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brick bread oven

Title: Pumpernickel
Part 9 – Enter Silas -
Author: charisstoma
Rating: R
Word count: 508

“Pumpernickel. In German, “pumpern” is “intestinal wind,” while “nickel” is a demon or sprite.” Fern looked up from the screen of her laptop where she was supposedly researching a recipe for a story.

Ezz sighed at the grin on Fern’s face and put down his computer tablet to slowly say, “yes?”

“Know anyone named Pumpernickel?”

“Be good.”

“Not the answer to my question.”

Another sigh. “Yes and he’s well aware of what his name means. He prefers to be called Nick.”Read more... )
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And Meep said: Makes me wonder what happens when a demon is after someone whose not interested, because the power and support are all with the demons here.

Master List -
The Blue Door

Title: Enter Silas
Part 8 – Trust -
Author: charisstoma
Word Count: 1928

His cousin had been silent for too long.

Born on the same day, they’d grown up together, shared the same great- great grandmother whose grandchildren, twin girls, had married twin brothers. Needless to say the family was close.

He and Fern touched base with each other several days a week and she’d been unreachable for too long. Last time she’d contacted him, she’d mentioned needing to do another banishment of a demon. He shook his head. He might have to do an extraction from the Demon Plane if what he thought had happened had happened. With luck she wasn’t mated yet. An uneasy dread crept up his spine when he considered if he was too late. If she didn’t like how things turned out, the repercussions could rattle the discrete diplomatic arrangements the Demon Plane had in place.

He turned off the car and sat staring at the place Fern had rented. The lights were on. That might be a good sign or she was taken during the night and never got a chance to turn them off.

“Okay. Staying in the car isn’t going to get any answers,” Silas told himself. Read more... )

Next - Part 10- Pumpernickel -
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Master List –

Oxford - checka 3

Title: Trust – Part 8
Part 7 – Conferring -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 758

“So after due consideration, we recommend you take Demonology 601. Ezz has indicated that he will cover the tuition for you.”

The Liaison, the demon liaison, sat in the chair with his mate, the human Liaison whose name turned out to be Lovell, standing behind him. Xand was discretely seated behind the desk, she noticed and Lovell seemed to be hiding behind him. She could imagine what both of them were hiding, the room had a heated sexual scent to it.

“I’m not here to take classes, I’ve special status to do research,” she argued. “I’m a writer.”

“We’re aware of this. Also of the genre of the books you write and the research you are doing. Consider this, your taking this class will possibly mesh well with your writing, if not the book you are currently working on then the next. It will help you understand the relationship between demons and their mates.”

She barely restrained herself from snorting. “Demonology 601 is listed as Demonology Relationships. I looked up the class and read the class description but can’t find its location. I think Ezzy is trying to derail my current writing project’s theme.”

Xand seemed to grin, but all he did was nod his head, “that is of course possible. It is not un-understandable that he would like you focused on him as his mate and your future together. This is just a suggestion, a strong suggestion, that you talk with him about your concerns.”

She sighed and glanced at her new watch, Ezz had called it a chronometer, that was a gift from him. The dial color was turning pink.

“Ah, I see that you have an engagement,” there was a definite grin this time. Love and I are available to answer any of your questions if there’s any need. The Liaison’s Office’s website, and email address is listed on the card you were given. Even if Love and I are on the Demon Plane those contacts will reach us.”

“Wait. You’re telling me that the internet connects to the Demon Plane also?” She was astonished and an idea occurred to her.

“Yes?” Love was the one to answer her.

An evil grin spread across her lips. Oh the possibilities. “Okay. The Demonology class is on the Demon Plane, isn’t it.”

Xand nodded.

“Great,” she rose. Her, “Thank You,” was uttered as she hurriedly left.

“Think we did a good thing telling her that?”

Xand grinned up at him and pulled him down and there was the sound of cloth tearing, settling him and himself right where he wanted them. His Love would complain later and he’d explain once again that he’d heard how the Inuit had a useful idea in pants which allowed them to squat to defecate without removing their pants.

