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Irish chain variations quilt

4- half squares (background/medium color)

Arrange so medium color part of half squares are central and background is on outer = square on point enclosed in background color

Make 13

1- 4 patches (background/dark color A)
1- 4 patches (background/dark color B)
1- 4 patches (background/medium color A)
1- 4 patches (background/medium color B)

Arrange 4 --- 4 patches blocks
dark A and medium A
medium B and dark B

Make 12 & 6 partial 1/2 square of 4 patches

4- 4 patch block / half square blocks/ 4 -4 patch block/ half square block
half square blocks/ 4 -4 patch block/ half square block/ 4- 4 patch block
4- 4 patch block / half square blocks/ 4 -4 patch block/ half square block
half square blocks/ 4 -4 patch block/ half square block/ 4- 4 patch block
4- 4 patch block / half square blocks/ 4 -4 patch block/ half square block
half square blocks/ 4 -4 patch block/ half square block/ 4- 4 patch block


Aug. 15th, 2017 02:06 am
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UK coins

This would make an interesting collection.
Think I can request some from the bank and they order them in.

oooooh, Ex hubby is in a big place downunder.

This is not asking for donations so stop. Don't.

Think necklace made from coins.

Probably won't happen.
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A simple method to make this is a V-neck tee that you like to use as a guide. Fold the shirt lengthwise in the middle, making sure the shoulders lie on each other. Lay it flat on a table. Then use a ruler to measure the distance from the point where the collar meets the shoulder of the school, to the top of the v. Write down this measure.
If you do not have a V-neck t-shirt, you need to estimate how deep your V should be. In this case, it is better to be restrained, since you can still make it deeper later.

You may want to try the shirt to estimate the depth of the V. Look in the mirror while you're wearing the shirt and mark the spot where you want to have the tip with a pin.

t shirt to vest jacket v2 -b

Fold your shirt with the round neck cutout in length. The front of the collar should be on the outside of the fold. Make sure that the neckline, shoulders and arms are exactly over each other. Lay it out on a table and smooth it until it is wrinkle-free.
t shirt to vest jacket v2

Pull the V forward. Place a ruler down the middle of the breast in a diagonal line from the place where the shoulder of the school meets the collar. Using the measure you took in the previous step, highlight the top of the "Vs" with a textile marker. Then draw a line from the mark to the point where the shoulder meets the collar.
Turn the shirt around and repeat this step on the other side.

Separate the seams. Fold the shirt apart, turn it to the left and place it on the table. Make sure the front side is facing you. Then remove with a seam ripper the seams, which attach the front of the collar to the shirt.
If you do not have a seam ripper, you can cut it carefully with a sharp pair of scissors.
Hear at the shoulders. Leave the collar attached to the back of the shirt, unless you're not going to bring it back to your new neckline.

t shirt to vest jacket v2 -c

Smooth the shirt with the round neckline on the table. Make sure the collar is folded back, away from where you want to cut. [2] This guarantees the smoothest and straightest cuts and helps you avoid mistakes.

Cut out the V-neck. Start at one side of the V and cut with sharp scissors along the marked line. Stop when you reach the lower end. Repeat this process on the other side. Take care that you cut through the front of the shirt only.
If you do not want to create a lined collar, your new shirt is ready to be worn.

Cut the front of the severed collar in the middle. You must first determine where the center is. Lay the T-shirt flat with the front to you. Measure the width of the collar and make a dot in the center with your textile marker. Here you cut.

Stretch both sides of the cut collar along the sides of your V-neck. Most of the neckline t-shirts are ribbed and should yield several centimeters.

Put the edge of the collar on the shirt. Stretch one side at a time along the side of the V and stick it with the needles. Place the pins approximately every 2.5 cm to make sure the collar stretches and remains so until you sew it. [3] Do the same on the other side.
The non-edged edge of the collar should be applied to the untrimmed edge of the shirt with the edge of the collar facing the outside of the shirt.

t shirt to vest jacket v2 -d
Proximity from the upper end of the collar down to the lower end of the V. Approximately 0.6 cm from the edges of the two layers. [4] Pause just before you arrive at the V when you sew the second side of the collar down and near the end at the back of the first page. Finish by pressing the new hem with an iron.
Make sure the thread in your sewing machine matches the color of the shirt.
If you do not have a sewing machine, you can also sew the sides of the collar with the hand on the sides of the Vs.
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Polo shirt convert

sweatshirt to cardigan sweatshirt to cardigan

t shirt to vest jackett shirt to vest jacket

dressing a jacket down dressing a jacket down
turn turtle neck sweater into a boat neck turn turtle neck sweater into a boat neck
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Supplies needed:

1 Layer Cake (Pre-cut 10 inch squres)

40- 10 inch squares cut from a coordinating background fabric

BSK (basic sewing kit)

Sewing Machine


Pair the layer cake (pre-cut 10 inch squares) with 10 inch muslin squares.

