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Meep said: no no no bad enough the cat trying to drink coffee all the time

Title: It was a Dark and Rainy Night
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 677

The glinting drops of rain falling caught the lights of a pub and the only inviting doorway in the dark. If there was alcohol surely there’d be coffee to take the chill out of his body while his fur dried. It had seemed the best option to be in his feline form, smaller and faster, to avoid the wetness. More fool him.

Morris flitted through the door as a leaving patron came out. Warmth, darkness lit with spots of light especially at the bar, and a congenial ambiance enveloped him and he didn’t even try to stop his purr. The lit bar drew him to leap up onto a stool, the words, “Coffee please,” spilling from his mouth.

“You sure you’re in the right place?” came from the dog on the seat next to him.

The barman had already moved down the bar to a hotplate picking up a mug on the way.

“I’d say so,” Morris purred as the barman automatically reached for the creamer. The man was not stupid.

“This is a canine bar. Pussies aren’t wanted here,”

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Mice know how to play possum. Would have thought that was out of their skill set.
It looks like a youngish mouse too. Good mouse intelligent genes or maybe it's an escaped maze mouse.

Then again my neighbor had her cat stun and bury a mouse in the cat box ... which she discovered while cleaning it. This was no stunned mouse though. It moved its leg into that position.
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Okay this one is under cut because it's pretty much the stuff of nightmares. Still if one wanted an image for a potential evil menace to write into a story....
Or ..... victim.

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It's the same cuddle toy.
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Title: Who’s That in the Bed
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1130

“Poof. Could you come here a moment, please?”

Poof appeared hesitantly carrying the kitten in his mouth which probably was a well thought out maneuver on his part. It allowed for mumbling or not being able to talk at all if the question was going to be uncomfortable. Cormier was right behind him with a questioning look on his face.

Elert pointed into the Master bedroom at the bed and raised an eyebrow. Cormier took those few steps to see what was the issue and pulled in a breath turning to Poof.

“Please give me Stinky,” Cormier said. The kitten had graduated to a new name when he started drinking from a saucer and subsequent using the litter box. Cormier continued, “so that you can clearly explain this small person’s presence. You could be in big trouble taking a kitten that’s not yours out of the Crèche.”

“He’s not from the Crèche. He was outside the building hiding under some shrubbery and he was wet and cold and afraid,” Poof mumbled. “He followed me home,” he said more loudly as if to justify it.Read more... )
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Title: The Herb Shop (Part 3)
Follows the On the Streets arch Guest Speaker (Part 1)(Part 2)
All in the Familiar Animal Shelter series - "On the Streets" story arch
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 621

There was a familiar climbing all over Arath was Poof’s first sight when he popped into the herbal tea and retail shop just to smell the scents. Sure they were off at a far corner table, but Poof had started to develop an early detection system where Arath was concerned. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. His emotions were mixed.

There was rage that a familiar was trespassing, sure Poof wasn’t too sure he wanted to be Arath’s consort sometime in the future, but still Arath was his. How dare the familiar… How dare Arath let the hussy… He paused, was that the correct term for a male doing what that familiar was doing? Maybe tomhussy, brought a grin to Poof’s face. It would be too sweet if the familiar’s name was Thomas. There was a fanged grin now on his face and Poof was sure that Kormier would tell him it was unattractive to have such a thing.

What to do? hmmmmm. Read more... )

Part 4
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Title: Guest Speaker (part2)
Follows (Part 1) (Part 2) & At the Crèche & Another Day in the Life of Poof & Guest Speaker (part 1)
All in the Animal Shelter series - "On the Streets" story arch
Author: charisstoma
Word count 1198

Oh dear Stars, Sun and Moon what did I do? Poof mentally castigated himself. I groomed him and he noticed, Poof pretended that nothing had happened but Arath’s small smile and the fingers that found his hand twining with them said that Poof was in trouble.

A cough broke the moment and Poof was never so glad of an interruption. He didn’t recognize the professor but then Poof was new and didn’t know all the wizards at the academy. Arath let go of his hand but didn’t move away. He heard Arath greet the person as “Dad,” and Poof spat out “Poopies,” then put his hands up to cover his mouth in mortification.

Amusement crinkled the kind eyes of Arath’s Dad, “I’ve never had that effect on anyone before. Must have something to do with my son.” He laughed. “Hello. Yes, as you have correctly surmised, I am the other parent of the young demon-wizard beside you. The better, more behaved one of the family. Don’t let them intimidate you. You won’t be alone in the Demons’ Den. I’ll be there.”Read more... )

Yes there is a (Part 3)
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Title: Guest Speaker
Follows (Part 1) (Part 2) & At the Crèche & Another Day in the Life of Poof
All in the Animal Shelter series - "On the Streets" story arch
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 702
For Meep who needs tlc

Poof arrived at the lecture hall later than his normal time. Squeaky had been being fussy. Kormier and Elert had had the baby familiar book open and evidently it was normal behavior for some kittens. They couldn’t control much in their young lives, so sometimes they would act out. A sweet little kitten could change from one moment to the next into a frustrated, scared, needy, angry, small fur ball in any and all combinations. This morning Squeaky had affixed himself to Elert’s pants leg, sinking four sets of sharp little claws, into fabric and Daddy, like a burr and then he’d climbed crying. Papa had lifted Poof up and had him latch onto Squeaky’s nape stimulating the instinctual response that kept kittens from wriggling when being transported from place to place. It took three people to remove one small kitten, Poof thought grinning.

