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Title: Dragon U. part 3
Part 2 -
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 703

Kyle groaned snaking an arm out from under the bedding and reaching to pick up his cell phone from the table beside the bed then struggled to focus his eyes to read the screen.

“What?” came sleepily from behind him.

“More your brother, my brother news,” Kyle mumbled back. “Families all still here. Going 2 be a wedding.”

“Who taught your Mom about texting?”

“Ass.” a well placed jab of an elbow added some emphasis, though not much since Kyle was still partly asleep.

“Your ass,” was laughed and Elethiel’s cock still lodged inside was not asleep, prodding upwards to press into a spot that made Kyle groan and tighten down to hold Elethiel right there.

Much, much later when hunger drove them to think about rising, Elethiel laughed.


“Either one of my kind relatives put a seeking spell on us as a wedding gift and sent us food which is currently hovering next to my side of the bed or hmm, nope that’s all I got.”

“Could be one of my relatives.”

“They know how to hover foods in midair?”

“Okay, no. Your side of the family.”Read more... )

Part 4 - - Damien's Blooming
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Title: Dragon U. part 2
Part 1 -

Author: charisstoma
Word count: 958

Meep commented:
I'm sure Elethiel misinterpreting that would have to get very claimy with his Kyle.
Kyle might let him, he seems good at Demon-management already ;)

A hand stroked down over his ass and only the fact that he could see Elethiel on the other side of the room told him that someone had mistaken him for someone other than the other groom. Elethiel’s face was grim, his eyes fiery. Their wedding was about to be one talked of in the family for years to come and not in a good way. ‘Don’t get involved with a demon; remember what happened when ...’

Turning Kyle smiled up into the eyes of his assailant and showed his teeth.

“I believe you have made a mistake. I’m one of the two who are celebrating their wedding at this event. Now if you want to continue to live for a long time free of the torture that is about to ensue, you will; abstain from putting your hand anywhere upon my person, smile and raise those same hands into the air with a shocked expression of ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake’, and apologize prettily.”

The demon did all of those things. “Sorry. So sorry. I arrived late. Didn’t know. Wouldn’t have otherwise. Been up 48 hours straight. Do you have a single relative who would like to meet a demon and take them to bed but won’t be insulted if I fall asleep after or even during fucking them?”

Kyle couldn’t help it, he broke out laughing.

“Problem, my love,” Elethiel purred with a hint of menace directed at the other demon.Read more... )

Part 3 -
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Title: Dragon U.
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1764

Where was the blasted man. Kyle fumed, it was always like this lately. Ever since the new reference librarian had applied for the position and Kyle could imagine which position the IT guy would have in mind, there had been a few extra fuck-ups taking place in ‘customer service’ at the Academy’s library.Read more... )

Part 2 -

demon tiefling rogue B.J. Oliver dnd
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Meep posted this: You know that's a scratching post, don't you?
Familiar University Incident,
part 2

Title: Familiar University Incident, part 3- Pole Dance
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 967

After what he was mentally calling the curious incident of the dorm cats, Isaac thought he should seek out some of the student recreation areas. Surely the cats hadn’t spoken to him. It was probably some student prank, though how they’d known the cats would be having sexy times together in that dorm room he couldn’t postulate.

Following signs that directed the way to the workout room, he finally came to a big open and currently empty space in the basement. There were the expected treadmills, weight benches, ellipticals against a backdrop of an entire wall made up of mirrors. There was a ballet bar along that wall and some suspiciously placed hand smudges that made him wonder if the cats weren’t the only ones in the mating mood. Isaac shook his head at himself, this was a university of course, the sexual hormones were set on high. Which might explain the vertical poles off to the side of the room but still in full view of the mirrors. Why at least one of the poles seemed to be covered in what looked like low looped carpeting he wasn’t sure, though again his mind was drawn back to the cats. Pole cats, a smile spread across Isaac’s face, polecats not necessarily of the weasel family, even if the two he saw in the dorms were going at it like weasels.

