Feb. 9th, 2017

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Title: You are what?
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 233

“Oh, to be or not to be.”

“That’s being kind of morbid,” Hugh said.

“Look, just look.” Jeff gestured at the sign.

Hugh grinned, “Good thing we didn’t drive. It probably isn’t noticed if you’ve no magic. Try squinting.” He followed through with action, “Ha, a fuzzy ‘Exiting’”

“Or you need to get your glasses’ prescription checked,” Jeff nodded. “Wonder what would happen if a person didn’t pay?”

“I know that if we go into the stairwell without an aura print on the door that all we’ll get is a chance to see the city from the upper levels of the parking garage; probably pretty at night, romantic even.”

Moving the plastic sack from one hand to the other, Jeff leaned against the door, “Well, I know something that’ll be even more romantic; you naked on these silk sheets.” The door clicked.

“Ha.” Hugh urged Jeff through the door, “My imagined view is you the one spread naked on the sheets waiting for me,” he whispered as they stepped out into the Academy’s transit kiosk. He grinned, “Oh, to be had or not to be had tonight. That is the question.”

“That’s a good question.”

“I bought the sheets.”

“Hmmm, true. But I bought the special extended use lube.”

“Then while you fuck me, I get the control of the remote variable speed vibrator up your ass.”

Jeff moaned and walked faster.


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