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Title: Relationships
Author: charisstomas
Word count: 189

“So how did your clandestine meeting go with ‘Alex’?”

Tony paused, “What makes you think … how do you know about that?”

“Just because Fred and I are mortal enemies...”

“Oh not mortal, not from what I’ve heard.”

Through clenched teeth, “mortal enemies. Just because he and I talk, doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

“Uh huh.”

“We can still talk to each other.”

“Talk. Uh huh.”


Tony assumed a mysterious Cheshire cat smile. “Oh, I don’t kiss and tell.”

“KISS and TELL?”

“I’m a little tired. Think I’ll go to bed now.”

“Wait. What?” and then menacingly, “You may not wake up in the morning.”

“That would make Alex sad and you’d have to go live with him and Fred.” Tony stuck his head back around the door frame, “Think about it.”

Tony grinned as from the other room he heard, “ARRRRR.” Seems he had a pirate for a cat. The pitterpat of rain outside made him smile. The garden needed a good soaking and he’d already warned Alex that tonight would probably not be a good night for Fred to go for any walks.
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Title: Street Art
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 421

“Alright who is the comedian?”

Tony came up to stand beside Don and surveyed the art on the pavement. “Probably some child. Some older child with more chalk than they know what to do with and more free time than is healthy.”

“I do not look like that.”

“Of course not, I’ve never seen your tail in that S shape and hmm looks like it might have been broken too.”

“My paws are not misshapen like that. They look like human feet. And it looks like I’ve got a sausage for a body. No cat has a sausage body.”

“True. True.” When in doubt just agree, Tony had found. “Cute face though.”


“So you like Fred’s chalk art? It took him a while. I especially like the meteor. He doesn’t often change to his human form but for this he did.”

“He did this in his human form?” there was dread in Tony’s voice. Hoping against hope, “Fred’s age in dog years the same as his human form?”

“Oh,” The wizard laughed, “he’s about our age.” Eyeing the feline familiar, I’m assuming that Don is our age.”

“Then Fred is mentally an adult and not developmentally challenged?”

“Oh. Nope. Some people like to color in those adult coloring books. Fred likes a more free form format on pavement.” The wizard was slightly nervous, “this wasn’t meant to be derogatory. Think of it as sort of a caricature, exaggerated representation, a parody even. I um think the face is cute.”

“Look Wizard...”

“Alex. My name’s Alex. Pleased to meet you… again.”

“Look Alex...”

Tony cut off whatever Don was going to say, “I’m sure that Fred didn’t mean to be insulting. The fact that it’s on our sidewalk and not on your own is a bit suspect. But we’re adult enough to overlook any implied disrespect.”

“Um, Ooookay. Thank you. I’ll talk to Fred.”

“Thank You.”

As Alex walked hurriedly away Tony’s voice carried just enough to hear, “You will wait to cause it to rain until he gets safely back to his own house, Don. If need be we can get the hose out to wash the chalk off sooner. Do. Not.”

Alex put a little more speed into his step. By the time he saw his house fat raindrops were starting to splat on the concrete in an as yet sparse distribution.

Entering through the door he called, “Well, I don’t believe your familiar cat friend is a lover of your form of art.”

Fred’s laughter met his words.

On Display

May. 27th, 2017 05:01 pm
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meep prompt cat and chickens

Title: On Display
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 513

It was the commotion at the back door that drew Glen to look. He wasn’t the only one looking.
There on the door mat was Cicero lying on his back his furry tail end to the glass and the chickens who were talking loudly amongst themselves.

“Ciss, must you place yourself on display like that. There’s been enough trouble with the rooster as it is. Unless you like the rooster’s attentions. He’s got enough to do with the hens, he doesn’t need to prove himself with you too.”

Cicero impossibly stretched longer to the enjoyment of the hens.

Glen shook his head,“Flasher. You better be careful. It’s possible to have chicken cat offspring. You think being constipated is bad, think about pushing out a kitten sized egg.”

Nimbly Cicero rolled to the side and up where he proceeded to groom ironically the base of his spine near his tail.

“Thought you hadn’t considered that particular complication.”

“Will you stop interfering.” It was a tall red haired man outside the glass of the door. “Ciss, the hens lay eggs all the time. Claim it’s better than like being fucked.”