Isaac walked over to one of the carpeted poles reaching up to grasp it and swung himself up looping a leg around it to rut against the roughness, pressing himself against it. Ooooh yes, this he could see the appeal in.

“Want help with that?” a voice asked.

Read more... )

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Blame Meep. Familiar University Incident Part 1

Title:Familiar University Incident, part 2
Author: charisstoma
Word count:283

“Do you think it was wise to let a non-magical person in to tour the school?”

“But is he non-magical?” was coyly answered. “I did research on him when he first applied for permission to tour the school. You know that the avoidance spells shield awareness of our community. Yet Young Mr. McWeynish, interesting name that, found us.”

“And yet he doesn’t have a magical aura.”

“Cornelius scanned him. There’s an aura there that’s under suppression, has been since childhood in his opinion; and this is the best part, it’s purple.”

“Purple?! Suppressed?! That would make him ... but why?”

Read more... )

Familiar University Incident, part 3- Pole Dance
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FB3X Drabble Cascade Every TuesdayFB3X Drabble Cascades

Welcome to the FB3X Drabble Cascade, a weekly blog hop where we want you to share your drabbles, or flash fiction inspired by our word of the week. To join in, just post your piece to your blog/social media/website and add your link to the list with Title (Rating, Genre), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction) and then to perpetuate the cascade, add the list code to the bottom of your post :)

Title: Familiar University Incident (PG, Fantasy, m/m)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100

Issac realized how privileged he was to be allowed to tour the local university for his article on educational institutions. Not all had been so amenable. Due to disruption of instruction actual classes were off-limits but all the rest he could observe, he’d been told.

There were so many cats on campus and he found himself smiling as he entered one of the dormitories. Housing was a topic of interest in deciding which school to choose. Pets were definitely a plus.

Sounds from one room drew him to interrupt a cat fight.
They told him to get out!
He did.

More in Part 2
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Interesting fruit on these trees

READ the Comments- there is story by Meep, there in the links
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Meep is up to posting 2a of a *laughing* Two part story and working on 2b. *griiiiiiiiiins*
THIS makes me very happy.

Book-cave Treasure

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FB3X Drabble Cascade Every TuesdayFB3X Drabble Cascades

Welcome to the FB3X Drabble Cascade, a weekly blog hop where we want you to share your drabbles, or flash fiction inspired by our word of the week. To join in, just post your piece to your blog/social media/website and add your link to the list with Title (Rating, Genre), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction) and then to perpetuate the cascade, add the list code to the bottom of your post :)

Title: Introductions (PG, m/m, wizard’s world) - Part 1
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100

His head turned to talk to his professor, Mark carried on the conversation as they entered the house. The first indication he had of Felic’s presence was the impact. His “Wha…?” was cut off, lips pressed to his with repeated loud smacking kisses. He looked up helplessly at his boss. Who was looking amused and something more. Professor Aldore gaze was fixed somewhere down Mark’s body or the body atop Mark.

“Lover?” was asked of Mark.

Levering Felic up so he could gasp, “Roommate. Heavy, crazy familiar roommate.”

“I can work with crazy. Any good in bed?”

“Hey…” Felic started.

Part 2
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Title: A Delicate Business
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 2698 (total 3724)
Continues from with So a Demon and a Human enter a Grocery Store Separately
Yeah, this is very wham bam.

Euan with a hangover cursed silently, realizing that he’d not done any dream scrying seduction the night before. He hoped Jerr was feeling similarly wretched.

It was amazing what a good night’s sleep and bright sunny skies could do to a person’s confidence in dealing with the world, Randall thought as he made his way earlier than usual towards his lecture. Last night was last night and nothing had happened, had it, he told himself. He’d handled it and if he saw the guy again well the guy had backed off as soon as he had threatened reporting him with the authorities as a sexual predator.

Taking a more peaceful quiet route through a tree shaded area Randall had to pass a man hunched over holding his head.

“You okay Big Guy?” Randall asked in a low voice, he knew a hangover when he saw one.

The answer was a groaned moan.