“So,” she entered the courtyard to find Ezz seated waiting for her and reading something on his computer tablet. “I learned something just now. The Demon Plane has internet access.”

Ezz smiled and turned his tablet so she could see the screen. Whatever it was, looked official.


“Yes. What evil thought have you had that has you grinning at me?”

“Well, they suggested a class that they said you’d be willing to pay for me to take. Surprisingly I couldn’t locate where that class is supposed to be held. There’s no building like that on this campus. My what an innocent face you have right now.”

“It’s only held on Wednesdays and Fridays,” Ezz shrugged. “You could stay over with me on those days and maybe if you just happened to be interested, the weekends too. I could bring you back on Mondays before I go to work and pick you up late Tuesday afternoons. We could go out to eat and then to my place.”

“Ah, but I read the class description and there’s a section that’s available online. I might have to take the exams on campus but otherwise I could stay right here on this plane and take the class.”

A low growl of annoyance caused her to smile. “I want to try that kissing thing again. It was quite enjoyable,” and laughed when he moved her so swiftly onto his lap with her legs straddling his lap.

Sometime later, “Tease. You’re not wearing panties under your dress.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Should we stop?”

“You a virgin?”

“Of course.”

She grinned and smothered his pained growl with her lips knowing that he’d not try to enter ‘that’ portal and cause their first time together to be painful.

Part 9 – Enter Silas -
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Master List -

frosted door

Title: Chapter 7 - Conferring
Part 6 – Liaison -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 952

“Drat!” She followed up with a hand cradling her forehead, “He called me his mate while he was poked up out of the summoning circle trap.”

The Liaison twisted his chair around with a smile. “Oh that does make things easier. If Ezz is willing to claim you as his mate then that’s one problem we don’t have to deal with. It won’t be a case of just seduce and release,” he coughed into his fist. “Sorry. That one was too good to not share,” he grinned. “Release. Get it. Don’t worry you will and love it, speaking from experience.”

Carefully she set the bottle of Starbucks Coffee Mocha down so as not to spill it on the book she was reading. The Liaison had warned her about taking extreme care with any of his books she decided to peruse while she waited for him to research her case. She didn’t want to think about what Associating with Demons and their Magic hyped up on coffee and chocolate might be capable of doing. Placing the book even more carefully on the chair she had just left, she set her hands more carefully still on the Liaison’s desk that didn’t have any computer equipment on it.

“Now look,” she calmly spoke through clenched teeth. “Regardless of his intentions, they aren’t my intentions. I don’t know him, anything about who he is other than his being a demon. Is he a good person that in 5 years, 20 years, 50 years, 150 years, I will still be able to say ‘this is my mate, it was the best day of my life when he claimed me’? Or, in 2 days will I be looking for sharp pointed objects to kill him with?”

The Liaison’s eyes had rounded slightly at the last part. “Maybe I should be more concerned for the welfare of the demon.” He made a hunt through one of the desk drawers and pulled out what looked like a dull black stone plaque. “Here, put your hand on this and hold it there ‘til it changes color.”

“What if it doesn’t change color and why am I doing this?”

“It will change color and you’ll just have to keep your hand on it until it does,” his smile had teeth in it. “It won’t release your hand until it does,” he shrugged Read more... )

Part 8 – Trust -
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Master List -

Oxford - checka

Title: Liaison – Part 6
Part 5 - Perilous Path –
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1048

‘Oo-kay,’ she mentally drew out the word, they’d told them in her intro to Demonology class that the Demon Liaison Office was located in an open double entranced hall. She dithered outside the ornately decorated stone archway to that passage. The Demon Liaison Office door was so close she could practically touch the door. It was right there on the left, maybe 5 steps past the archway. There was a chip out of the stone entrance, about knee level and she wondered, guessed what could have made it. Something substantial to make that big of a chip, she didn’t want to know considering its proximity to the Liaison Office. All the wizard scenes from Harry Potter, were not real … were they?, flashed before her eyes and she did a quick compare and contrast. Nah, couldn’t be. The movie wasn’t real life… but then again most people didn’t think demons and other magical beings were either.

