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Title: The Door Part 3
Part 2
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 511

“Busy day,” Victor expressed his opinion. “Great food, as usual little brother.”

Gavin finished wiping down the cooktop and blew out a breath. “I might need to take on more staff. A person needs some balance in his life and free time.”

“Free time,” Victor snorted. “With his legs open and around you. I don’t think you want to be free.”

Gavin gave a slow wide smile, “Oh, yeah.”

“When are you planning to make an honest mate of him?”

“Soon. I hope. Got to get him through the wedding planning.” He laughed, “Might have to run away to Scotland and Gretna Green.”

“Oooooooh,” Victor drew out in fake dismay. “That’ll go over well with the family.”

“There’s always the reception after to show him off.”

“You really believe that’ll fly. How are you going to keep your scaredy cat from bolting?”

“He does well with adapting to circumstances. Think it’s the build up of stress that would put him off the idea. He’d want everything to be just so and near kill himself trying to make it perfect. The tension would ruin it for him.”

“Could get the family to do the preparations. Just tell him you want to get married on a certain date, maybe mention Gretna,” Victor shrugged, “which wouldn’t be a lie since you could always do the honeymoon there after you officially bed him here. Then bring him to the finished product. The family would love to get involved.”

“I’ll talk it over with Toby. For now I just want to get home.”

“Can’t wait to get into your pussy?” Victor grinned watching his brother redden.

“Victor… “ Gavin stopped and took a deep breath, “will the family still want to help if they know that Toby’s family is feline were?”

Victor blinked, “Really?”

Gavin nodded.

“Okay. Well at least he’s were too. What kind of feline?”

“Don’t know yet.”

“He’s never changed around you?”

“I haven’t changed in front of him either.”

“O-kay. I know you love him and assume he loves you too, so that needs to change. It’s called trust.”
“Yeah. Kind of why I haven’t pushed the wedding plans. ‘Course he and I could go to Gretna and bond first.”

“Or you could do the conversation, don’t give me that look, first. You and he have already done the naked thing since you’ve had sex of some sort; being in your were form is just another version of that.”

“I’ll talk to him.”

“Either you do or I will change in front of him so he knows what to expect. Maybe I’ll take him to see the preschool while the cubs are in puppy form instead. Be good for him anyway since he might have one.”


“See you do. I like your Toby. I want the both of you to be happy.”

Victor was unprepared for Gavin to hiss at him. His “Oh, he has been teaching you things,” was met with the more usual growl. “Well, at least whatever kind of feline your Toby is, he hisses.”
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Title: The Door part 2
Part 1
Author: charisstoma
Word count:412

“Okay, it looks even better after dark. The flowers show up better.”

The lights inside went out and the exterior lights illuminated the entrance leaving the stained glass of the windows in a more classic beige and black patterned glass expanse in keeping with the warm cream of the coffered entrance arch.

“Oh Wow. Beautiful.”

Gavin laughed hugging Tobias from the side, “My little traditionalist.”

Tobias returned the hug, not difficult since he was standing with his arm around Gavin. “I think I love you,” he said with uncertainty at the words' reception.

“I know I love you,” was answered.



“Really really?”

Gavin tightened his arm further. “Yes.”

“Oh, good.” Tobias smiled up at Gavin. “’Cause I’ve been worrying. A person doesn’t like to bring things like that up when they don’t know if it’s going to be reciprocated.”

“Silly. You’re easy to love.”

‘Just as easy to fall out of love,” there was the uncertainty again in Tobias’ voice.

“Nope. I have fallen fast but it’s not going to go away. It’s a family tradition. Once in love, always in love and there’s a feeling inside that tells you ‘this is your one’.”

“That sounds kinda werewolf or vampire fantasy story.” Tobias grinned, “You read fantasy stories,” he accused then frowned. “And I haven’t found any in your house. I looked.”

Gavin laughed, “Have you been bored enough to need fantasy stories?”

Tobias blushed, “I don’t think it possible to be bored around you. You’re kind of distracting.”

“It’s my talented tongue,” was answered with assurance.

“Shhhhh,” Tobias glanced around in case there was anyone around them to hear. “Um, that might have something to do with it.”

“Only might?”

“Hush you.”

“Marry me and be my bitch.”

That caused Tobias to blink. “Okay, that…. That was interesting. Yes to the first part and um bitch?”

“Werewolf for designated spouse.”

“You really are a were?!”

“Yes. Does it make a difference?”

