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Jun. 9th, 2017 12:53 pm
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Not a kitten
That's not a kitten. Potatoes are needed for some arcane spells?

any port in a storm cat
Any port in a storm?

cat sitting way up


cat licking tail
Well my tail won't clean itself.

The cat version of, "I've fallen and can't get uppppp, um I mean down."

cat - one of those neighbors
One of those neighbors.
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So why do cats purr? Page 12

We're sorry. We said there would be no dark facts anymore, but we lied. This here might be the darkest of them all, and we apologize in advance.

First, the happy. Even the most marginal of cat people know that cats purr when they're happy. They make the noise by some sort of respiratory magic that happens in their diaphragm and larynx, and just how they do it remains one of the best mysteries of modern science. (It's one that we think we need a grant to be able to study in-depth.) It turns out that the idea of purring at happiness might be a bit of a misunderstanding, and they're actually asking us to keep petting them or keep providing a comfortable lap for them to sleep on. It's more like a polite and dignified request.

Now, the not-so-happy. Cats also purr when they're injured or scared, and researchers think that it has something to do with the healing power of the purr. You absolutely read that right. Cats purr at a frequency of 26 hertz (for most domestic cats), and that just happens to be the same frequency that's been found to promote healing in bone and other body tissues. Crazy, right? But that's the deal, and when cats are injured, they're likely trying to help themselves heal or comfort themselves by the reverberation of their own purr. It's why cats will often curl up with an injured cat (or non-cat) and purr. They're trying to help.

And now, the even worse part. Since cats purr to comfort themselves, it's also something that dying cats have been observed doing. They do it to console themselves and maybe, just maybe, to console you a little bit. Go on, wipe away that tear. That's what we need to do.

Cats have almost mastered language, and they only speak to humans Page 3

We know you talk to your cat, and we know she talks back. (You don't? You're a heathen or a liar.) It turns out that language is another way cats display the brilliance they all know they possess, and we take for granted. Cats have a whole bunch of ways to communicate with us, and it's up to humans to pay enough attention to facial and body cues, like "crazy face" and "STFU ears," to be able to understand what they're saying.

They've also developed a super-top-secret language that they use only to communicate with humans: meowing. Cats that live together don't usually meow or talk to each other, and studies of feral cat colonies find that cats in only-feline company are pretty silent. It's only humans that they meow to and, if you pay any attention to your cat at all, you can probably tell what they're saying. Things like, "Put those opposable thumbs to good use and open the cat food now, Human!" sound pretty different from something that means, "Please sit and give me cuddles, and I will allow you to bask in my sleepy, adorable glory."

In 2003, Cornell University researchers tested whether or not we could understand our cats or if we were taking environmental cues to figure out what they're saying, and they had people listen to recordings of cats and try to tell what it was they were saying. They could, but only when the sounds were coming from their own cat. That implies that we shouldn't worry too much, because there's not some universal cat-language that they're teaching us. They are, however, each teaching us their own commands, which might be even more worrying? That's strictly a skill that's been developed by domestic cats, and we tend to interpret wild cats as sounding just angry, no matter what they're saying. The moral of the story is: your cat has learned how to sweet-talk you to get what he wants.
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Go read these *grins* They are 'interesting'

Why some cats are catnip junkies page 5

Do you ever feel like a crack dealer when your cat sees you getting out the catnip? For about 50% of the cat population, catnip is like happiness in herbal form, while the other half (and kittens) have no response to it whatsoever. What gives?

The gene that makes cats sensitive to catnip is hereditary, and it's an inherited response to a chemical called nepetalactone. The scent bonds to receptors in the cat's nasal passages, which then stimulate the sensory receptors in the brain. If your cat's acting like they're on a complete sensory overload, that's because they absolutely are. And they're loving it. Some cats have a … specific set of responses they exhibit when they're exposed to catnip, and it's akin to a cat in heat. That's because the senses that are being overloaded are the same ones triggered by cat pheromones, so when you give your cat some of the nip? Give them some alone time, too. They deserve it, and expect it.
Their brains have 90% in common with ours Page 6

Read More:

It's an age-old argument: who's smarter, cats or dogs? (People aren't a choice in the equation, because cats and dogs are both definitely smarter than most people.) It turns out that, on a biological level, cats might have a slight edge on dogs, but we hope you won't tell them that. Dogs will never live it down.

With the wonders of modern science, researchers have been able to measure the number of neurons present in the part of cat and dog brains responsible for things like problem-solving and information processing. Cats have a staggering 300 million neurons, while dogs only have 160 million. Sorry, pups.

While that means that cats are going to be quicker at some things than dogs, what about comparing them to humans? Part of human's processing power comes from the folds that are on the surface of our brains. The more wrinkles there are, the larger the surface area and, in turn, the more processing power the brain has. That's where the 90% number comes in, and it turns out that cat brains are wrinkled like ours, so much so that they're 90% similar. They also have large and complex cerebral structures, which governs decision-making, memory, advance planning, and reasoning skills. Their similar brains mean that there's a lot going on in there, and if they found time and motivation to care, they could outsmart circles around Pupper. So the next time you suspect Kitty is plotting to install himself as the world's next great supervillain, he just might be.