Taking out a handful of pebbles she tossed them one after another into the corridor tracing out her path. Before she got there the door opened and an annoyed man stuck his head out to frown at her.

“I do wish you would stop doing that. I understand why but the Liaison’s Office is protected so gather up your,” he regarded the small rocks, “protective pebbles and come in.” He glanced out the door behind her and his frown grew.

His growled, “You too,” to that someone had her practically jump up from her gathering to stand and turn toward the doorway. There was nothing there and she quickly turned to look at the man who had an amused grin on his face.

“Gotcha. Come on in and tell me about it.”

She barely kept her own growl sub-audible, well maybe not sub-audible because the man’s grin grew. Demons and their liaison, made of the same cloth.

“I heard that.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You thought it really loud then. Come on.Read more... )
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Master List -

Title: Perilous Path - Part 5
Part 4 – Research -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 304

‘Step into the water,’ the cheerful splashing fountains said or so it seemed as she walked by them.
‘Nope. Nope. Nope. Not going to,’ she sped up as she walked by the long line of vertically dancing water.

Slightly ahead of her, like 3 steps and she had already angled her path to go around the person, a student bent down to rescue some bug or penny or ‘something’. With a cry the student fell sideways into the grey, blue, and white roiling length of water to seemingly disappear. Just as quickly they reappeared gasping, bobbing to the surface and levered themselves out and a couple steps from the water feature’s edge.

“You okay?” she asked him,

“Wha..? Um yeah, I think so. I could swear the water just molested me. It um felt me up back and front.”

“Oh...” she paused, how to explain, “you should sit-in at one of the Demonology lectures.”

Wide eyed, “Wha…? No Way. I’m not into that fantasy stuff. Engineering student,” he said as if that explained everything.

She smiled, “that probably explains why the fountain burped you out then,” and she quickly continued on staying on the furthest portion of the walkway away from the water.

‘So water too is dangerous.’she thought and connecting some dots groaned. ‘No bathes? Showers?’ “Argh! What next, a gust of wind,” she paused mid step, the wind had picked up sending swirling eddies of leaves. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out one of the landscaping pebbles and tossed it at the largest mini-dust devil…leaf devil? The stone disappeared but from the midst of the leaves she heard a distinct, “OW,” and the wind dropped scattering leaves upon the ground.

With more speed she power walked towards the Campus Demon Liaison Office, totally avoiding the larger water feature along the way.

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sliding glass doors for Libraries
Master List -Why yes there is a Demon interested ...

Title: Research - Part 4
Part 3 - The Meeting -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 438

After the incident in the foyer and then the wide glass door, she was feeling hunted. She’d made it outside safely thanks to the greater foot traffic on the lower level stairwell. If this continued it was going to seriously impact her ability to do the things she needed to do, like earn a living. As far as her creative writing class, she rolled her eyes.

Picking up a taco and a soda at a street vendor, she sat on a bench in the dappled shade of a tree to consider. She needed information, so:

1. research at the Library on protective measures against demon possession
2. visit the demon liaison office which had a daunting location with its dual portal.
The Library wasn’t difficult. Lots of students entering or leaving at the same time that she was. The references were more difficult, she smiled, something to do with students doing research.
Finally she got a reference that was high on the list of books suggested for the upper level Demonology Classes, a student told her a title on that list and went with her to find it on the shelves. Together they found the pages pertinent to her needs, used the copier, something the sympathetic and helpful student suggested though she kind of figured out that the student wanted the book themselves. She was lucky that the book was a ‘Reference’ and therefore for in-Library use only.