“Well that’s not surprising. You jump on them and then you’re done. Kind of a slam bam thank you ma'am.” Glen was not pulling any punches.

The man outside the door returned to his rooster shape and stalked off into the yard.

“Well you scared him off, didn’t you.” Cicero now stood with his hands on his hips facing Glen. “I’m all warmed up with no one to fuck me.”

“Enough with your tom catting ways, Ciss. If you want me, you don’t have to tease the rooster. Just show up on my bed in human form and I’m more than willing to satisfy you. BUT, I demand you give up your wantonness. If you’re with me than you’re with me only.”

“That a proposal?”

Glen squirmed, “well, um, yes.”

There was a flurry of arms and Glen found himself being rubbed on and kissed at the same time. Guess it was difficult to take the cat out of the cat familiar.

“I’ve loved since the first pet, you know.”

“Uh huh,” there was strong skepticism in Glen’s response. “I on the other hand have loved you since you showed up wet and forlorn on my doorstep. You wound your way into my heart with stealthy paws.”

Scattering kisses over his human wizard, “As I intended. It’s all in the presentation. I had to wait until the first decent rainstorm.”

Kissing back, Glen descended into surrender, “As I’m glad you did. BUT no more teasing the rooster.”

Laughing, “I don’t like slam bam, thank you ma’am. Well maybe sometimes but I like my lover to be that, my lover. Roosters don’t do it for me. A certain wizard will though.”


“Good. Meet you in the bedroom.” Cicero in cat form cheated, made it to the bed first, where he lolled back in all his naked human form reminiscent of how he lay on the door mat to the appreciation of the hens.


May. 12th, 2017 11:25 am
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Title: When a Child has been Sick
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 249

“He’s looking better,” Manc commented watching their son outside on the lawn in the growing darkness of dusk. “Good thing none of them are of the fae .”

“Amazing what a good season with rain will do to the insect population, isn’t it?” Allen responded. There was a gasp, “Are Lightning Bugs poisonous?” “Didn’t know he jump that high,” was said with awe.

“Well he is my son.”

“I’m going to get a glass jar. It’ll be interesting for him to see a Lightning Bug up close.”
Manc looked at Allen, “Like eating one isn’t up close….”

“Hush you.”

2 Lightning Bugs were captured. An event ignored by their son who was more intent on his own fun.

“You should really let them go soon. They’re out there to mate and produce the next generation.
You’re impeding next year’s Lightning Bug population.”

“Uhmmm. Too late.” Allen said looking into the jar.

“What?” Manc eyed his husband anxiously doubting his sanity.

“They’re.. um.. already attached.”

“You mean of all the Lightning Bugs in the backyard, you caught two compatible bugs who decided to mate with each other?”



From inside the jar, “Oh baby, yes just like that,” had Manc and Allen look shocked at the jar and then each other.

“Wait a bit but put them outside before our kitten comes back in. I don’t think I’m ready to explain the facts of procreation yet.”

Allen glanced at Manc’s tummy and grinned. “We’re going to have to soon.”

Lightning bugs
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You can't expect a wizard's work area to be normal especially if his kid is going to spend some time there.
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Relics of Zlătari Church
The preserved arm of a 3rd century sorcerer is believed to have the power to lift curses and spells.

At a small church in Bucharest, Romania, are the relics of St. Cyprian the Mage, the patron saint of necromancers, witches, and sorcerers, who lived in the 3rd century CE. The preserved arm of the ancient magician, which rests in Zlătari Church, is believed by many to have the power to lift curses and spells when touched.

According to the legend, Cyprian, before becoming a Christian, travelled around to places like Greece, Egypt, and India, and became a powerful sorcerer. When he finally settled in Antioch, near the modern day Turkish town of Yalvaç, his reputation brought people to him asking for favors.

One of these people was a fellow pagan who desired the hand of a Christian woman named Justina, who had taken private vows of chastity. The pagan asked Cyprian to cast a spell on Justina and induce her to fall in love with him. Cyprian summoned demons to corrupt her, Read more... )
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Wine Cats

Title: Wine Cats
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 231

It wasn't like I wanted to pose for this. Not that I don't like posing but the thimbleful of wine wasn't to my taste and even if it was... it should have been milk or gravy or catnip tea. hmmmm catnip tea....