Fishing a water bottle out of his backpack, he set it on the bench and then went hunting his Advil. The man moaned at even the shaking of the pills out of the bottle. ‘Must have been some strong stuff you got into last night,’ Randall didn’t realize he was muttering.

“Demon Rum,” was whispered back as Randall took one of the guy’s hands and put the painkillers in it and Randall grinned that the guy had a sense of humor about him even in his state of pain to be making pirate jokes. Unscrewing the cap of the bottle he fit the guy’s fingers around it. “Drink that. The pills should help with the head. You’ve gotta drink a lot of water before you try to fall asleep after heavy drinking. That’s what I’m told anyway. I’ll stop back after class and check on you okay?”

As Randall stood, he heard a whispered, “Thank you.” Read more... )
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Meep is evil. All I did was suggest this to onecrazycanuke when she said her characters in a story she was thinking of doing would meet in a bar and that's all she'd say and yes she is mean like that.
And why not at an all-night grocery in the vegetable section or the marital aids *coughs* condom and lube section.
Meep offered: So that your next fic? cause Meep is mean like that too.

Title: So a Demon and a Human enter a Grocery Store Separately
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1025

Thankfully the grocery was one of the large stores that was open all night, Randall had planned his shopping trip like that. Late at night, almost no one was there but for stockers and emergency shoppers who needed milk for the kids’ breakfast or people evading the day’s heat and didn’t need to be up for work until sometime mid-day. His first classes didn’t start until after lunch and it was often he’d be up online for a report or just browsing for interesting sites anyway so this wasn’t too far from his norm
Tonight he needed a few things like cup-a-soups and microwavable spaghetti and meatballs cups, maybe some fruit and while he was there in the produce department, a cucumber. He was really glad the checkouts at this time of night were self scan and bag because his next stop was the aisle with the pregnancy tests kits, condoms and lube.

‘So many choices and what difference does it make’, he whined lowly, finally picking up a lower priced box with only a few condoms per package since he was a student with a limited amount of money.

“You’ll find that this is a better brand, at least for now,” as a hand reached past his line of sight to pluck a different brand with extra lube. “It’s got tiny little nipples on the outside for extra stimulation but I see that you’ve also bought a cucumber.” There was a dark purring in the words, “you won’t need that. Let’s put it on the shelf to give someone a voyeuristic thrill when they find it.”

Turning to confront his self-appointed advisor, who was much closer than Randall thought as his shoulder brushing against a wide solid chest, “I want to buy a cucumber,” he ended up whispering looking up into dark sparkling eyes.

Hands grasped either side of Randall’s hips and the man smiled a bit too wide, “Sweet Cheeks, I’ve got your cucumber right here,” as he pulled Randall against him. The man leaned forward to speak into Randall’s ear, “I’ll teach you how to nibble daintily, lick and suck. You’ll have all the education you could hope for and more.” With a push the cart was sent further along the aisle, “In fact you don’t need any of this. All that we need, I already have and what we don’t, we can order online. Besides we want you to get pregnant, that’s what mates do as well as making the beast with two backs.”

“I will scream the store down if you don’t let go of me,” Randall threatened. Hadn’t he seen this guy outside one of the buildings on campus recently; yes, the Cultural Studies Building. “I can get you thrown off campus, in fact, in jail,” he amended, “when they call the cops for sexual harassment or something like that. NOW LET ME GO.”

Randall was let go with a shrug and a grin, the man raising his hands part way into the air and Randall decided that tonight wasn’t a good time to shop after all but grabbed the cart anyway, leaving the condoms behind. He would buy a cucumber, he thought defiantly, and if he peeled the damn thing he could even take bites out of it.

He’d been careful as he left the store to go to his car, looking around and being thankful that some of the stockers were outside having a smoke and the overhead lighting of the parking lot filled it with overlapping cones of brightness. No one left the store following him, not even when he pulled out onto the highway on his way in a straight shot back towards campus. No headlights glowed on the road behind him. He was safe. Reaching over the seat his hand found the bag, crinkling plastic that held the prize. He wrapped his fingers around the cucumber and gave it a squeeze that dented it not at all and he shivered. “You’re going to love what I do with you,” he crooned to the vegetable, “until I bite you.” If Randall thought about what face he’d be imagining when his teeth sunk in, well who would know. Tomorrow he’d buy some mace.

