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"Rose Garden" Quilt

65" x 65" quilt


• 2 Print Charm Packs (5" Quilt Squares)
• 1½ yds. Blue Fabric by the Yard
• 1¼ yds. White Fabric by the Yard
• 1¼ yds. Fabric for Border
• ¾ yd. Fabric for Binding
• 4¼ yds. Quilt Backing

• Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmer B
A = 5" - squares charm pack (85 total), dark grey or a dark blue/not navy (8)

B = 5" - 1/2 square triangle squares (make 70)
white yardage and navy yardage - cut into 5 1/2" squares (35 of each color).
Draw line diagonally from corner to corner. Sew 1/4" on either side of that line. Cut on line. = 70
Trim to 5" square

C = 5" - squares pyramid
5" white square(cut 16) and 3"x6" navy (cut 32)
Mark center edge on one side on white square.
Place navy strip so it is just past the center mark and angles to the lower corner.
Sew 1/4" along navy fabric edge to corner. Press open. Repeat to other corner. Press open.
Turn over to white square and trim off navy that extends pass white square.

5" wide border

Arrange (make 2)
All B --navy part of half square (upper left to left of center) and (upper right to right of center)
Border with ((Point of C point out)) in center

row 1 A(dark),B,A,B,A,B,|A(dark)|,B,A,B,A,B,A(dark)
row 2 B,A,B,A,B,A,|C|,A,B,A,B,A,B ((Points of C point up))
row 3 A,B,A,B,A,B,|A|,B,A,B,A,B,A
row 4 B,A,B,A,B,A,|C|,A,B,A,B,A,B ((Points of C point up))
row 5 A(dark),B,A,B,A,B,|A|,B,A,B,A,B,A(dark)
row 6 B,A,B,A,B,A,|C|,A,B,A,B,A,B ((Points of C point up))

(make 1)
center row A,C,A,C,A,C,A,C,A,C,A,C,A ((3 Points of C point left)) ((3 Points of C point right))

2 Border Sides with ((C points to side)) in center

rose garden
rose garden

rose garden
pdf rose garden
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