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Title: Dog and Cat Drinking Together
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 746

“You think they’ll be long?”

Fred turned his head from his water bowl to look in disbelief at Don. “Surely you know about humans, and even if they’re wizards they’re still humans. They don’t do a simple mating thing. They tend to take their time and after that they tend to fall asleep cuddling together. And often they do it all again sometimes waking the other to mate again and again.” He sighed. “This may be an all night thing since you’re over here too.”

Don’s eyes widened, “That’s why he brought my stuff over here.”


“Where do I sleep then?”

“Couch, chair, spare bedroom;” Fred did a dog shrug, “but I warn you, if you decide to sleep there it’s my bed too.”

“I like to sleep between the sheets.”

“So do I but I’m in my human form.”

“Oh. You wear pajamas?”


“Oh.” Don looked away down into the second water bowl. “You mind if I stay in my cat form?”

“Scaredy cat?”

“Cautious cat. I may shed my fur but I’ve never done human naked in bed with anyone and my pajamas aren’t in the things Tony packed. I watched him closely.”

“What did you think he was packing so many of your things for?”

“We’d stay late, like maybe after 11 o’clock, and he knows I’m finicky. I don’t want to eat dog food if I get hungry and since you might not get to eat anything except dog food if you’re in canine form.”

“And the blanket?”

“My blanket, that I like to cuddle into if it’s cool and there’s no sunlight to sun in. You might be one of those families that like to turn the A/C down cool.”

“Yeah, we do do that at night for bedtime.”

“So, you think they’re going to be in there long?”

Fred sighed and told himself not to roll his eyes. “Yes.”

“It’s already 11 o’clock.”

“So it is.”

Don sighed, “Spare bedroom is where?”

“Want to use the outdoor cat box first?”

“No.” Don shuddered. “I’ll use the indoor facilities.”

“We’ve got no cat box and you didn’t bring one.”

Don sniffed, “I know how to use the toilet and flush it after. You’ll have to put the seat down for me if it’s up.”

“Ooooh an educated cat. That’s handy. I use my human form for the necessities. Even know how to operate the can opener.”

“Really? Before I leave would you show me how. Might come in handy sometime.”

“Sure. No problem. Gotta be in human form though.”

“Why do you have dog food then?”

“Cheaper. Isn’t too bad especially if Alex pours gravy over top of it and if a regular human visits they expect to see dog food down for me to eat if I get hungry. Usually we eat the same thing though.”

“Tony doesn’t think of that. He says things like cats have special needs in their food and because he’s really aware of that ash thing in foods I eat,” Don sighed. “He’s careful. I probably should be in my human form more. Humans can eat pretty anything they want and he forgets I can be human.”
“Want to start practicing that human form thing tonight?”

“I don’t know you well enough to do that and sleep with you. I don’t tom cat around.”

“Fair enough. I’ll put the seat down for you and show you where the spare room is before I shower.”

“Dry well. Wet skin and fur don’t go well together.”

“I’ll remember that.”


Alex heard the shower start a short time of the flushing of the toilet. He turned over and cuddled close. “Fred’s getting ready for bed. Don going to be okay?”

“He knows how to use the toilet. Expect he’ll curl up someplace with his blanket.”

Tony felt Alex smile against his cheek and turned into the kiss.

Sometime in the night Alex got up and checked things, returning to bed to tell Tony about how cute Fred looked with Don sleeping on his chest, his small cat head just sticking out from below the bedding.

“That’s the way he sleeps with me. He’s already training Fred.”

“Good. You’re time in bed is going to be taken frequently.”

“Good, often and well. You want to receive this time though?”

“A little sore?”

“No, I’m good. Equal time.”

Alex rolled over, “You are definitely good either way.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.”

Chuckling, “Everywhere? I’ll remember that.”
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Title: Relationships
Author: charisstomas
Word count: 189

“So how did your clandestine meeting go with ‘Alex’?”

Tony paused, “What makes you think … how do you know about that?”

“Just because Fred and I are mortal enemies...”

“Oh not mortal, not from what I’ve heard.”

Through clenched teeth, “mortal enemies. Just because he and I talk, doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

“Uh huh.”

“We can still talk to each other.”

“Talk. Uh huh.”


Tony assumed a mysterious Cheshire cat smile. “Oh, I don’t kiss and tell.”

“KISS and TELL?”

“I’m a little tired. Think I’ll go to bed now.”

“Wait. What?” and then menacingly, “You may not wake up in the morning.”

“That would make Alex sad and you’d have to go live with him and Fred.” Tony stuck his head back around the door frame, “Think about it.”