Put a layer cake piece with a muslin piece, right sides together and stitch 1/4 inch around all 4 sides of the square. Then cut them on both diagonals. This creates 4- half square triangles. (They are on the bias, so press carefully so as to not distort the shape.)

Making the Disappearing Hourglass Block:

blue green quilt

broken dishes

To make the block just position the 1/2 square triangles into an hourglass block and then cut them into 9ths.
For a layer cake. Cut them into 4 1/4 inch squares.
Then reposition the pieces as shown below:
broken dishes2
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Disappearing Pinwheel versions 3 & 4 Friendship Star 4 X 5 blocks ~ 55" X 65"

Layer Cake - print
Layer Cake - solid
Layer Cake - background

2 yds - outer border
2 yds - inner border

layer 2 - 10" squares print & solid
sew around outside, then cut diagonally
arrange in pinwheel and sew together

measure square and divide that amount by 3
cut across square so it is in 3rds horizontally and vertically on all 4 sides.
disappearing pinwheel basic 1/3 cut

take out 2 strip squares

Friendship Square
leave small pinwheel
pivot '1/2 square' squares so one side of the triangle - print side is against the center small pinwheel square
1/2 squares in center against small pinwheel square.

illinois road
Version 3 - Illinois Road Block - pattern
take 2 strip squares
arrange so background strip is against other print side of '1/2 square' square
so the 2 strip squares go around vertical, horizontal, vertical, horizontal
or so opposite corners are oriented the same.
star points are distinct and star stands clear
when assembled with other large blocks the strips come together 2 strip side to one strip side

Version 4 - Whirligig Block
take 2 strip squares
arrange so background strip is against other background side of '1/2 square' square
so print strip forms legs out from

each row of 3 small blocks together
then sew these 3 rows together

Other options:

illinois road 2

whirligig 4
whirligig 2
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Nine Patch + Fence Rail Quilt
64" x 76"

1/4" seams

42 x 10" squares (layer cake) - lay dark square on top of light square, cut into 2 1/2" strips = 4 strips
1 1/4 yd background - cut 6 1/2" squares (make 12), 2 1/2" inner borders on either side of '2 1/2" remainder squares' border
1 1/4 yd outer border - 4" border


Fence Rail block of 3 strips ( make 31)
For each 2 colors = Sew 2 same color dark with 1 light in the middle and 2 light same color with 1 dark in center. Cut each of these sewn together strips into 6 1/2"

9 Patch Block (make 20)
Take trimmed remainder of Fence Rail into 2 1/2" strips = 2 strips*
From the 2 extra strips (1 dark/1 light of these strip colors) sew 2 of one color and 1 of the other to form a strip that matches one of the 2 1/2" strips*.
Assemble and sew these strips into 9 Patch Block.

7 blocks across:
9 Patch, Fence Rail, 9 Patch, Fence Rail, 9 Patch, Fence Rail, 9 Patch = Fence Rail done horizontally.
Fence Rail, Background, Fence Rail, Background, Fence Rail, 9 Patch, Fence Rail = Fence Rail done vertically.

<2 1/2" Patch Border
Use all the left over squares, sewing them into one long strip to make next border.
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Easy Fence Rail Diamond Quilt

jelly rolls (2 1/2" x 44" strips of quilting fabric), sew 3 together into one strip, cut into squares
2 1/2" square to snowball same position corner of 3 strip block (solid)

additional option: 1 1/2" square to snowball opposite corner (solid)

(Using scraps of Batik, a jelly roll and 5 strips of a solid, you can make your own (beautiful) fence rail diamond quilt.)

50" x 62" = 4 x 5 = 20 blocks
75" x 87" = 6 x 7 = 42 blocks

6 3/4" blocks doesn't do dimensions hmmmm 12" square blocks if no borders or add 12" width for borders
work in progress

fence rail with diamonds
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Pecking Order Quilt

QUILT SIZE 66" x 70" QUILT BLOCK 5" 12 blocks x 13 blocks

• 1 Pack of 5" Squares (Print)
• 4 Packs of 5" Squares (Solid) or 3 yds.
• 1 1/2 yds. of Border - 6 1/2" wide border
• 4 1/4 yds. of Backing

Cut the print 5" squares into 4 (2 1/2") squares
Snowball one corner of 5" square with the 2 1/2" square

Block #1 - Arrange so the snowballed corners are on the outer corners of 4 squares.