“So Euan, how did your hunting go? I see that you came back with empty arms,” Jerr grinned. “He wasn’t such a easy seduction as you thought.” Putting his finger up in the air with the presence of one of their Human/Demon Relations class instructors, “Never underestimate your mate once you have identified them. Sex isn’t going to net you a mate if your mate abhors you.”

Euan put up a different finger at his fellow mating-hunting demon. “He’s more virginal than I thought. He was buying a cucumber for pity's sake.”

Jerr gave a sympathetic, “Ouch,” then shrugged, “at least you know he hasn’t learned any bad habits … yet. You’ll get to teach him those. And you know he’s interested in how to take a cucumber down his throat.”

“I think the cucumber was going to do double duty” Euan supplied. “He was looking at condoms with lube when I caught up to him trying to choose a package of them.” He grinned.

“Lucky cucumber,” Jerr grinned back.

“I don’t know,” Euan said, “I have a feeling that the cucumber is going to have a painful sexual experience. My future mate was looking very irritated and scared when he left. Figured I better wait until someone is asleep to try a little after midnight dream seduction.”

“You brought a dream scryer with you?” was asked with incredulously raised brows.

“If you know who to fuck, you’d be surprised what you can have lent to you for a small price.” Euan replied.

Jerr looked at him, “And if it gets lost or broken…?”

“Let’s just say my ass will be reamed long and hard in a not so good way,” Euan answered.


“Yes, exactly.”

“Here’s to successful mate hunting then,” Jerr raised his glass and pushed a filled one towards Euan. “To our future mates. You’ve found yours. Wish me lucky with finding mine.”

They tapped glasses and Euan drank deeply.

Continues with A Delicate Business
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FB3X Drabble Cascade Every TuesdayFB3X Drabble Cascades

Welcome to the FB3X Drabble Cascade, a weekly blog hop where we want you to share your drabbles, or flash fiction inspired by our word of the week. To join in, just post your piece to your blog/social media/website and add your link to the list with Title (Rating, Genre), e.g. A Little Bit of Fun (PG, Science Fiction) and then to perpetuate the cascade, add the list code to the bottom of your post :)

Flash fiction I think is supposed to be 500 words or less. So don’t count 100 of these while you’re reading. This was entirely too much fun to write.

Title: Oysters (PG, weres-, m/m, University)
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 600

“Anthony, that’s unfair. Come on, unroll or shift and let’s talk about it,” Ed coaxed. A grunt was all he got from the armadillo shifter currently curled tighter than a pillbug.

“Boyfriend trouble,” an amused voice asked.

Ed snarled at his once was friend and Anthony’s brother, Ted, “Shut the fuck up. You’re the cause of all this.”

“How exactly?”

Oh, Ted was altogether too smug, Ed thought, as Ted draped himself over one of the two beds that used to be pushed together.

“You’re the one who told him about oysters.”Read more... )
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Title: The Herb Shop (Part 3)
Follows the On the Streets arch Guest Speaker (Part 1)(Part 2)
All in the Familiar Animal Shelter series - "On the Streets" story arch
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 621

There was a familiar climbing all over Arath was Poof’s first sight when he popped into the herbal tea and retail shop just to smell the scents. Sure they were off at a far corner table, but Poof had started to develop an early detection system where Arath was concerned. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. His emotions were mixed.

There was rage that a familiar was trespassing, sure Poof wasn’t too sure he wanted to be Arath’s consort sometime in the future, but still Arath was his. How dare the familiar… How dare Arath let the hussy… He paused, was that the correct term for a male doing what that familiar was doing? Maybe tomhussy, brought a grin to Poof’s face. It would be too sweet if the familiar’s name was Thomas. There was a fanged grin now on his face and Poof was sure that Kormier would tell him it was unattractive to have such a thing.