Tony grinned as from the other room he heard, “ARRRRR.” Seems he had a pirate for a cat. The pitterpat of rain outside made him smile. The garden needed a good soaking and he’d already warned Alex that tonight would probably not be a good night for Fred to go for any walks.
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Title: Street Art
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 421

“Alright who is the comedian?”

Tony came up to stand beside Don and surveyed the art on the pavement. “Probably some child. Some older child with more chalk than they know what to do with and more free time than is healthy.”

“I do not look like that.”

“Of course not, I’ve never seen your tail in that S shape and hmm looks like it might have been broken too.”

“My paws are not misshapen like that. They look like human feet. And it looks like I’ve got a sausage for a body. No cat has a sausage body.”

“True. True.” When in doubt just agree, Tony had found. “Cute face though.”


“So you like Fred’s chalk art? It took him a while. I especially like the meteor. He doesn’t often change to his human form but for this he did.”

“He did this in his human form?” there was dread in Tony’s voice. Hoping against hope, “Fred’s age in dog years the same as his human form?”

“Oh,” The wizard laughed, “he’s about our age.” Eyeing the feline familiar, I’m assuming that Don is our age.”

“Then Fred is mentally an adult and not developmentally challenged?”

“Oh. Nope. Some people like to color in those adult coloring books. Fred likes a more free form format on pavement.” The wizard was slightly nervous, “this wasn’t meant to be derogatory. Think of it as sort of a caricature, exaggerated representation, a parody even. I um think the face is cute.”

“Look Wizard...”

“Alex. My name’s Alex. Pleased to meet you… again.”

“Look Alex...”

Tony cut off whatever Don was going to say, “I’m sure that Fred didn’t mean to be insulting. The fact that it’s on our sidewalk and not on your own is a bit suspect. But we’re adult enough to overlook any implied disrespect.”

“Um, Ooookay. Thank you. I’ll talk to Fred.”

“Thank You.”

As Alex walked hurriedly away Tony’s voice carried just enough to hear, “You will wait to cause it to rain until he gets safely back to his own house, Don. If need be we can get the hose out to wash the chalk off sooner. Do. Not.”

Alex put a little more speed into his step. By the time he saw his house fat raindrops were starting to splat on the concrete in an as yet sparse distribution.

Entering through the door he called, “Well, I don’t believe your familiar cat friend is a lover of your form of art.”

Fred’s laughter met his words.

More cats

Jun. 9th, 2017 12:53 pm
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Not a kitten
That's not a kitten. Potatoes are needed for some arcane spells?

any port in a storm cat
Any port in a storm?

cat sitting way up


cat licking tail
Well my tail won't clean itself.

The cat version of, "I've fallen and can't get uppppp, um I mean down."

cat - one of those neighbors
One of those neighbors.
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You can't expect a wizard's work area to be normal especially if his kid is going to spend some time there.
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Mind meld

This is a cat telling you you're trusted.

I think it's familiars communicating across species.
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Title: The Kitten in the Egg
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 459

“Pol the doctor is here to check the baby,” drew no reaction as Pol was in his brooding chicken state.

“It’s alright,” the doctor replied, “let’s just take a peek at the little one,” as he petted and then picked up Pol to reveal the kitten.

Holding his breath at how Pol would react, Grey relaxed as Pol verbalized his nervousness at the interruption of his childcare.

“This your first?” The doctor picked up the kitten to look it over then put it down close to Pol and watched the kitten crawl underneath his welcoming spread wings.

“Yes, I don’t think Pol quite knew what was entailed and then his chicken side kicked in once he laid the kitten’s egg.”

“I guess the real reason I called you is is the kitten healthy and how … um … feeding?”

The doctor looked at Pol, “hmm. Mind if I take a peek at your underside there Pol?” So saying the doctor lifted Pol again, stopping when it produced a squawk. It was obvious that there’d be no problem as the kitten had come up too, dangling, latched firmly onto Pol.

“Well that seems to be the answer to that question,” the doctor answered. “Pol evidently has nipples. We’ll wait until the feeding is done and then I’ll take a better look at the kitten and at Pol. How long has Pol been in his poultry shift? And how long ago did you say the egg hatched?”

“Pol shifted about 10 days ago and the kitten hatched yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought once the egg hatched that Pol would change back to human form.”

“Well this is the first poultry feline combination I’ve been called to. We’ll give them a few more days. Kittens grow quickly and just the fact that he or she was able to crawl back under Pol says that soon the kitten won’t be as dependent on him. When that happens, Pol will probably spend more time out of his chicken form. For now it’s easier to take care of neonates in shifted form and Pol is following instinct,”
the doctor said in professional mode. “Is Pol eating well and what has he been given for food?”