Block #2 - Arrange 2 squares so snowballed corners are together to make a geese.
These pairs are arranged on the four sides of Block #1

basic block pecking order


For individual circles - use same snowball color for that set of 12 blocks
Block #1 --
4 blocks - all one color (optional different colors) of 5" square for circle center
1 10" square trimmed to size of 9 1/2" square and snowball all 4 corners with 2 1/2" square

Block #2
8 blocks - all the same color or close shades of that color

4 snowballed blocks 2 of one color snowball and 2 of second color snowball with background colored fabric
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Shadow Boxes
quilt - shadow boxes
Bold navy, bright teal and salmon pink from the Cherry Mint collection by Reika Hunt for Clothworks are the perfect choice for the Shadow Boxes quilt. This kit includes the Shadow Boxes pattern, as well as fabrics for the top and binding for the quilt shown. Backing fabric sold separately.

Project: Bed Quilt
Designer: Jennifer Thomas
Style: Pieced
Finished Block: 8"
Finished Size: 86" x 98"
Project Rating: Confident Beginner
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flag quilt

Designer Diane Tomlinson designed an easy-to-make quilt pattern "so that as many people as possible can make a Quilt of Valor to honor and comfort a relative, friend, or even a stranger touch by war, and to let them know their service is appreciated." For accurate cutting use the Fons & Porter Diagonal Sets Ruler.
Quilt designed by Diane Tomlinson
In Honor Of Pattern Download

Quilt size 64" x 77"
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Easy Woven Quilt

1 bundle of fat quarters
1 yd of a solid fabric

From the fat quarters cut
of 4 colors cut 9 of each color (10" x 2") strips
of the other 4 colors cut 9 of each color (10" x 2 1/2") strips
9 (3 1/2") squares

From the solid color/ of you can use a variety of colors
cut 4 sets of 9 (10" x 3 1/2") strips

Sew strips together (2" wide to 3 1/2" wide solid to 2 1/2" wide strip) to produce 9 units of same 3 color combination. = 36 (10" x 7") rectangles

When you sew 4 of these 3 color combinations together, arrange the blocks so that the skinny strips are all on the outside or all are in the inside. You can even use strips (2" and 2 1/2") of the same color fabric sandwiching the 3 1/2" color.

Sew square to all of one of the 3 color combinations matching the edges at the corner top and side, sewing down and leave about an inch unsewn at the end of the seam.

Next Sew a seam connecting a 3 color combination to first block/square, matching where the straight line edge of the block and square.

Rotate around, sew the next 3 color combination, matching seams so the square's edge is sewn to one end and the edge of the other(2nd) 3 color combination.

Next pin out of the way the starting 3 color combination out of the way, sew the last of the color combination blocks to match seam of square's edge and the previous (3rd) 3 color combination block.

Unpin the first 3 color combination block, finish sewing the seam down from where the square was left unsewn to the end of the edges of (1st) and (4th) 3 color combination blocks.

Sew 3 of the finished blocks in a row.
Repeat this for the other blocks
Then sew the rows together.

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2 Step Quilt
74" x 83" 7 blocks x 8 blocks

1 3/4 yds -- 5" squares background fabric (56 squares) and inner border (2 1/2")
2 1/2" strips (jelly roll)
1 3/4 yds -- outer border (6")
5 1/4yds -- backing fabric

Sew 2 strips together in pairs. You should get 41 total strips as a result.
Cut into 5" strips and 9" strips

A - Sew 5" strip to one side of 5" square.

Sew 9" strip (which should be the length of longest side of strip combination A)
This is your basic block. 8 1/2" or whatever as long as it is a square.
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Charm Big Star Quilt- Quilting With Charm Packs!
78" x 60"
4 Charm Packs Print (5" squares) = 10" (one layer cake) = 4 charm packs , 48 charm squares per yard
1 1/2 yds of Solid White Fabric (includes 1" inner border)
1 1/2 yds of Solid Red Fabric
1 1/4 yds for border 5" wide
Read more... )
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Cut up 10" fabric color squares
- 4 1/2" strip = cut up into 4 1/2" square and 2 rectangles (4 1/2" x 2 1/2")
- 2(2 1/2") strips = cut each up into 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangle and 2 squares (2 1/2")

background (white) fabric per block:
2 strips (4 1/2" x 2 1/2")
2 strips (4 1/2" X 6 1/2")
4 squares (2 1/2" x 2 1/2")



Strip A + square background -------- (strip background + 4 1/2" square background)
square A + Strip B --------------------- or use strip of 6 1/2" x 4 1/2"

square background + square color B----- 4 1/2"-------- strip background + square E
4 1/2" strip background ------------------ Square-------- square D + square background

(strip background + 4 1/2" square background)-------- Strip D + square E
or use strip of 6 1/2" x 4 1/2"---------------------------- square background + Strip E
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Sew two strips together lengthwise and cut triangle


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