Mar. 24th, 2019

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The traditional spices are garlic, ginger, cumin, cinnamon or allspice, and ALWAYS paprika for chicken. And I added lime juice, lemon zest, olive oil S&P (actually, Adobo), to the marinade, let the chicken sit in the fridge with that for the afternoon, turning it and making sure that every inch had its exposure to soak in the herbs.

With a little oil in a skillet, brown the chicken well, both sides, and then added the rest, more garlic, chopped olives, diced tomatoes and so forth with a splash of white wine to deglaze. Adding a bit of chicken stock to simmer down, and cook the meat through.

Many of these recipes use salted lemons, and I've done that before. I don't keep them anymore, but they're great to use in the Mediterranean style.
The yellow squash, added at the end with a lid on it, to steam. - Judy L.
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There was an article about a girl who left things out for some crows and they brought things to her in exchange. This though. Wow.

crows gift

Stuart Dahlquist

Mar 23
We've been feeding a small family of four crows (mated pair and their two year old kids) for several years. Last week two days in a row they left these gifts, pull tabs threaded onto pine twigs. This isn't only generous, it's creative, it's art.
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