Trying to exit out of the Library through the double sliding doors should have been easy; once more in a tandem with students some of whom met the criteria of demon-munchies, evidently her predicament was becoming known. In fact one of them had rudely shoved her back to step through and had promptly disappeared. To reappear almost as quickly. The student was practically coughed back out into the Library and a low growl had more than her rubbing the hair on their arms to settle goosebumps. Tit for tat, she grabbed the angry rejected student and firmly walked out with her arm in arm, a smile broad upon her face in contrast with the grumpy face of the student.

Undoubtedly there was some rule she was breaking, as she stooped to gather and pocket a handful of pebbles from the landscaping. But they were one of the most easily accessible protective items. Throw a few through a doorway/possible summoning circle and when the first hits the ground step threw whatever entrance you needed to get through safely and still be on this plane.

Now just make it across campus and into the Liaison Office. Should be easy as pie, right.
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Part 1 - Attention Deficit Distraction

Part 2 – It’s Magic

Part 3 - The Meeting

Part 4 - Research

Part 5 - Perilous Path 

Part 6 – Liaison

Part 7 – Conferring

Part 8 – Trust

Part 9 - Enter Silas

Part 10 - Pumpernickel

Persons -
Fern McKenny - main character
Ezz - demon
Silas McKenny - cousin of Fern
Pumpernickel -friend of Ezz (demon)
Hank - human transported thru a summoning circle
Sally - texts in Capslock but not that text
Georgie - Sally's assistant
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door wide glass

Title: The Meeting
Part 2 – It’s Magic -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 453

The door was way too large. This was her first clue. Second was that it was not child or klutz friendly, anyone if they weren’t being aware could catch their hand or whatever in the shorter part of the door frame when it pivoted on its hinge. Why would any sane person want a door like that? No one human.


To get to the room where her appointment was, she’d need to pass through this door.

Standing in front of the ‘open’ door, she murmured, “Not going to happen,” and did what a door does, especially what this one did, pivot around and walked away.

“Oh, come on,” followed her and a smile spread across her face. ‘Darn, foiled again,’ she said soto voci.

“I heard that.”

Pressing the button to call the elevator back to the floor she was on, she pulled out her phone. Scrolling through her messages, she tapped the text concerning her meeting. ‘Yep, that’s the room.’ Just to be sure she sent off a separate text to the individual who had sent it to here.


Dear Sally. He never could figure out how to get his phone texts out of caps-lock. Then again, she was no help because her texts were all lower case; she snorted. And THAT should have been a clue; though Sally might have had his assistant send the meeting message, Georgie did know how to text in both upper and lower case.
hat brought up an even more worrying idea. Ezz might have figured out how to hack into her phone’s text messaging.

Turning she called out, “Ezz, if you’re hacking my phone, Cut. It. Out.”

Only the hum of the elevator could be heard and its loud ping of arrival. As she was just about to step through the opening doors, another ping sounded, this time from her phone.

The text read as, “Who me?”

She decided to take the stairs right next to the elevator bank doors. There were more floor exits and entrances with opportunities for others, especially on the lower levels, to be using the staircase to leave the building. According to common knowledge, two humans could not be transported through a summoning circle if they didn’t know and voluntarily want to enter them with the full knowledge that it was a summoning circle.

The elevator behind her positively growled as she walked through the doorway into the stairwell. Only 12 floors. She was going to get her cardio in after all.

Sending a reply text to Ezz, ‘door size, overeager much?’

The ping came only a moment later, “Very eager.’

“Drat it!”
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summoning circle

Title: It's Magic
Part 1 -
Word count: 659

She paused as she entered the office building; in front of the elevator bank someone had defined the circle of the campus name with a neat arrangement of yellow wet floor signs.

“Oh Lord he must be desperate.”

“Someone’s trying to summon a janitor,” was laughed by one of the group of students entering the foyer behind her.

With a roll of her eyes she turned, “How many of you have taken Demonology 101? Raise your hands.” She’d found if you acted with authority generally the students listened.

“Oh Pulleese.” The student stepped around one of the signs to enter the circle.

