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Great name for a vampire club. Watch the vid

Glitzy and tacky enough?
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bleeding the horseshoe crabs

This... I've seen too many vampire horror movies where the humans are lined up like this to be milked of their blood.
Article says that the population of the horseshoe crab is being impacted. When they're all gone then what are the options.
A living fossil soon gone the way of the dinosaur?

Yeah they're a spider type but they're kind of neat too. I see them and I see trilobites.
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FB3X Drabble Cascade #81 - Staple

Drabble Cascade at FB3X - Every Tuesday

Title: In The Market (PG, m/m, paranormal)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100

The lighting made for a romantic atmosphere, which wasn’t a problem for those who were shopping. They could see perfectly well in the dimness. Lester smirked. Some of those being perused were eager, pheromones pleasantly scenting the air. Then again, the management probably piped in those scents to excite both consumer and provider.

He much preferred hunting over this artificial choosing but those here knew what was happening, which made for fewer misunderstandings. Blood was, after all, the customers’ staple diet.

Interestedly watching as a man stormed away from Lady D’s attentions, Lester smiled. Ah, his favored flavor for dinner.
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 28
Author: charisstoma
Word count:625
Continues from Part 27
Sneaks this in because we're supposed to have a day+ of rather a lot of rain and my internet doesn't like it most times. Plus torturing the Meridae who probably sees through my evil distracting camouflage.

Everett stared at the bright red fabric lying upon the bed. It had been delivered while he was napping. Wearing little more than an apron around the house was one thing, when no one but Connell and Stephen were the only ones there but this thing … he couldn’t quite put name to it. It was someplace between a long skirt and a floor dragging loincloth.

“I’m not wearing that.” He said pointing at the thing on the bed.Read more... )
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Parts 20 - 27
Author: charisstoma

Previous word counts
Parts 1 – 7 = 6363
Parts 8 – 14 = 7033
Parts 15- 19 = 5194
Parts 20 -27 = 8514

Running total = 27104

Running total = 27104

Part 20 Read more... )
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Title:Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 27
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1005
Follows from Part 26

“You are an amazing donor. Your body’s blood regenerative abilities …” Sonya held up the lab results from the Medical Clinic. “By yourself you could feed one of us every day without any difficulties.” She frowned, “This might be a problem for your co-consort. The medical condition you have makes you need to donate your blood for your health to not deteriorate. It might be better if you did freelance for our Blood Clinic.”

“I could still donate at the Dr. Gordon’s clinic on the days Connell didn’t feed from me,” Everett suggested. “Maybe I’ll even out on my production and I’m just responding to being drained,” he added hopefully. “I mean look how many days it took me to recover from when Connell delivered me here.”Read more... )

Continues from here Part 28
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 26
Word count:1014
Follows from Part 25

“No, you can not go home looking like that,” Sonya repeated for what felt like the twelfth time. “It is fortunate that blood donors, normal blood donors,” her brow rose looking at him, “must wait to replenish their blood before they can donate again. Remember what I told you about why you couldn’t host a diner so soon after Connell sent you here?”

They were seated at the breakfast bar, him with his scrambled eggs and sausage and Sonya with a cup of tea, “But Connell knows that it was Warren who was with me and they play together with their consorts.”

“No. Do not ask again for the rest of the day or you’ll have steak medium rare for all of your meals until I forgive you.” Her fangs were showing and the words hissed. It occurred to Everett that there was something more behind just his safety.Read more... )

Continues here with Part 27
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 25
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 654
|P OCD for the links.
Follows from Part 24

Sonya had been meticulous as always in accessing my various health indicators and given me an encouraging smile before she left. I shivered. Sonya I knew and was comfortable with but this time was very much like when I first met Connell except I knew what was going to happen, sort of, and I almost asked for the laughing gas to handle the tension.