“NO. No, no difference. Just um… I’m feline.”

“Then per your family tradition you’d be my queen,” was said with a shrug. Gavin smiled, “Explains why you smell so tantalizing and why you like to play with your food or should I say prey.”

“Shhhhhhh.” If Tobias could blush any hotter he didn’t know how.

Not to be deterred, “And how good your tongue feels.”


“Yes my little pussy.”

“Okay we need to take this home before ...” the rest was lost in the kiss.

“Yes, home.”

More cats

Jun. 9th, 2017 12:53 pm
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Not a kitten
That's not a kitten. Potatoes are needed for some arcane spells?

any port in a storm cat
Any port in a storm?

cat sitting way up


cat licking tail
Well my tail won't clean itself.

The cat version of, "I've fallen and can't get uppppp, um I mean down."

cat - one of those neighbors
One of those neighbors.
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Go read these *grins* They are 'interesting'

Why some cats are catnip junkies page 5

Do you ever feel like a crack dealer when your cat sees you getting out the catnip? For about 50% of the cat population, catnip is like happiness in herbal form, while the other half (and kittens) have no response to it whatsoever. What gives?

The gene that makes cats sensitive to catnip is hereditary, and it's an inherited response to a chemical called nepetalactone. The scent bonds to receptors in the cat's nasal passages, which then stimulate the sensory receptors in the brain. If your cat's acting like they're on a complete sensory overload, that's because they absolutely are. And they're loving it. Some cats have a … specific set of responses they exhibit when they're exposed to catnip, and it's akin to a cat in heat. That's because the senses that are being overloaded are the same ones triggered by cat pheromones, so when you give your cat some of the nip? Give them some alone time, too. They deserve it, and expect it.
Their brains have 90% in common with ours Page 6

Read More:

It's an age-old argument: who's smarter, cats or dogs? (People aren't a choice in the equation, because cats and dogs are both definitely smarter than most people.) It turns out that, on a biological level, cats might have a slight edge on dogs, but we hope you won't tell them that. Dogs will never live it down.

With the wonders of modern science, researchers have been able to measure the number of neurons present in the part of cat and dog brains responsible for things like problem-solving and information processing. Cats have a staggering 300 million neurons, while dogs only have 160 million. Sorry, pups.

While that means that cats are going to be quicker at some things than dogs, what about comparing them to humans? Part of human's processing power comes from the folds that are on the surface of our brains. The more wrinkles there are, the larger the surface area and, in turn, the more processing power the brain has. That's where the 90% number comes in, and it turns out that cat brains are wrinkled like ours, so much so that they're 90% similar. They also have large and complex cerebral structures, which governs decision-making, memory, advance planning, and reasoning skills. Their similar brains mean that there's a lot going on in there, and if they found time and motivation to care, they could outsmart circles around Pupper. So the next time you suspect Kitty is plotting to install himself as the world's next great supervillain, he just might be.

Read More:
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2012 Annular eclipse over New Mexico (Image: Kevin Baird)
There's supposed to be another this August that will be seen across the U.S.

Lake Michigan 2017 ----David Ison
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Craig E Clair Castle

more photos, link has even more. )

The curious history of the place, the tradition of every endeavor put upon it of failing, and its eventual abandonment have given rise to many legends about the house.

What truth is reasonably certain, however, is that the structure was originally a summer lodge built by Bradford Lee Gilbert in the early 1880’s. The name of Craig-E-Clair is said to have come from Gilbert’s wife, a Scottish native who was reminded of small town by the name of Craig-E-Clare in Scotland.
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Get Lost in the Stacks of These 10 Beautiful University Libraries
These stunning historic libraries will vanquish any back-to-school gloom.

By Molly McBride Jacobson AUGUST 29, 2016

I didn't post the text to this, just the photos.

Duke Humfrey’s Library at Oxford University
Read more... )
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Crossing his front legs, "I'm comfortable, what did you want to talk about?"

"She always pays special attention to me when I get back from a work trip."-- aka "Where have you been?!"

Some people have 'arm candy' but this one is a shoulder ornament.

Frogs' post Prompts
Meeps fic from Frogs' post Nose to Nose --- part 1
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Ever think that some coincidences in life are just too perfect to be coincidences? Or have a moment so perfect it could have come straight out of a book? These crazy bookworm theories take that feeling to the next level, making you think about your life in a totally different way…

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And I thought those reports of owls making off with small cats or dogs were for their dinner... may have been dinner, but as a guest?