Read More:
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Meep said: no no no bad enough the cat trying to drink coffee all the time

Title: It was a Dark and Rainy Night
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 677

The glinting drops of rain falling caught the lights of a pub and the only inviting doorway in the dark. If there was alcohol surely there’d be coffee to take the chill out of his body while his fur dried. It had seemed the best option to be in his feline form, smaller and faster, to avoid the wetness. More fool him.

Morris flitted through the door as a leaving patron came out. Warmth, darkness lit with spots of light especially at the bar, and a congenial ambiance enveloped him and he didn’t even try to stop his purr. The lit bar drew him to leap up onto a stool, the words, “Coffee please,” spilling from his mouth.

“You sure you’re in the right place?” came from the dog on the seat next to him.

The barman had already moved down the bar to a hotplate picking up a mug on the way.

“I’d say so,” Morris purred as the barman automatically reached for the creamer. The man was not stupid.

“This is a canine bar. Pussies aren’t wanted here,”

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Cat Prompts

Feb. 7th, 2017 10:53 pm
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Hello, Police? I accidentally stepped on my cat's foot and need to be arrested'
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Maine Coon Cat (which can reach 18 lbs worth of cat) meet normal everyday kitties.

Does that door look warped and is that the screen of the outer door ripped from the frame behind it?
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Title: Debrief part 2
Follows from Meep wrote a sequel Never Annoy a Cat Parts 1 & 2 (look in the comments) & started with Magic this fits before Meep's Never Annoy a Cat Part 3
These are in Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 484

“About that street entertainer doing real magic at the Farmers’ Market in the town park,” Hoon stood at ease in front of the WIC ‘s (wizard in charge) desk. “We’ve monitored the situation and it’s been a while.”

“What’s the name of the feline familiar?”


“Pepper, hmm. He’s enjoying having his own wizard on the wall a little too much, is he?”

“There’s no evidence that he’s showing any inclination to release the wizard en frame, sir. The monitoring of the situation is going better now that we’re sending out paired agents.” Hoon reddened. “Takes the pressure off.”

“You and Press are the only paired agents we have; hmmm. Alright send Shadow in to get closer to the subjects and discretely intervene if necessary. By the way congratulations.”

Hoon seemed to sag slightly with relief.

“What do we know about this wizard turned street entertainer?”

“Marcus, sir. His name is Marcus, no known surname yet. We’ve tracked him back to several prior, um, engagements. How he didn’t get caught before this, we can’t figure out.”

“Maybe because he was unwise enough to choose a feline familiar for his trick this time instead of a cat with no magic. That speaks of inexperience with familiars. Probably uneducated. Must be fairly talented to get this far without him winding up to someone’s notice before this.”

“Sir, Shadow is a very talented familiar but he is a familiar. He’s going to want to play with the wizard a bit.”

“Good. Shadow hasn’t paired off with anyone. It’s a distraction to the other agents. Maybe we can take care of more than one problem. Let him have his fun.”

“And the wizard, sir? What about him?”

The WIC smiled, “I’ve seen the recording of the incident in the Park, not a bad looking sort, imagine he cleans up good without clothing. It’ll do the young man good to learn he’s not necessarily the top of the food chain and maybe push him into being trained in his talents. Shadow would make sure that happened if he decided to bond with this one.”

“So,” Hoon blew out a breath, “a win-win situation, if Shadow and this Marcus...” Hoon moved his hand suggestively of a certain activity.

“Exactly. Now go find Shadow, show him the ‘Incident’ footage and set him on his prey.” He waved Hoon away. “Oh, if you happen to see Crisp around out there; send him in please.”

“Yes, sir,” Hoon turned away towards the door and grinned. Crisp had been outside when Hoon had entered, holding a disk in his hand that had Press’ neat handwritten label on it. Probably was from their first joint monitoring of the events in Pepper’s bedroom. The WIC had had his own eyes on Pepper for a while; the wily, manipulative, son of a wizard; who just happened to teach a class or two as a professor on occasion.
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FB - Homer Blind WonderCat

If you need a job and don't know that this is a familiar daycare,,,,,
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Crossing his front legs, "I'm comfortable, what did you want to talk about?"

"She always pays special attention to me when I get back from a work trip."-- aka "Where have you been?!"

Some people have 'arm candy' but this one is a shoulder ornament.

Frogs' post Prompts
Meeps fic from Frogs' post Nose to Nose --- part 1
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Interesting fruit on these trees

READ the Comments- there is story by Meep, there in the links
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Meri found this and commented: Ranel's twins or a first spell casting gone wrong.

It lieth in wait for someone to write.
lieth: Verb. archaic third-person singular simple present indicative form of lie.

In 1592, on the anniversary of the Queen's coronation, Essex presented an entertainment composed by Bacon. In the speech in praise of knowledge he states his lifelong theme: "the sovereignty of man lieth hid in knowledge … now we govern nature in opinions, but are thrall to her in necessities; but if we would be led by her in invention, we should command her in action."


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