There was a hush as they all waited to see if there’d be any repercussions, the student inside the circle smirked. Just as it seemed as if nothing was going to happen the floor seemed to go translucent and the student gave a shout as he disappeared through the floor.

A disgruntled voice could be heard, “Drat it. Wrong sex and person.” Then more querulously, “Didn’t anyone teach you about summoning circles. Back you go.”

“Hank,” one of the girls cried as ‘Hank’s head and shoulders started to reappear through the floor.Read more... )

Part 3 - The Meeting -
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Title: You are what?
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 233

“Oh, to be or not to be.”

“That’s being kind of morbid,” Hugh said.

“Look, just look.” Jeff gestured at the sign.

Hugh grinned, “Good thing we didn’t drive. It probably isn’t noticed if you’ve no magic. Try squinting.” He followed through with action, “Ha, a fuzzy ‘Exiting’”

“Or you need to get your glasses’ prescription checked,” Jeff nodded. “Wonder what would happen if a person didn’t pay?”

“I know that if we go into the stairwell without an aura print on the door that all we’ll get is a chance to see the city from the upper levels of the parking garage; probably pretty at night, romantic even.”

Moving the plastic sack from one hand to the other, Jeff leaned against the door, “Well, I know something that’ll be even more romantic; you naked on these silk sheets.” The door clicked.

“Ha.” Hugh urged Jeff through the door, “My imagined view is you the one spread naked on the sheets waiting for me,” he whispered as they stepped out into the Academy’s transit kiosk. He grinned, “Oh, to be had or not to be had tonight. That is the question.”

“That’s a good question.”

“I bought the sheets.”

“Hmmm, true. But I bought the special extended use lube.”

“Then while you fuck me, I get the control of the remote variable speed vibrator up your ass.”

Jeff moaned and walked faster.
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The Best Secret Weapon Against Landmines and Tuberculosis Is a Rat
African giant pouched rats are better mine-sniffers than dogs and faster at TB diagnosis than human doctors.

By Elisabeth Waugaman

Thanks to HeroRAT teams, 270 square miles of Mozambique farmland are once again available to farmers dislocated since the 1980s. HeroRATS exposed 13,826 mines, 29,031 small arms and ammunitions, and 39,601 leftover unexploded munitions. Removing landmines not only saves lives but also and restores land for farming, development, and safe travel, including delivery of emergency aid.

The rats are many times more efficient at this job than humans. In 30 minutes a rat can do what it takes a human a day to do—if a human could do it at all. Metal detectors not only fail to discern between metal rubbish and active ordinance, but also have difficulty finding landmines now made predominantly out of plastic.

HeroRATs are also a better demining solution than dogs, who have long been the go-to animal for mine detection. Rats have a working life span equivalent to that of dogs, and work similar hours—from about 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., before it gets too hot—and in almost every other way the rats are superior.
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Title: Debrief part 2
Follows from Meep wrote a sequel Never Annoy a Cat Parts 1 & 2 (look in the comments) & started with Magic this fits before Meep's Never Annoy a Cat Part 3
These are in Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 484

“About that street entertainer doing real magic at the Farmers’ Market in the town park,” Hoon stood at ease in front of the WIC ‘s (wizard in charge) desk. “We’ve monitored the situation and it’s been a while.”

“What’s the name of the feline familiar?”


“Pepper, hmm. He’s enjoying having his own wizard on the wall a little too much, is he?”

“There’s no evidence that he’s showing any inclination to release the wizard en frame, sir. The monitoring of the situation is going better now that we’re sending out paired agents.” Hoon reddened. “Takes the pressure off.”

“You and Press are the only paired agents we have; hmmm. Alright send Shadow in to get closer to the subjects and discretely intervene if necessary. By the way congratulations.”

Hoon seemed to sag slightly with relief.

“What do we know about this wizard turned street entertainer?”