What to do? hmmmmm. Read more... )

Part 4
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Title: Guest Speaker (part2)
Follows (Part 1) (Part 2) & At the Crèche & Another Day in the Life of Poof & Guest Speaker (part 1)
All in the Animal Shelter series - "On the Streets" story arch
Author: charisstoma
Word count 1198

Oh dear Stars, Sun and Moon what did I do? Poof mentally castigated himself. I groomed him and he noticed, Poof pretended that nothing had happened but Arath’s small smile and the fingers that found his hand twining with them said that Poof was in trouble.

A cough broke the moment and Poof was never so glad of an interruption. He didn’t recognize the professor but then Poof was new and didn’t know all the wizards at the academy. Arath let go of his hand but didn’t move away. He heard Arath greet the person as “Dad,” and Poof spat out “Poopies,” then put his hands up to cover his mouth in mortification.

Amusement crinkled the kind eyes of Arath’s Dad, “I’ve never had that effect on anyone before. Must have something to do with my son.” He laughed. “Hello. Yes, as you have correctly surmised, I am the other parent of the young demon-wizard beside you. The better, more behaved one of the family. Don’t let them intimidate you. You won’t be alone in the Demons’ Den. I’ll be there.”Read more... )

Yes there is a (Part 3)
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Title: Guest Speaker
Follows (Part 1) (Part 2) & At the Crèche & Another Day in the Life of Poof
All in the Animal Shelter series - "On the Streets" story arch
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 702
For Meep who needs tlc

Poof arrived at the lecture hall later than his normal time. Squeaky had been being fussy. Kormier and Elert had had the baby familiar book open and evidently it was normal behavior for some kittens. They couldn’t control much in their young lives, so sometimes they would act out. A sweet little kitten could change from one moment to the next into a frustrated, scared, needy, angry, small fur ball in any and all combinations. This morning Squeaky had affixed himself to Elert’s pants leg, sinking four sets of sharp little claws, into fabric and Daddy, like a burr and then he’d climbed crying. Papa had lifted Poof up and had him latch onto Squeaky’s nape stimulating the instinctual response that kept kittens from wriggling when being transported from place to place. It took three people to remove one small kitten, Poof thought grinning.

Being late meant that Poof slipped into the first open seat available and promptly found himself in a seat up near the front of the room beside Arath. Evidently, Arath wanted Poof to sit near him and Poof made his displeasure known by sinking claws into the nearest part of Arath, his thigh. The jerk Arath gave was satisfying and Poof slowly turned his head and glared once, before hurriedly getting out a pen and notebook. The professor on the stage gave a grin in their direction and then turned to introduce the first of their guest speakers, a Demon named Malakishel.

Poof wrote the name down and drew an arrow pointing to it, writing ‘any relation?’, in his notebook and twisted it so Arath could read it. Arath wrote in his notebook and twisted it so Poof could see. ‘Father’.Read more... )

There's a Part 2
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Title: Another Day in the Life of Poof
Follows (Part 1) (Part 2) & At the Crèche
All in the Animal Shelter series - "On the Streets" story arch
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 1406

“Cute kitten,” Poof heard silently narrowing his barely opened his eyes from where he lay curled around Squeaky and they really needed to stop calling the baby that. The kitten had a perfectly good name but until he got older no one but family knew it, because familiar kittens were big on the Black Market. If you had the kitten’s name then you could magically control the baby kitten at this stage. Still, at what point did a nickname become a real name. Poof didn’t even remember his real name.

“Go away. We’re napping,” Poof whispered back harshly at the young wizard-like student, who grinned down at him in response. Squeaky token kneaded Poof’s belly trying to get milk from the nipple he’d latched onto and fell asleep again. There wasn’t any milk there, ‘cause Squeaky was Kormier’s kitten, but suckling helped the kitten sleep as did Poof’s purring.

“Why isn’t the kitten nursing from all of your nipples? The fur’s only slicked back from two. Cute pink titties by the way.”Read more... )

Continuing with Guest Speaker


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