Evil Meri- Or merely parent carrying unflighted offspring.
Meridae wrote this Ninja Meowlets Warne & Ranel mentioning involved.

Title:Dinner Time
Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 190

“MOOooooowm, nooooooooo.”

Andy grabbed Simon’s arm. “Do something that owl is making off with a kitten. You’re a snake familiar. You’ve got magic,” he shook Simon’s arm, “DO something.”

With a great put upon sigh, “HESTER!”

The owl flew back into view the kitten still clutched in its talons. It carefully placed the kitten on the thick branch and put a foot down on it. “What? It’s dinner time.”

“My human love is concerned about the kitten’s fate. He doesn’t understand.”

“Damn right I don’t.”

From the pinioned kitten came, “He said a bad word. Is he going to get his mouth washed out with rotten owl pellets?”

“No son, I expect he’ll get a spanking for using bad language around small impressionable can’t fly yet Owl-cat kittens.” The owl turned his attention back to Simon, “Now if you don’t mind, mice as you know taste better fresh.”

Watching Hester, which upon closer observation Andy saw had feline features in place of an owl’s, fly away, “Um, that kitten wasn’t in any trouble was it?”

“No-Pe.” Simon smiled evily. “Come on. You’ve got a spanking to receive.”

“SIMONnnnnn, noooooo .”
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Monument Valley, Arizona, USA. (All Photos: © Tom Jacobi)

There is a technique in art known as grisaille, in which an artist will create a work entirely from shades of grey. Sometimes it is used simply because it’s cheaper; sometimes it is an undercoat; and sometimes it is employed to create a three-dimensional effect.

In his new book Grey Matter(s), Tom Jacobi's work could be described as photographic grisailles: tranquil scenes composed entirely of landscapes that are devoid of color.

Jacobi’s interest in a monochrome palette began on a trip to the Antarctic. Instead of finding a world of blue and white, he discovered that much of what he saw was grey. “No color was screaming for attention," Jacobi recalls in the introduction to his book. “That grey landscape radiated unbelievable energy and meditative calm.”

To capture this de-saturated world in landscapes as wide-ranging as Arizona, New Zealand and Iceland, Jacobi photographed as light shifted between day and night. As twilight fell, landscapes seemed, he writes, “like mystical enactments from some other world.” Atlas Obscura has a selection of Jacobi’s worlds of hushed grey.

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For the temporary creation of familiars = perfect for spies. No smell of feline familiar urine to betray the artificial condition.
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Virginia House, from the dismantled Warwick Priory, Warwickshire, England, c. 1929. (Photo: Library of Congress)

The interior of Virginia House, 1929. (Photo: Library of Congress)

Agecroft Hall, in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo: Fopseh/WikiCommons CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Elizabethan knot garden at Agecroft Hall. (Photo: Fopseh/WikiCommons CC BY-SA 3.0)



Jun. 13th, 2015 08:58 am
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Male child sent me these. The comments are.... interesting. *grins* The one where someone listed off the percentage of demons in various lines of work...
Might be useful. *snickers*

***Necromatic Statistics
that sounds like something you'd do in an insurance company

Clinical Incantations:
Oh, great and powerful insurance policy, cover thy servant with protection and malpractice fees, for thou art premium in my heart and checkbook.

Demonic Electronics
"Aaaaaah! It's an evil toaster!"
--Demonic toasters – not quite as uncommon as one might think.

Esoteric Anthropology... somehow that just seems like academia.

Nuclear incantations
So, no more need for that big red button. We just say the word!

Occult Mathematics- So anything above college level?

Demonic Statistics -
the median age of the American major demons is 12593, 3003 for minor demons, and 720 for imps. In 2015, 73.3% of surveyed demons worked in the service industry, 14.6% in public services (including political offices), 12.0% in the military, and 0.1% in miscellaneous. Less than 0.1% of surveyed demons were unemployed.

Theurgical Epidemiology--- See Clinical Incantations above.

Civil exorcism? What the hell?!
---For when your highways and sewers are being possessed by demons.

Illusionary Archaeology. This is what, in the scientific community, we call a 'hoax'.

Necromancy Destabilization - to make zombies trip over themselves. Extremely helpful in the apocalypse!
---- Makes Zombies fall apart. Also helpful in the apocalypse.
Summoner's Processer — your demon is loading. Please wait patiently.
Talisman form. It is a little pendant of an animal or creature, and the wearer can take that form at will.

There's more or there can be more. It's a generator after all.


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