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Easy Woven Quilt

1 bundle of fat quarters
1 yd of a solid fabric

From the fat quarters cut
of 4 colors cut 9 of each color (10" x 2") strips
of the other 4 colors cut 9 of each color (10" x 2 1/2") strips
9 (3 1/2") squares

From the solid color/ of you can use a variety of colors
cut 4 sets of 9 (10" x 3 1/2") strips

Sew strips together (2" wide to 3 1/2" wide solid to 2 1/2" wide strip) to produce 9 units of same 3 color combination. = 36 (10" x 7") rectangles

When you sew 4 of these 3 color combinations together, arrange the blocks so that the skinny strips are all on the outside or all are in the inside. You can even use strips (2" and 2 1/2") of the same color fabric sandwiching the 3 1/2" color.

Sew square to all of one of the 3 color combinations matching the edges at the corner top and side, sewing down and leave about an inch unsewn at the end of the seam.

Next Sew a seam connecting a 3 color combination to first block/square, matching where the straight line edge of the block and square.

Rotate around, sew the next 3 color combination, matching seams so the square's edge is sewn to one end and the edge of the other(2nd) 3 color combination.

Next pin out of the way the starting 3 color combination out of the way, sew the last of the color combination blocks to match seam of square's edge and the previous (3rd) 3 color combination block.

Unpin the first 3 color combination block, finish sewing the seam down from where the square was left unsewn to the end of the edges of (1st) and (4th) 3 color combination blocks.

Sew 3 of the finished blocks in a row.
Repeat this for the other blocks
Then sew the rows together.


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