When the answer was regular chicken feed, arrangements were made to have some high quality dry kitten food delivered that day.

“Kitten food is high in protein and calcium which will be good for Pol and improve the milk’s quality the kitten gets through him. ‘Fraid the determination of the kitten’s sex will probably have to wait until a few days from now when I come out to do a recheck. Kittens and chicks have the same problem, difficult to tell gender early on,” he laughed.
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Meep posted this: You know that's a scratching post, don't you?
Familiar University Incident,
part 2

Title: Familiar University Incident, part 3- Pole Dance
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 967

After what he was mentally calling the curious incident of the dorm cats, Isaac thought he should seek out some of the student recreation areas. Surely the cats hadn’t spoken to him. It was probably some student prank, though how they’d known the cats would be having sexy times together in that dorm room he couldn’t postulate.

Following signs that directed the way to the workout room, he finally came to a big open and currently empty space in the basement. There were the expected treadmills, weight benches, ellipticals against a backdrop of an entire wall made up of mirrors. There was a ballet bar along that wall and some suspiciously placed hand smudges that made him wonder if the cats weren’t the only ones in the mating mood. Isaac shook his head at himself, this was a university of course, the sexual hormones were set on high. Which might explain the vertical poles off to the side of the room but still in full view of the mirrors. Why at least one of the poles seemed to be covered in what looked like low looped carpeting he wasn’t sure, though again his mind was drawn back to the cats. Pole cats, a smile spread across Isaac’s face, polecats not necessarily of the weasel family, even if the two he saw in the dorms were going at it like weasels.

Isaac walked over to one of the carpeted poles reaching up to grasp it and swung himself up looping a leg around it to rut against the roughness, pressing himself against it. Ooooh yes, this he could see the appeal in.

“Want help with that?” a voice asked.

Read more... )

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Buster Archibald Felix
Sheila - Secretary to Buster
Boo Archibald Felix
Alexis Archibald Felix III
Hsin (Hazy)

Intern -Apprentice Sequel
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FB3X Drabble Cascade Every TuesdayFB3X Drabble Cascades

Welcome to the FB3X Drabble Cascade, a weekly blog hop where we want you to share your drabbles, or flash fiction inspired by our word of the week. To join in, just post your piece to your blog/social media/website and add your link to the list with Title (Rating, Genre), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction) and then to perpetuate the cascade, add the list code to the bottom of your post :)

Title: Familiar University Incident (PG, Fantasy, m/m)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100

Issac realized how privileged he was to be allowed to tour the local university for his article on educational institutions. Not all had been so amenable. Due to disruption of instruction actual classes were off-limits but all the rest he could observe, he’d been told.

There were so many cats on campus and he found himself smiling as he entered one of the dormitories. Housing was a topic of interest in deciding which school to choose. Pets were definitely a plus.

Sounds from one room drew him to interrupt a cat fight.
They told him to get out!
He did.

More in Part 2
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FB3X Drabble Cascade Every TuesdayFB3X Drabble Cascades

Welcome to the FB3X Drabble Cascade, a weekly blog hop where we want you to share your drabbles, or flash fiction inspired by our word of the week. To join in, just post your piece to your blog/social media/website and add your link to the list with Title (Rating, Genre), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction) and then to perpetuate the cascade, add the list code to the bottom of your post :)

Title: What if … (PG, Fantasy, Familiars)
Author: charsstoma
Word count: 100

“I found a quarter among the couch cushions,” Mike mentioned over his salad.

“I vacuumed and cleaned the hell out of that room before we went on holiday,” John frowned.

“I know dear. I cleared the new set of webs out. Relocated the tenants outside.”

“You put them in a good place?”

“In the shrubbery where the floodlights are.”

“Excellent. They’ll eat well there. We’ll need more lighting in the backyard soon.”

“Yes. Until then best to put up the No Vacancy sign. I’d rather not have any critiquing were-spiders in our bedroom. They’re not paying enough for a show.”

spiders paying rent
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Blame dyoklako and probably Meridae, my ninja fiction-est, and Sherlock

Title: The Unsuspecting Consultant
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 675

Someplace it lurked. Henry knew he was here. Lurking.

“You need to get over yourself, you know.”

“And you think this why?”

“You’re twitchy, ‘Sherlock’.”

“Something you know?”


“Ha. I don’t think so.” Henry opened a drawer in the desk. At the bottom of it a package was lying, innocently, with a small beige envelope sticking out from under the ribbon where the red bow was centered.