I could handle this, I told myself and shivered again. This could go very, very badly or very good or … I didn’t know how I wanted it to go. The door slid open and he walked in just as I remembered him, his face stern. Someone didn’t want to be here though no one could have forced him to unless he wanted to be here. Vlad was a force to be reckoned with.

“So,” I began nonchalantly, “how’s Vlad?”Read more... )

Continues with Part 26
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 24
Author: charisstoma
Word count:1857
Continues from Part 23a
Meridae's going to love this. *grins*

The day outside was bright, Everett could tell from staring into the monitors longingly. If he wanted to go outside he’d need sunglasses after all the time spent in the Blood Donation Clinic where the sun didn’t shine and vampires didn’t make ashes of themselves. He smiled at his pun, stir crazy with next to nothing to do if one didn’t count the consort manual that he’d finished late this morning. What could it hurt if he went out and sat looking at the sun drenched world. There was dew still on the top steps in the protection of the shrub shaded overhang and the computer was keyed with facial recognition to not lock him out. If anyone from outside, asked he’d say he was staying at the clinic for training and this was his break. It wasn’t a lie, he was in training for vampire consort and he was taking a break from staring at photos and biographies of vampires who wanted to get to know him better. Know being in the semi-biblical manner and they were more interested in him giving up his blood after a sweet time of lust inducement.

“Hey, you’re Everett the one everybody is interested in?”

Everett blinked. “How did you sneak up on me?” watching as the other man settled beside him on the steps.

“You were mooning at the sunlight,” was replied with a smirk, “I know the feeling. Sometimes you just feel the need.” A hand was extended towards Everett, “Vlad and yes I am aware of what my parents cursed me with. Something to do with being conceived,” he grimaced, “while my parents were watching a vampire movie. Who tells their kid that anyway?! My Mom even showed me the costumes that they were wearing once! I was fourteen. Scarred me for life!”

“So now you’re a fearless vampire hunter?”Read more... )

Continues with Part 25
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FB3X Drabble Cascade #68– “Invent”

Drabble Cascade at FB3X - Every Tuesday

Title: Veggie Lover’s Pizza (vampire/human/human, G)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100
This drabble (Part 23a) is part of the Taking Steps: Date by Appointment series. Everett is human and he's sick of eating steak done pink in the center.
Continues from Part 23
If you want to start at the beginning then here:
Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 1

Sonya was consuming her blood when the car pulled into the driveway.

Drooling with lust, Everett watched a young man hop out carrying something large and flat in an insulated bag. He had the door open before the doorbell rang and the words, “Pizza Delivery,” could be uttered.

His, “You’re Nathan?” was answered by an uncertain nod.


“Um, having my way with Nathan. He’s not biting though.” Everett frowned.

Accusingly after the delivery boy left, “You said he’d take my blood for pizza.”

“I made that up. It’s a vampire joke Nathan and I share.”

Continues with Part 24
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 23
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 887

Continues from Part 22

“Alright. You’ve been with a female,” Sonya pointed at herself, “now you just need to have a date with a male. I can, for want of a better word, advertize that there is a male donor date available through normal procedures or, if you have another choice, not Connell, I can contact that individual to place your request.”

“Can I see what they look like before I commit to being with them? How did Connell get chosen as my diner?”

“Luck and he was next on the roster, plus he’s good with the nervous donors, gentle. Yes, I can provide photographs.”

“So if Connell hadn’t been available, who would I have been with?”


“Warren, as in ‘We’re worried about not hearing from you,’ Warren? As in pointing out the benefits of donor freelancing?”Read more... )

Continues with Part 23a
IF you're deluded enough to want to start from the beginning Part 1
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 22
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 666
Meridae and Meep = instigators.
Continues from Part 21

“You are a bad, bad, bad man. I’ll go get you some orange juice and we wasted a perfectly good opportunity for a semen emission collection,” Sonya lamented as she levered herself up from the bed. Everett grinned tiredly up at her and she sighed, “and yes, this did count as being with a female diner.”