Being late meant that Poof slipped into the first open seat available and promptly found himself in a seat up near the front of the room beside Arath. Evidently, Arath wanted Poof to sit near him and Poof made his displeasure known by sinking claws into the nearest part of Arath, his thigh. The jerk Arath gave was satisfying and Poof slowly turned his head and glared once, before hurriedly getting out a pen and notebook. The professor on the stage gave a grin in their direction and then turned to introduce the first of their guest speakers, a Demon named Malakishel.

Poof wrote the name down and drew an arrow pointing to it, writing ‘any relation?’, in his notebook and twisted it so Arath could read it. Arath wrote in his notebook and twisted it so Poof could see. ‘Father’.Read more... )

There's a Part 2
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Title: Another Day in the Life of Poof
Follows (Part 1) (Part 2) & At the Crèche
All in the Animal Shelter series - "On the Streets" story arch
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1406

“Cute kitten,” Poof heard silently narrowing his barely opened his eyes from where he lay curled around Squeaky and they really needed to stop calling the baby that. The kitten had a perfectly good name but until he got older no one but family knew it, because familiar kittens were big on the Black Market. If you had the kitten’s name then you could magically control the baby kitten at this stage. Still, at what point did a nickname become a real name. Poof didn’t even remember his real name.

“Go away. We’re napping,” Poof whispered back harshly at the young wizard-like student, who grinned down at him in response. Squeaky token kneaded Poof’s belly trying to get milk from the nipple he’d latched onto and fell asleep again. There wasn’t any milk there, ‘cause Squeaky was Kormier’s kitten, but suckling helped the kitten sleep as did Poof’s purring.

“Why isn’t the kitten nursing from all of your nipples? The fur’s only slicked back from two. Cute pink titties by the way.”Read more... )

Continuing with Guest Speaker
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Title: Facts of Life (part 2)
Follows (Part 1) at
In the "On the Streets" arch http://Part of the Animal Shelter series
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 750

Stretched out on the bed, Elert trailed a finger down over a nipple, circling around it and watched it peak and Kormier shiver. He smiled, “Love you.”

“Love you more,” Kormier returned grinning stretching into the caress, “after all I’m going to lose my svelte body bringing a Elert-Kormier hybrid into the world.” His hand stroked down, cupping the slight pooch of his belly.

“Ah, but there’ll be more of you to love and I find that I like the idea of watching your body change knowing that there’s a bit of me mixed with you inside growing into a small kitten,” Elert said leaning down to kiss Kormier.

Kormier frowned slightly, “Poof was being a bit skittish today at the clinic,” he paused and then grinned. “Well more than usual since we were going to the med-vet. I think you are his favorite medical provider even though you’re not one. He’s never recovered from his ‘you can fix anything’ impression; be it feline flu or bee stings.”

With a shake of his head in memory Elert replied, “You’d think that living on the streets like he did for so long, he’d have learned to not to step on a bee. Then again he lived on the outside looking in with most of the street culture, our little naive loner. His mother must have kept him away from any of the other felines, not just the humans, in the neighborhood.”Read more... )

Another part of this At the Creche
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FB3X Drabble Cascade Every TuesdayFB3X Drabble Cascades

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Title: The Facts of Life (G, familiars, series)
In the "On the Streets" arch http://Part of the Animal Shelter series
Follows from (Part 6)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100

If Poof could have dug a hole and climbed into it, he would have. Catnip. His friend’s parents had named their familiar kitten Catnip because they’d eaten it and his friend had happened.

‘Conceived’. Papa had carefully explained instead of using ‘got with kitten’ or ‘preggers’.

Poof didn’t know how he was going to look his friend in the eye after this. As it was he had to stop himself from staring at Papa’s tummy where a little kitten was growing. Poof didn’t want to think about his parents and sex. The Clinic’s sex education brochures in his pocket burned.

(Part 2) of Facts of Life
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On the Streets (Part 6)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 728
From this prompt: and continuing from (Part 5)
Part of the Animal Shelter series

“One of the benefits of being associated with the Academy, they send me information on familiar activities so I can investigate and take care of problems,” Elert said to the very sleepy eyed teen kitten across the breakfast table from him. “In this case there was a photo that they sent,” Elert pushed the picture across the table towards Poof.Read more... )

And then there is The Facts of Life
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One the Streets (Part 5)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 416
Continues from Part 4
Part of the Animal Shelter series

He was warm. His tummy for once wasn’t growling him awake and his throat didn’t feel so scratchy, as it had the last couple of days. Poof stretched and promptly sneezed. ‘Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,’ was his first conscious thought, followed by wasn’t there something about drink this awful tasting stuff and he’d be all better. Adults tended to lie when it suited them. Look at his Mom saying she’d be right back for him with something warm and good to eat. She’d said she loved him but did she return? No.
Poof sniffled and then rubbed his nose with a paw. It did no good to cry and feel sorry for himself. Read more... )

Continues with (Part 6)
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Can you imagine what he would look like in feline familiar form?