“Marcus, sir. His name is Marcus, no known surname yet. We’ve tracked him back to several prior, um, engagements. How he didn’t get caught before this, we can’t figure out.”

“Maybe because he was unwise enough to choose a feline familiar for his trick this time instead of a cat with no magic. That speaks of inexperience with familiars. Probably uneducated. Must be fairly talented to get this far without him winding up to someone’s notice before this.”

“Sir, Shadow is a very talented familiar but he is a familiar. He’s going to want to play with the wizard a bit.”

“Good. Shadow hasn’t paired off with anyone. It’s a distraction to the other agents. Maybe we can take care of more than one problem. Let him have his fun.”

“And the wizard, sir? What about him?”

The WIC smiled, “I’ve seen the recording of the incident in the Park, not a bad looking sort, imagine he cleans up good without clothing. It’ll do the young man good to learn he’s not necessarily the top of the food chain and maybe push him into being trained in his talents. Shadow would make sure that happened if he decided to bond with this one.”

“So,” Hoon blew out a breath, “a win-win situation, if Shadow and this Marcus...” Hoon moved his hand suggestively of a certain activity.

“Exactly. Now go find Shadow, show him the ‘Incident’ footage and set him on his prey.” He waved Hoon away. “Oh, if you happen to see Crisp around out there; send him in please.”

“Yes, sir,” Hoon turned away towards the door and grinned. Crisp had been outside when Hoon had entered, holding a disk in his hand that had Press’ neat handwritten label on it. Probably was from their first joint monitoring of the events in Pepper’s bedroom. The WIC had had his own eyes on Pepper for a while; the wily, manipulative, son of a wizard; who just happened to teach a class or two as a professor on occasion.


Nov. 25th, 2016 03:14 pm
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Title: Debriefing
Follows from Meep wrote a sequel Never Annoy a Cat & started with Magic
These are in Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 607

“So what was the resolution to the Farmers’ Market incident?”

Hoon had been the one delegated to make the report and he settled himself into proper stance in front of the wizard currently in charge, they took turns no one wanted the responsibility stuck inside an office all day.

“The humans were properly amazed. We only had to do a bit of mind fogging on one or two, everyone had a great time at the pub in the process and they put it down to the drink. Could have been worse if the familiar hadn’t waited until they were slightly hidden by a stall’s side supports. Cat transformed and changed the street artist into a painting, used the entertainer’s own frame from the magic trick. From follow up the familiar seems to have things well in hand and is keeping his victim entertained, as well as framed on the wall in a mostly static state.”

“Do we know who the entertainer was? Any record of him in the magical registry?”

“Not yet. But if the familiar decides to ‘keep’ him, I’m sure we’ll find out soon. The cat will want to show him off one way or another. A letter will be sent to the cat asking him that when he decides on his wall art’s future, we’d appreciate him letting us know. I don’t suppose that we’ll take any actions against the entertainer, will we sir?”

“If the familiar is entertaining his art work in the manner you’re implying,” the wizard in charge smirked, “I don’t think any further actions by us need to be taken. Let’s keep an eye on the situation though.”

“We done, sir?”

“Almost. You make a practice of entering my office when I’ve got duty and tell me titillating tales …. Go lock the door, will you.”

Hoon found himself face first against the very sturdy door, Prescott hard and fast against his back, undoing Hoon’s pants.

“You lubed already?”

“I always am when I have to report to you in here. I know how you get behind that big desk and reports to play with all day. Goes to your head.”

“Oh, I’ve got my head for you alright.”

That was one thing that always amazed Hoon, how Press could get his pants down so quickly and quietly before he attacked. Stealthy, his Press was.

“I’m assuming that it’s not me that’s getting a blow job,” Hoon said laughing over his shoulder.

“Later when we get home. For now you’ll just have to be satisfied with my hand and the two of us firmly performing a merger.”

Hoon moaned as hardness pressed into him, gasping when he pushed back too fast but had Press right where he wanted him. He grinned feeling the buzz of the cock ring where it nestled against his entrance. It looked like it was going to be a lengthy and pleasurably in depth interrogation.