His hypothesis was correct, vampires had reflexes like sharks you just had to chum the waters, so to speak; get a little fresh tasty blood in their mouth and they couldn’t help themselves. Guess that was why there was the probation against anything penetrative when a vampire was trying to coax someone to let them have them. All he’d had to do was impale his ass on one of Sonya’s fangs, seemingly totally not by accident. The blood in her mouth had done the rest.Read more... )

Continues with Part 23
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 21
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1437
Continues from Part 20

A person could get sick of beef, he thought after the third day of steak, bloody steak. He liked medium well done steak but Sonya encouraged him to have rare and between them settled on medium, not medium rare because his idea of medium and her idea of medium didn’t agree. So he insisted on his medium well and got medium. Vampires are opinionated and stubborn, which came as no surprise having lived with Connell, but Sonya’s mission was him and he was never more glad that Stephen would be there with him in Connell’s regard at the end of this. He wondered if he had telephone privileges so he could call home. Maybe if he called during the day when Connell was asleep they wouldn’t mind.

Vampire spit really did the trick, inwardly Everett giggled at the rhyme. His injuries were healing faster than what was usual for him and the lassitude from his blood loss was gone which was probably due to his body’s blood production problem. He’d asked Sonya and been told that when his red blood cell count was elevated enough the Donation clinic would appreciate his contribution and she brought up that she could continue the licking that he seemed to enjoy so much to add the enhanced flavor to his donation. He would of course be compensated for his donation, not as much as if he’d had a donation ‘date’ but more than a regular human style donation. She didn’t advise that he engage with one of his required hostings while Connell’s marks were so noticeable as, Everett added another attribute to his vampire knowledge of attributes, ‘her people’ were competitive and things could get out of control. He sighed, the time for him to, he rolled his eyes, play donor to a diner was more rapidly approaching than he wanted.

I wonder if my time with Sonya counts as my female vampire? He asked himself and then asked Sonya.Read more... )

Continues with Part 22
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 20
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 894
Continues from Part 19 (help me, this thing is taking over my life)

The bed was a wide expanse of white with tied off draperies at each corner and the footboard an ornate frame. All very nice, he supposed but right now he wanted quiet, dark, and small to hide in and lick his proverbial wounds. It was only for a little while, Connell had said and then wrung from him every last drop of cum and almost more than Everett could safely give in blood.

There was a tsk from the doorway as Sonya entered, “Guess I don’t have to do more then rudimentary physical check on you. Connell would deliver you drained, putting off anyone being able to do much with you even if you were willing.”

Everett remembered Connell growling off and on as he placed kisses and nips over the expanse of Everett’s bare flesh.

“Take off all your clothes, please. Let’s see the damage,” she directed him in what Everett was relieved to recognize as ultra-professional in tone. The hiss as he removed his shirt ruined that, “He’s more attached to you than I’d surmised to do that much damage.” She stroked a cool hand from his shoulder and down his back, “and not a bruise left to empty.”Read more... )

Contines with Part 21
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Parts 15 - 19
Author: charisstoma

Previous word counts
Parts 1 – 7 = 6363
Parts 8 – 14 = 7033
Parts 15- 19 = 5194
Running total = 18590

Part 15Read more... )
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 19
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 717
Continues from Part 18

“The house looks good,” he said falling into a chair groaning from many minor aches. Stephen grinned at him from where he lay on the facing couch. Everett was envious thinking, ‘the cool leather must feel nice on the skin his clothes doesn’t cover,’ and remembered the taste of that skin still sweaty from labor that had nothing to do with cleaning.

“Yeah, we did good, didn’t we. Never gotten this much done before. Hmm, what could be the difference?” He pretended to consider and laughed as a pillow was chucked at him.

“There’s lots more of them where that came from,” Everett grinned holding a pillow up threatening. “I won’t be running out for a good while during Pillow War III.”

“Pillow War III? Did I miss I and II?”

Sagely nodding, “Before your time, in the infancy of my life.”

