Jan. 29th, 2017

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Meep posted this: You know that's a scratching post, don't you?
Familiar University Incident,
part 2

Title: Familiar University Incident, part 3- Pole Dance
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 967

After what he was mentally calling the curious incident of the dorm cats, Isaac thought he should seek out some of the student recreation areas. Surely the cats hadn’t spoken to him. It was probably some student prank, though how they’d known the cats would be having sexy times together in that dorm room he couldn’t postulate.

Following signs that directed the way to the workout room, he finally came to a big open and currently empty space in the basement. There were the expected treadmills, weight benches, ellipticals against a backdrop of an entire wall made up of mirrors. There was a ballet bar along that wall and some suspiciously placed hand smudges that made him wonder if the cats weren’t the only ones in the mating mood. Isaac shook his head at himself, this was a university of course, the sexual hormones were set on high. Which might explain the vertical poles off to the side of the room but still in full view of the mirrors. Why at least one of the poles seemed to be covered in what looked like low looped carpeting he wasn’t sure, though again his mind was drawn back to the cats. Pole cats, a smile spread across Isaac’s face, polecats not necessarily of the weasel family, even if the two he saw in the dorms were going at it like weasels.

Isaac walked over to one of the carpeted poles reaching up to grasp it and swung himself up looping a leg around it to rut against the roughness, pressing himself against it. Ooooh yes, this he could see the appeal in.

“Want help with that?” a voice asked.

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