"Morris, look at the pretty birdy."

What birdy, human?! Idiot. And the name's not Morris.

"Okay, That's good. Thanks for the borrowing of your cat, we’ll send you a copy of the book. He’s a handsome addition to our homage to ‘the animals behind the wines we love’ series."

From the safe arms of my wizard, Thomas, I do a low growl at 'the Idiot' kneading deep with my claws.
When the photographer was safely in his car and driving away, "If you ever...!"

"I won't. I won't. Ow! Watch the claws!" Thomas dropped Hector. "We have to appear to be normal. Photo opps are part of it. AND it's not my fault. You were the one who put out the ad online with your photo prominently displayed as vineyard supervisor. ”

“It was for the wizarding audience. ‘Magical wine and tea for your Magical Life’.”

“Well, it went out to everyone on the internet. Next time use select sites or chose a magical security app. We’re lucky that they only wanted to do a photo of the ‘interesting cat’ and thought that it was only a boutique vineyard.”
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Title: The Takeover
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 977

It was late. Josh said as much to his house guest where she lounged in ‘his’, comfy and sometimes place to sleep, tv chair. He picked up the now neatly washed bowl, since she was done licking it, a bowl that was supposed to lure her out of ‘his’ recliner chair to the floor. In the end he’d picked it up and put it next to her, where upon she’d made short work of it. The bowl was still in his hand when the doorbell rang.

“If this is for you, you’re going to have to go outside and socialize with them. It’s bedtime for me,” Josh called over his shoulder as he opened the door.

A laugh came from the person on the other side of the screen door. “Sherry, short for Scheherazade, giving you problems? She does have a mind of her own.”

“Your cat?”

“I don’t know if you could really call her mine,” was said with amusement. “I think she considers me hers and now you too. Might as well get used to it.”

“Wondered if she belonged to someone. She looks well cared for. Think she might have a bun in the oven though. You come to take her home? Pleeeese.”

Another laugh came from the man outside, “Like that would do any good. If she wants to be here, then she’ll be here. I was just checking on her. She’ll probably come home soon but you’d better expect to come with her.”

Josh’s “Um, excuse me,” was met by a grin.

“Name’s Ezekias, but call me Ezzie and don’t pay any attention to her calling me Easy or Ee-Ass. I’m not. Like some who won’t be named.”

The cat yawned widely from the recliner seat where she lounged.

“You said something about expecting to come home with her?”

“Let me ask you a question, how did you meet her?”

“I took to putting out food on the front step to distract her from me running her over with the car in the morning.” Josh blushed, “I mean if she was eating, then she’d not be under the car’s tires.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“Couple weeks, maybe a bit more,” was said defensively.

“And she induced you to open the door to let her in….?”

“Just this last week.”

“Did you open the door for her today?”

Josh shook his head in confusion, “no… I don’t think I did.”

“Uh huh. But your door was closed.”

“Well not exactly, I was refilling the food outside and next thing I knew she just sort of appeared behind me.”

“And yet I see there’s food and water set up just inside your front hallway.”

“Yeah, well. I can explain.”

“No need,” Ezzie laughed. “I know her. And you fed her people food too.”

Josh looked down at the bowl, that had had cornmeal mush in it until recently and was still in his hand, as if he’d never seen it before. “Um.”

“Familiars are a bit like Harry Potter house brownies but in reverse. At least some of them.” Ezzie frowned at the culprit where she lay in the chair.

“Familiars? Potter house brownies?”

“Yep. Sherry’s a feline familiar who doesn’t change into human form. If anything it makes her more superior acting than one that can change.”

“You’re crazy, aren’t you. I can’t let you take her with you if you’re crazy. There’s no telling what you’d do to her. Goodnight.” Josh closed the door quickly, locking it.

“Well,” he said to his house guest, “that was interesting. I’m going to wash this bowl and then go to bed. I showed you where the litter box is, so use it if you need it. Goodnight to you.”

