Feb. 22nd, 2017

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Okay only way to play this is to click on the little box that isn't the image or the video that represents the link. Choose open in a new tab.
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Buc-ee's Fort Worth
click the link above and scroll through the photos for the full experience or as much as is available without being there.
or there's

Chain of convenience stores for snacks & drinks, plus eclectic, Texas-themed T-shirts & knickknacks. Oh and they sell gas (petrol)

One of our teachers was on the field trip(a three day environmental/science/team-building camp) with the students and FB posted:

Well, I'm at Buc-ees with 82 8th graders(13 - 14 year olds, mixed genders). Not sure how to describe this experience.

In and out in 25 minutes. Hysterical. They all thought they needed a cart. Students buying gallon jugs of tea, Beaver Nuggets, t-shirts, doo-dads, and I think one student put a bag of deer corn under the bus.

Parent: A clear sign of the Apocalypse? ??
Teacher: I spoke those exact words to a parent as we stood back and tried to take it all in.
Parent: What's next? Skydiving? Bungee jumping? Over Niagara Falls in a barrel?


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