“Open it.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Well if you won’t then I will,” George reached into the drawer, pulling out the gaily wrapped package and put it on the desk top. “Shall I read the card first? Yes,” he answered himself and plucked the envelope up, pulling the card out and turning it over to read the neat printing. He started, dropping the card.

“Still want to open it, George?”

“Fucking? What? You knew?”

“Message is different each time and I didn’t know where.”

Why would he say that to you, if he’s your friend? And it smells awful.”

Henry looked at him like he was a half-wit. “Stink? Because he’s rotten?” Then he shrugged, “doesn’t matter. No really, though if I had to hazard a guess …” he grimaced. “No! Don’t. Don’t open it!”

“Well someone has to,” George took hold of the wrapping, ripping it open. He gasped, “It’s an onion.”

Sighing heavily Henry said, “Yes. A ninja onion. We take turns. It was his turn this time.”

“But it smells awful.”

“Actually it’s a he, an onion shifter. We’re onion shifters. You’ve got your finger up,” Henry inspected the onion, but not too closely, in George’s hand, “if you’d move your thumb a bit to the left you’d be very deep into him.” Henry grinned, “I think he likes you. He’s beginning to drip.”
“Since you found him, George ...” Henry edged toward the door, “shower is over there. Don’t worry Lee will show you the way. He needs one … badly and you both will after he’s done with you.”


“I have a feeling Lee will add you to his list for Ninja Stalking. Welcome,” he smiled, “I’ll just leave the two of you to it.”

The door snapped shut and the onion grew in size developing arms, legs and a head with wide smile.

“Hello you. So I’m Lee and I need to shower. Do come with me, you can scrub my back and I’ll scrub yours. Turnabout is fair play after all and I do believe if I let you out of my sight you’ll try leaving. Henry probably locked the door anyway. He’s such a romantic.”

Considering he was dreaming, George went along with it, believing that he’d wake up hard and aching, probably before getting to come, in his own bed.

The sun on his face woke him. George sighed, stretching, a smile on his face because as a dream it had been better than good. Then he stilled as an arm snaked around his waist and a naked body fitted itself behind him with evident hard interest.

“Good morning. Ready for a great way to start the day? I am,” Lee nuzzled.

“Um. Okay. But first, just to satisfy my curiosity, I’m not going to catch anything from you like onion-ness and you don’t have sex with Henry, do you?”

“Not usually to either of those things, though if you want to try a three-way with Henry I could probably talk him into it. Want me to ask him?”

“Maybe … sometime. You were saying….”

“Of course love, let’s get my sprout up your ass.”

George moaned, clenching down and shifted his ass a bit to the left to help Lee find the right place, then grinned as Lee gave his own moan. His grin faded as Lee seemed to grow inside him.
“What’s happening?”

A kiss was planted at the base of George’s neck, “Don’t worry. That’s my bulb. You’re going to loooove this. Once you’ve had an onion bulb you, you won’t want anything else … unless you’re into real pain and want a ginger.”

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The Best Secret Weapon Against Landmines and Tuberculosis Is a Rat
African giant pouched rats are better mine-sniffers than dogs and faster at TB diagnosis than human doctors.

By Elisabeth Waugaman

Thanks to HeroRAT teams, 270 square miles of Mozambique farmland are once again available to farmers dislocated since the 1980s. HeroRATS exposed 13,826 mines, 29,031 small arms and ammunitions, and 39,601 leftover unexploded munitions. Removing landmines not only saves lives but also and restores land for farming, development, and safe travel, including delivery of emergency aid.

The rats are many times more efficient at this job than humans. In 30 minutes a rat can do what it takes a human a day to do—if a human could do it at all. Metal detectors not only fail to discern between metal rubbish and active ordinance, but also have difficulty finding landmines now made predominantly out of plastic.

HeroRATs are also a better demining solution than dogs, who have long been the go-to animal for mine detection. Rats have a working life span equivalent to that of dogs, and work similar hours—from about 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., before it gets too hot—and in almost every other way the rats are superior.
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"bezoar" - hairball of cat fur

You diseased infested flea ridden bezoar.
You phlegm* encrusted bezoar.

*laughing* bezoar

A hard indigestible mass of material, such as hair, plant fibers, or seeds, found in the stomach or intestine of animals, especially ruminants and sometimes humans. Bezoars were formerly considered to be antidotes to poisons and to possess magic properties.

[1470–80; bezear < Medieval Latin bezahar < Arabic bā(di) zahr < Persian pād-zahr counterpoison]
Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

*the thick mucus secreted in the respiratory passages and discharged through the mouth, esp. that occurring in the lungs and throat passages, as during a cold.


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