“Love you.”

“Love you too, but if you don’t move …”

“Patience love. Go with the vibe.”

“I’ll show you going with the vibe,” Hoon tightened down and moaned, damn cock ring. Suspicious because Press was one to take advantage of opportunities.

“Marry me.”

“Knew it!”

“Yep. So what’s your answer?”

“Manipulative ass fucking jerkoff.”

“Ye-es. I’m working on that.”

“Yes! Okay. Just move Press,” was begged. “Hand and cock, get to it!”

Passing by outside the office door, “Looks like Prescott finally popped the question.”

“About time. You’ve got next office duty, don’t you?”

There was a groan, “don’t remind me. Hope he remembers to clean up the room when they’re done. He’s been a bit distracted after Hoon’s visits.”

Debrief Part 2
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blossombunny posted this on 11/23/2016 on [ profile] lolcats

Title: Magic
prior Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 509

It wasn’t as if you couldn’t expect to see unusual things on the academy’s campus and after a while you grow used to it, but, this wasn’t happening on campus. Magic like this couldn’t be faked even if the audience stopped in the park couldn’t believe this wasn’t some ingenious new ‘magic trick’ with a perfectly good rational explanation they just weren’t privy to.

“Daddy,” Newt whispered, “he’s naughty. Not do ‘sept at school.”

“I know Newt,” Andy’s words were too low to be overheard, “watch but don’t mention that. It’s,” he struggled for an explanation, “supposed to be secret.” Just in case he pulled out his cell phone and recorded the ‘trick’ sending it to Simon who was wandering someplace around amongst the market stalls.

Simon arrived at Andy’s elbow barely minutes later and from the scowl on his face not pleased.

“Get a picture of his face and the cat,” he growled quietly.

Andy nodded. “Done.”

“Let me have your phone and I’ll send it to the people who need to look into this and maybe do damage control.”

It wasn’t long before some notable strangers seemed to be in the crowd.

“Didn’t take them long?”, Andy hazarded, “that is the calvary, isn’t it?”


“Was happen?” Newt asked.

‘How to explain’, Andy pondered; ‘to explain to an under 3 year old what was happening.’

Simon beat him to it. “It’s like Murder She Wrote Newt. They’re going to investigate.”

“Since when has Newt been watching Murder She Wrote, Simon? And for how long.”

“Like Daddy. Fun.”

“Uh huh, Newt.” Andy was glaring at Simon.

“It teaches logic. And that not all people should be trusted but sometimes who you think shouldn’t be can be.”

“Like book and cover,” Newt added his efforts to the discussion.

“And that you can trust but do so carefully.”


“Oh Simon.” In his own way Simon was trying to prepare their son to be safe in a world where magic, real magic, exposed would not be well received by either the normal people or the magically able people. So he opined a different observation. “From the look of how the cat reacted, I don’t think it’s guilty.”


Newt’s, “Ageed.” made Andy smile.

“He did look like what in the fuck are you doing, didn’t he?” Simon said.

“Fuck.” Newt repeated.

With a glare, Andy let Simon know that it was for a totally different reason that Andy was going to talk to him when they got home. In the mean time….

“Newt. That’s a naughty word,” Simon and Andy said in tandem.

Newt nodded his head, “Fuck naughty. Not use neee-ar ‘dults. Tell frends.”


Delighted laughter came from Newt. “Naughty Daddy. Bad word.”

So maybe he would have that talk with Simon after all, Andy thought, at least not the way he’d planned to. “Did we get everything we planned on shopping for?,” he asked instead.

“That and more,” Simon answered ruefully. “So home then?” “And Newt, don’t use those words.”

“I think so.”

“Home,” Newt agreed.