He lay in bed reviewing the measures he’d taken of cat proofing his house and decided that it would have to do. The bedroom door was closed so there wouldn’t be any stomping of 30 pounds a paw on his body to wake him, tomorrow was a Saturday. There was food out and water and a clean cat box, yes he’d checked. No need to get up early. Sometime in the night there was the click of the door as it opened and then…

“Sherry, you put him back. He’s not like a mouse you can bring home to me,” was quietly hissed.

“I’m pregnant,” was hissed back, “even Josh could tell. I’ll need two people to help me once the kittens are born. You, my wizardy Easy, and I will be working on magic and someone needs to watch over the kits. Besides you need someone to take care of you. No more bringing home strangers to play with, with my kittens in the house. Did you think I wouldn’t notice with all the noises you make when you get up someone’s ass? Josh at least won’t get pregnant, like some of the others.”

“He’s not magical.”

“Yes, he is.. on his father’s side a long way back. He’ll acclimate and he’s got vacation coming up soon. He’s purrfect.”

“Sherry. No.”

From the bed came a sleepy voice, “alright, I believe you. Will you both go to sleep and we’ll all” Josh pulled the pillow over his ear his, “talk in the morning,” ended with a yawn. “Harry Potter…. Sheesh.”

“You’d better give him a good morning wakeup so he’ll be nice and mellow,” was hissed at Ezzie.

A hand rose from the bedding, pointed at the door and the words, “Allakhazam,” were plainly mumbled into the blankets. Somehow Sherry was out in the hallway and the door slammed shut.

Ezzie looked at the warm cuddly man in his bed in amazement and shrugged, pulling Josh into his arms to snuggle before himself falling asleep. Morning was going to be interesting. He ignored the muted laughter that moved off down the hallway.
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Title: The Takeover
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 977

It was late. Josh said as much to his house guest where she lounged in ‘his’, comfy and sometimes place to sleep, tv chair. He picked up the now neatly washed bowl, since she was done licking it, a bowl that was supposed to lure her out of ‘his’ recliner chair to the floor. In the end he’d picked it up and put it next to her, where upon she’d made short work of it. The bowl was still in his hand when the doorbell rang.

“If this is for you, you’re going to have to go outside and socialize with them. It’s bedtime for me,” Josh called over his shoulder as he opened the door.

A laugh came from the person on the other side of the screen door. “Sherry, short for Scheherazade, giving you problems? She does have a mind of her own.”

“Your cat?”

“I don’t know if you could really call her mine,” was said with amusement. “I think she considers me hers and now you too. Might as well get used to it.”

Read more... )
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The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague
The history of occult science is turned into a creepshow at this sensational Prague attraction

Prague is a city steeped in history both known and otherwise, and the darker side of the Czech capital's past is brought to light in evocative displays at The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague, which looks at some of the famous dabblers in the dark arts that have called the city home.

Read more... )
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Needless to say I will not be sharing this with my daughter, the mother of my grandson who is doing this type of learning his numbers with a die.

Title: Prodigy
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 333

A rattling sound preceded, “Eight.” Again there was the rattle of the die across the floor followed by the high young voice of her son, “Three.” Once more the die dropped and rolled on the tiles, “Nine.”

Abby smiled, not yet 2 years old and his teachers were saying that Joshua was much advanced for a child of his age. He hadn’t gotten to identifying and though he had gotten to calling out the names of the higher numbers of the twelve sided die, yet.

There was one very big problem with his obsession with the educational toy, the red die. His bedtimes were becoming nerve shredding. For an hour after he was put to bed the repeated whimpered word “Die,” could be heard from his bedroom calling for it. He was addicted. It was too small for him to have unsupervised in bed, a choking hazard. But the continued crying in the middle of the night was heart rending; sometimes while he’d be dreaming, sometimes when he woke himself; calling out plaintively for his “Die.”

She hoped that this was only a temporary fixation. Something to be outgrown as he developed more control in his environment. That’s what the baby book said. So Abby waited, offering other options to the hard rounded smooth sided die being in the bed with him. The pillow in the shape of a die worked for a short ten minutes. There’d been a trip to the dice store to choose a larger version of the red die. Joshua had chosen a yellow die from those available, but it was still his “red die” that he called for at bedtime.

Two weeks later she noticed; Joshua called out the number, “Five,” and then there was the sound of the drop and rolling of the die. “Two,” again the die rolled. “Three!”

