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summoning circle

Title: It's Magic
Part 1 - http://charisstoma.dreamwidth.org/1300329.html
Word count: 659

She paused as she entered the office building; in front of the elevator bank someone had defined the circle of the campus name with a neat arrangement of yellow wet floor signs.

“Oh Lord he must be desperate.”

“Someone’s trying to summon a janitor,” was laughed by one of the group of students entering the foyer behind her.

With a roll of her eyes she turned, “How many of you have taken Demonology 101? Raise your hands.” She’d found if you acted with authority generally the students listened.

“Oh Pulleese.” The student stepped around one of the signs to enter the circle.

There was a hush as they all waited to see if there’d be any repercussions, the student inside the circle smirked. Just as it seemed as if nothing was going to happen the floor seemed to go translucent and the student gave a shout as he disappeared through the floor.

A disgruntled voice could be heard, “Drat it. Wrong sex and person.” Then more querulously, “Didn’t anyone teach you about summoning circles. Back you go.”

“Hank,” one of the girls cried as ‘Hank’s head and shoulders started to reappear through the floor.Read more... )

Part 3 - The Meeting - http://charisstoma.dreamwidth.org/1302562.html


Jul. 14th, 2017 05:37 pm
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So the topic of chyrons streaming over Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer led to:

/ˈkīrän/ noun

an electronically generated caption superimposed on a television or movie screen.

a text-based graphic overlay displayed at the bottom of a television screen or film frame, as closed captioning or the crawl of a newscast.

Origin of chyron
after Chyron Corporation, the manufacturer of a broadcast graphics generator

I'd just heard it referred to as word streaming. huh. Interesting
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door wide glass

Title: The Meeting
Part 2 – It’s Magic - http://charisstoma.dreamwidth.org/1301932.html
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 453

The door was way too large. This was her first clue. Second was that it was not child or klutz friendly, anyone if they weren’t being aware could catch their hand or whatever in the shorter part of the door frame when it pivoted on its hinge. Why would any sane person want a door like that? No one human.


To get to the room where her appointment was, she’d need to pass through this door.

Standing in front of the ‘open’ door, she murmured, “Not going to happen,” and did what a door does, especially what this one did, pivot around and walked away.

“Oh, come on,” followed her and a smile spread across her face. ‘Darn, foiled again,’ she said soto voci.

“I heard that.”

Pressing the button to call the elevator back to the floor she was on, she pulled out her phone. Scrolling through her messages, she tapped the text concerning her meeting. ‘Yep, that’s the room.’ Just to be sure she sent off a separate text to the individual who had sent it to here.


Dear Sally. He never could figure out how to get his phone texts out of caps-lock. Then again, she was no help because her texts were all lower case; she snorted. And THAT should have been a clue; though Sally might have had his assistant send the meeting message, Georgie did know how to text in both upper and lower case.
hat brought up an even more worrying idea. Ezz might have figured out how to hack into her phone’s text messaging.

Turning she called out, “Ezz, if you’re hacking my phone, Cut. It. Out.”

Only the hum of the elevator could be heard and its loud ping of arrival. As she was just about to step through the opening doors, another ping sounded, this time from her phone.

The text read as, “Who me?”

She decided to take the stairs right next to the elevator bank doors. There were more floor exits and entrances with opportunities for others, especially on the lower levels, to be using the staircase to leave the building. According to common knowledge, two humans could not be transported through a summoning circle if they didn’t know and voluntarily want to enter them with the full knowledge that it was a summoning circle.

The elevator behind her positively growled as she walked through the doorway into the stairwell. Only 12 floors. She was going to get her cardio in after all.

Sending a reply text to Ezz, ‘door size, overeager much?’

The ping came only a moment later, “Very eager.’

“Drat it!”
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Part 1 - Attention Deficit Distraction

Part 2 – It’s Magic

Part 3 - The Meeting

Part 4 - Research

Part 5 - Perilous Path 

Part 6 – Liaison

Part 7 – Conferring

Part 8 – Trust

Part 9 - Enter Silas

Part 10 - Pumpernickel

Persons -
Fern McKenny - main character
Ezz - demon
Silas McKenny - cousin of Fern
Pumpernickel -friend of Ezz (demon)
Hank - human transported thru a summoning circle
Sally - texts in Capslock but not that text
Georgie - Sally's assistant
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Pecking Order Quilt

QUILT SIZE 66" x 70" QUILT BLOCK 5" 12 blocks x 13 blocks

• 1 Pack of 5" Squares (Print)
• 4 Packs of 5" Squares (Solid) or 3 yds.
• 1 1/2 yds. of Border - 6 1/2" wide border
• 4 1/4 yds. of Backing

Cut the print 5" squares into 4 (2 1/2") squares
Snowball one corner of 5" square with the 2 1/2" square

Block #1 - Arrange so the snowballed corners are on the outer corners of 4 squares.

Block #2 - Arrange 2 squares so snowballed corners are together to make a geese.
These pairs are arranged on the four sides of Block #1

basic block pecking order


For individual circles - use same snowball color for that set of 12 blocks
Block #1 --
4 blocks - all one color (optional different colors) of 5" square for circle center
1 10" square trimmed to size of 9 1/2" square and snowball all 4 corners with 2 1/2" square

Block #2
8 blocks - all the same color or close shades of that color

4 snowballed blocks 2 of one color snowball and 2 of second color snowball with background colored fabric


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