Jun. 13th, 2017

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Two Bald Eagles Have ‘Adopted’ a Young Red-Tailed Hawk


A pair of bald eagles there are raising up a red-tailed hawk—normally a rival species—alongside their own three chicks, the Vancouver Sun reports.

A heartfelt attempt to help out some neighbors? Probably not. The eagles likely kidnapped the baby hawk, intending to feed it to their own children, raptor specialist David Bird told the Sun. When it survived the trip and started peeping, they just started feeding it instead. (This theory is supported by retroactive photo evidence, which indicates that there were once at least two hawk chicks in the nest.)

A video by Christian Sasse shows the brave youngster, which is smaller and scruffier than its adoptive siblings, gleefully taking food from the bloody beak of one of its parents. Observers say the hawk is more than able to fend for itself—and that at times, the eagle chicks even seem to defer to it, the Sun reports.

Long video and the photographers don't see the hawklet yet at half way through. Ah from comments it does show up, 35.30. And it's crop is full per the commentary. It'll fledge in estimate 7 -10 days and eaglets later in July. This was recorded mid June.

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Makes a 57" x 69" Quilt 8 blocks x 10 blocks

1 Pack of 10" Squares (42x)
1 yd. Border Fabric - 4 1/2" border
3/4 yd. Binding Fabric

Put a light and a dark 10" square right sides together and sew around outside using 1/4" seam.
Cut diagonally from corner to corner and again across from the other diagonal corners to produce 4 half square blocks, 6 1/2" squares.

Arrange these
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Simply place the lines on the template on the seam lines to skew the blocks to the correct angle. Remember, the template is included!

Illusion Quilts Made Easy with Half Square Triangles by Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Border or runner
Done in similar style

A Bouquet of Friendship
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Disappearing Nine Patch

By Brenda Dean
The Disappearing Nine Patch is a simple variation on the traditional nine-patch block. It is very easy to make, and looks impressive when finished. Designed, made, and kindly shared by Brenda Dean.

Fabric Requirements

You can use any number of like sized squares as long as the number of squares you use is divisible by nine.

Each group of nine squares will yield four disappearing blocks. For example if you begin with 36 squares to make four nine patch blocks, then these will yield a total of sixteen disappearing blocks.

To calculate the size of the finished block you need to multiply the size of your original squares by three, subtract 1 (seam allowances), then divide by two. This will be the finished size of the block.

For example if you begin with 5-inch squares the calculation would be as follows.

5 x 3 = 15, - 1 = 14, ÷ 2 = 7 inches.

6-inch squares would yield 8 1/2 inch blocks, 7-inch squares would yield 10 inch block

Making the blocks

Group your squares into sets of nine and arrange them in three rows with three squares in each row.

For maximum contrast place a dark square in the centre, a medium or light square on each side and a novelty or bright square in each corner.

Stitch the squares together to form a traditional nine patch.

Cut the block into four equal pieces by cutting through the block vertically and horizontally.

Repeat this with the remainder of your basic nine patch blocks until they are all stitched and cut into four.

disappearing 9 patch 2

disappearing 9 patch 3

Setting the Blocks

Arrange the blocks either in rows or sets of four depending upon how many blocks you have in your finished quilt.

Experiment by turning the blocks and arranging in various ways to create the desired layout.

Here are a couple of suggestions. Have fun!

disappearing 9 patch 4

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Sew two strips together lengthwise and cut triangle


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