Abby looked down at her son as he let the die fall and watched in bemused horror as the thing rolled, stopping to reveal the number 3.
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Title: Herb Shop Part 4
Stray Stories/ On the Streets Story arc
Author: charisstoma
Word count:323

Poof hadn’t shown up for classes the last couple of days. Arath had a good idea why. His parents had stayed over a few days longer, realizing that their son was having an important first in his life.

Malakishel especially was sympathetic. A possible lover’s rejection was a part of growing up for a demon, or not, how else would a young demon learn the tactics and ins and outs of courtship. But a future consort’s rejection… Arath had always seemed to lean more towards the wizard side of the gene pool but he had enough demon in him to severely screw up his life.

Demons once they’d marked their future consort tended to go in for the sealing of the deal by whatever means possible, no matter how sneakily manipulative, to win the love of their very long lives. Some of those means, in times long past weren’t condoned even in the demon plane, and on this plane even some of the ones, that were currently condoned on the demon plane, would cause major diplomatic repercussions.

Arath was still very inexperienced, something Malakishel and Kish had had some heated words about before allowing their child to transfer to his new school.

Still one couldn’t take a young demon-wizard or wizard-demon and throw him in the pool of sex starved upper class students, studying demon mating techniques, as Kish had repeatedly told him with their first child. There’d been a stoat short stick brought into that discussion, if he remembered correctly, and binding spells. A smile stretched his mouth, oh yes he loved when Kish got riled enough to take the strict dominant lead occasionally. He’d had morning sickness for 54 days and a resulting son called, for a while, Farcy, now Fariciel, his demon genes expressing sooner perhaps because of the deliciously creative begetting of him. Malakishel sighed.

Begetting younglings was fun. Making the right decisions raising them was the difficult part.
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Yes, Meri has gifted us with another Ninja Fic.

So look look look and go read

Dust plunny - literally. by Meridae.

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Tourlitis Lighthouse

Title: The Wizard’s Tower
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 324

“There it is,” the realtor said. “Now remember the wizard doesn’t like anyone poking into his possessions and whatever you do don’t take anything that’s his,” he shivered, “or break anything. This is a short term time-share only and the terms of the contract are very strict with strict punitive penalties.”

“What’s the worst that you’ve heard of?” Mr. Claire asked.

“I’m can’t tell you that.” The realtor flushed, “Do remember that the tower is self cleaning. You’ll always have fresh sheets in the morning or,” the flush darkened, “whenever you get out of the bed.”

There were fresh clean sheets on the beds, he found. And perhaps it was that that made him careless. It was a mistake to drop the coffee mug and then sit to watch how the kitchen would self- clean itself. There was a pause but he didn’t expect a voice to cheer and then the words,“I’m free,” from thin air.

Packing was done quickly and the boat called to escape from the tower. He made it to his plane with plenty of time and breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped through his door, shutting it firmly and leaning against it. He was out the cost of the remaining days of his time at the tower but he figured it made up for the cost of replacing the mug. He was wrong.

“I’ll buy you a new mug. A better one. One that is microwaveable and larger,” he pleaded.

The wizard looked at him and a smile stretched. “Oh my new servant, I can always buy another mug. One that’s microwaveable, psff,” he snapped his fingers. “Instead I’ve got you, to keep the kitchen clean. Much better than a new mug. Think of it as something like the movie, the Disney version, of Beauty and the Beast.” With a wave of his hands, “See you get an extended stay in a picturesque place. What could be better?”
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Title: The Myth - Why the Sun Rises and Sets
Myth Prompts
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 352

“Psst, wake up.”

Leo could barely pry open an eye but what he could see convinced him that Vinnie was insane, it was still night. Mumbling, “It’s still dark out.”

“And it will stay that way if you don’t get your ass in gear.”Read more... )
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I'm sure there are more. In fact I know there are.
The video in question went viral in the Wizards' World 'Verse and watching it can prime the watchers into an unexpected pregnancy. Originally it was made by Balthazaar, Brian, and Duke as a home movie exclusively for their own enjoyment.


Papa Brian vs. the Sex Education Speech

Sex Education Speech Cleanup

Incriminating Evidence



"That disk" makes a trip to Elementary School

‘That’ Video Again


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