Meep wrote a sequel Never Annoy a Cat
& Debriefing
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FB3X Drabble Cascade Every TuesdayFB3X Drabble Cascades

Welcome to the FB3X Drabble Cascade, a weekly blog hop where we want you to share your drabbles, or flash fiction inspired by our word of the week. To join in, just post your piece to your blog/social media/website and add your link to the list with Title (Rating, Genre), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction) and then to perpetuate the cascade, add the list code to the bottom of your post :)

Title: Write an Ode - "The Gate Post" (R, Fantasy, Wizards'World)
prior Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100

“What are you doing in Newt’s tree house?” Simon called from below.

“Being melodramatic sulking,” came tersely back.

“And that would be why?”

“I feel like it.”

“Newt has these cute little clawed feet to climb up there and you don’t, Andy.”

“Rope ladder.”

“Oh. Then ‘what light’ and all that, let down your ladder. I can make it all better, whatever it is.”


“Ooooh yes. I’ve got this magic tongue that flickers and pokes into interesting places and I’m supple enough to poke elsewhere while doing it. Guaranteed mood adjustment. When does Newt get out of school?”

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When a spore of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis meets an ant ...

Title: Zombies and Cookies, oh my.
Continues from Daycare & The Halloween Costume
prior Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 429

Looking around as Andy entered the house he waited for Newt’s happy greeting and when it didn’t happen wondered if maybe Simon had forgotten that he was supposed to pick up their child from the daycare. “Simon?”

From the kitchen came, “Here.”

“Where’s Newt?”

Simon, hands busy making balls of cookie dough to fill the second backing sheet, pointed with his chin towards a flower pot currently located under the dining table.

“What happened?” There was a small snake curled around the base of the plant in the pot under the table.

“Something that doesn’t exist,” Simon said very casually, “Zombies. One of the kids had seen a movie and was telling everyone all about it.” Andy could hear Simon’s gritted teeth, “in detail.”

“Really? Amazing. Were they zombie people or did it include zombie animals?”

Simon hissed so that Andy would be the only one hearing, “Not helping here.”

“I just wondered, because though zombies do exist, they’re ants or caterpillars. Not snakes, so you’re safe and I think that Newts are immune too.”

A little voice came from below the table, “You too Daddy?”

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FB3X Drabble Cascade Every TuesdayFB3X Drabble Cascades

Welcome to the FB3X Drabble Cascade, a weekly blog hop where we want you to share your drabbles, or flash fiction inspired by our word of the week. To join in, just post your piece to your blog/social media/website and add your link to the list with Title (Rating, Genre), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction) and then to perpetuate the cascade, add the list code to the bottom of your post :)

Title: Who’s Fooling Who? (Fantasy, PG, Newt)
prior Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100

“Plat-ty idot. Notta good per-thon.”

Andy stopped and looked around for the small person, who in his opinion was much too young to be acquainted with the word idiot. His attention sharpened when it was Newt’s voice that responded.

“Bad word. You say bad word.”

“Not. Hear VT.”

Newt was shaking his head sadly. “Grow-up bad word. Naughty.”

“Platty take toy.”

“Splain Platty. Ask back. It yours.”

Andy was so proud and then he heard, “Daddies hav toys too. They go brrrrrrrooooom brrrrrrooooom and Daddy say bad words, then kiss Daddy Sye.”

His friend nodded, “My too. Big boy toys.”

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I blame... you know who you are.Frogs.

Title: The Toy
Continues from Daycare & The Halloween Costume
prior Andy & Simon drabbles
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 2909

“Here worm, Present.”

“Not worm,” Newt stated.

“Looks you.”


“Green,” Platty said.

“Not me.”

“You green.”

“No bite.”

“No bite. Newt friend. Present.”

“Oh,” Newt looked unsure.

“Has book. Present.” A book appeared.

“Danks?” “Still not worm. No bite.”

“No bite.” Platty looked uncertain, “Squeeze? K, you squeeze? Can squeeze?”

Newt paled a little as the worm bent in the middle in Platty’s hand.

“You squeeze. Soft. Try."Read more... )


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