Stephen arched his brows, “Didn’t make into my history books. Can’t have been all that important.”Read more... )

Continues with Part 20
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 18
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1104
Continues from Part 17

“Are you sure we can’t just sleep in here? It’s right there, so close.”

“Nooooo,” Stephen groaned, “don’t tempt me. We’ve already changed the sheets.”

Dropping his head onto the cabinet beside the armoire, Everett considered if he could fall asleep kneeling. A hand tugging on his arm trying to lift him was distracting. “Leave me ‘lone.”

“Come on, it’s not that far,” Everett heard but when they got to the hallway his bedroom seemed like longer than his legs wanted to move. How they got to the bathroom, he didn’t remember more than one leaden foot landing in front of the other.

“Shower but first swallow this.”

“What’s it?”

“Anti-inflammatory. We each should have taken one before we started. Suppose to decrease the after effects from overworked muscles. Your problem is you don’t know how to pace yourself. I estimated the bedroom would take us two days.”

Looking up through his lashes with a crooked smile of fatigue, “Where’s the fun n’that?”

“Uh, huh. Tell me that tomorrow. Shower. I’m not going to bed with a sweaty body that isn’t the result of orgasms.”

The hiss of the water sounded nice. Hands pulled up his t-shirt to the command of “put your arms up”. Walls are good things to lean butts on and it was easier to bend forward so his arms didn’t have to rise as far. Not so good to have to stand back upright when after the tugging on his waist, his pants were slid down and he had to lift one leg balancing on the other and Stephen, and then the second leg. “Stay there,” and he yelped as the cold tile wall and his back met.

“Baby,” Stephen chided him. “You’ll feel better once you’re showered and put to bed.” He did too. The smooth sheets that caressed his skin as he slid between and Stephen’s equally smooth skin as he slid in next to him. A part of him tried to become interested but Stephen laughed. “Neither of us is up for that. Maybe in the morning.”

“It’s odd going to bed to sleep so early,” he murmured to Stephen or himself or the room. He didn’t care, giving up consciousness as the lamp snicking off gave rise to darkness.Read more... )

Continues with Part 19
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 17
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1012
Next couple of entries I'm going to blame on meridae and dyoklako. And internet is reacting to the rain. *growls*
Continues from Part 16

Everett called in sick for the next couple days and he could tell that Christie was relieved and trying not to show it. She told him to take as many days as he needed and call when he ‘felt’ better. She’d find the hours for him.

“You have any bills that need paying?” Stephen asked quickly adding, “we can do them on-line. You heard Connell tell me to take care of things while he was gone. Having you feel secure that there’s a place for you to go back to if this doesn’t work out seems like one of those things that comes under that heading. Takes the pressure off…”

“…while plying me with all the perks of being a kept man,” Everett continued the sentence. “Do you know how much money I’m saving from not buying food?” he added sarcastically.

With a totally saccharine smile Stephen smirked, “all you have to do is lay back or on all fours or any position that a certain person thinks up and open your legs and let a giant mosquito suck on you while he brings you to orgasm after a length of time he determines. Don’t discount the quality of the eyes rolling up in your head sex that all you have to do for is beg.”

“Yeah, that last one.”

“So, your bed or mine tonight?” Read more... )

Continues with Part 18
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Title: Taking Steps: Date by Appointment Part 16
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1089
Many thanks to Meridae. She knows what she did.
Follows from Part 15

‘Connell’s driving would be better on a racecourse,’ Everett cringed as the car took another swipe at a turn. ‘Guess I don’t have to worry too much about pre-maturely coming. The upholstery is going to have permanent indents from my nails.’ There was a laugh from the front of the car from Connell and then he moaned. Connell did an overlong glance down into his lap in Everett’s opinion and then Everett noticed where Stephen’s head was and what its movements entailed. ‘Oh shit,’ and he was back to hard discomfort again; Connell was usually the one giving not receiving. Read more... )

Continues with Part 17


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