”

“Technically I still am. Come on. Just step into the circle like a good mate.”

“I’m late for a meeting,” she turned from the circle pulling out her phone. “Hello, yes could you send demon-encounter counselors to the lobby. There’s a summoning circle here and a student was just claimed.” She paused listening, “Oh he was quite willing after a little… um… manipulation on the part of what I’m assuming was a second demon, not the one who set the circle.” She turned to look at the circle to see it looked like solid floor. “Looks like the circle is gone but it would probably be a good thing to change the lobby logo to something more angular.” Looking up, “Ah, I see the campus police have arrived. Thank you,” she said to the officers and closed her phone to step into the elevator. She was going to be late but somethings just were.

Part 3 - The Meeting -


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