I sure his parents are holding their fire for serious problems and letting this one slide.
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It occurred to me that some might have missed this as it's unfolding. It's set after 'the' party with catnip laced brownies. Something that is not recommended for familiars as unintended pregnancy is prone to come about. Links as you can see are on frogs_of_war's site, so if you desire to comment please do so at those links.

In Trouble by frogs_of_war.
Series: Wizard’s Familiars

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


Mother's Day
Vido's Kittens
Before its Time
Sapulvado's Very Bad Day (backstory)
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Title: On the Streets (part 4)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 856

Follows from On the Streets part 3
The arc is posted here
Tremendous thanks, I think, to onecrazycanuke for the mutual prodding to carry on stories in this The Wizard's 'Verse and pointing out the location of my own post so I could do this. So more of Poof's story, a young feral familiar, but first....

The tall lean man turned to the shelter's attendant, Mr. Aubergine, holding a finger to his lips after he was sure the now medicated kitten was sleeping again. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a thin collar, so light in weight that it seemed to float, and somehow with one hand fit it over the kitten’s head where it settled around his neck without disturbing any fur. Carefully the man set the kitten back into his blanket nest and stood motioning for Aubergine to follow him.

In a low voice, “the medicine should make him sleep well into morning but if he does wake and tries to apparate he'll find it won’t work. The collar has a special feature which if he does manage to escape, I can apparate him right back to where I want him. He probably won’t even know he’s wearing it.” With a stern look at Aubergine, “don’t mention the collar to him and keep him away from the other cats. He’s still contagious and what he’s got, 3F, can be deadly as I mentioned before. I’ll be back in the morning and then your small familiar and I will have a talk.”

Aubergine nodded through all of this, resolving to top up water and kitten kibble before leaving so the newest inmate would have another reason to tarry if he should wake early in the morning. Still he had to ask, “How did you know to bring a collar like that with you?”

The man smiled, “It’s a basic feral familiar necessity sometimes. You never know what you’re going to be dealing with. It has many different features that won’t be needed here.” He thrust out his hand, “ I’m Elert by the way. You must be Aubergine. Thank you for calling us about this little guy. He’s got talent I’ve not seen often and then only in wizards.”

Aubergine opened his mouth and then shut it. Guess that explained how Elert had entered through a firmly shut door. “Will it hurt if I add more food to his bowl before I leave? If he wakes, I wanted him to have a good meal before trying to escape but you were going to give him a second dose of that medicine.”

Waving away Aubergine’s concern Elert replied, “Won’t make any difference really and I can always give him a third dose, if need be. Not a bad idea to give him food. He could probably use it, living on the streets as he’s probably been doing.” He reached into his pocket and extracted a small sampler sized bottle. “Spray down your shoes and such with this and then wash with the remainder. Normal laundering will take care of any of the 3F germs.”

“Sorry,” Aubergine asked, “3F?”

“It’s actually P4F. Probably Fatal Familiar Feline Flu. Nasty stuff, especially in a kitten. Luckily it only attack familiars, so your regular felines won’t get seriously sick if at all, just a few sneezes. The older familiars, if they’ve lived on the streets, have either had it and survived or been very lucky or been immunized at some point. Best to take precautions for those that have been lucky so far.” Elert nodded to Aubergine and walked out through, literally through, the exit door.

A half hour later in a different location, Kormier opened the door to a suspicious knocking and found Elert outside. “Why didn’t you just come in?”

“You ever had your 3F immunizations,” Elert asked.
“Nope,” Kormier grinned answering, “caught it and had someone like you dose me with awful vile tasting stuff.”

“Oh, that’s okay then,” Elert smiled thinly, stepping out of his shoes and giving them a spray before leaving them on the mat inside. “Had a familiar kitten with a bad case of it at The Cages tonight. Good thing he turned himself in there. Might not have made it after a day or two. He was pretty young. Smart too and he can apparate.”

“Could he now,” Kormier followed Elert into the laundry room and hungrily watched as his mate did a strip tease putting his clothes directly into the washer. Hands, face and neck were washed next in the laundry sink with the disinfectant placed there handy for such occasions.

After that Elert wandered with a coy smile through to the master bath followed by a very interested Kormier.

Oh, yes. Someone was going to be jumped and marked well tonight. It was a good thing he’d put the collar on the kitten, hopefully the medicine would work its magic and the kitten would sleep a little longer than usual. Elert was going to be a bit later than he’d intended getting back to the kitten if Kormier’s rapt attention was anything to go by. Having a powerful loving Familiar mate had benefits, such as spell abilities that a wizard might normally command, there was the cost though of lack of sleep when someone clamped teeth in your nape and fucked you into the mattress, if a person ever made it that far. Elert’s smile turned dirty, he wasn’t going to complain, not at all.

Continues here with Part 5


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